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Chapter three


By : Ifeoma Nwanne


My Dad held me and said ” My princess” this is a new phase in your life. You will meet different people, the good ones and the bad one, some will want to influence you to join their way of life. Resisting the urge will be hard but I believe that my daughter will be strong.


The campus is a different place, in there is a whole new life that comes with lot of freedom that when misused has a dreadful price. Your mom and I will not be there to protect or over see your actions but bear in mind we all just phone call away from you.


Remember to stay close to God and never forget where you are coming from and all the value we taught you.We are always proud of you and will love you so much dear.


Darling, do you have anything to add? He asked my Mom….. With tears in her eye


No dear you said it all, I still can’t believe my little damsel is all grown that she will be leaving home in less than two days.


How time flies, It still feels like yesterday, how I drop and pick her up from school, when she runs to my arms whenever she is afraid, how she loves dress up party, remember, Ella is always the centre of attraction, she always make a mess with my make up and when I yelled at her, she runs in your arms because you will always take sides with her. You will say, ” my princess is only learning from the source” and I will give you both this funny look before leaving the room.


Dear, do you still remember how she hides under the blanket because she was frightened by lighten whenever it rains and we both had to sleep next to her all night. She enjoys spending time her with you.



She was about to say something else when I gave them a tight hug and started crying. I got so emotional remembering how my childhood was fun. We made lot of memories together. I was so innocent. What happened to me? When did I became this person? Different questions ran through my mind. I held my Mom and cried


I don’t want to leave anymore” will stay right here with you two. Thinking of it, I have never been far from my parent, how will I survive. What will life be like without them, now I’m afraid of leaving home. “I continued crying” feeling guilty for lying to them, for playing with their love and trust. Their love was real while I only fake mine.


They both hugged me and gave me a warm smile.


Princess, that was my dad’s voice, “I thought you are now a big girl” so why wailing like a baby, it just school you are living for and we are right here waiting for you. And you know it every parent dream to watch their children grow so smile. Only what you need to do is to make us proud like always. Can you do that much for your “Super Daddy” now whip those tears and smile.


He turned to my Mother ” woman hold a grip of yourself and stop making her cry, or do you want to follow her to hostel as well, so you can br**st feed her. With those words everyone became to laugh. I do not want you two sober like we are mourning. Do I make myself crystal clear? As if anyone was going to answer him.


I promised to make them proud and through out my remaining days at home I began to work on myself. My parents followed me to School, they made sure I settled in after the clearance and the whole formalities was over, they returned home. Promising to come for my matriculation, I know they’ll not miss it for anything in the world.


Will Ella keep to her promise or will she misuse the freedom.


To be continued……..




Title:. Secret love

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