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Chapter 24



Nwanne Ifeoma


I patiently wait for my parents,


I on the other won’t stop looking and feeling my belly, so there is a child living in here. I have always dreamt about how my first pregnancy will be, how I will break the news to my hubby and watch him scream and carry me around out of excitement while ranting.


“I am going to be a dad!!!!.


I will just keep smiling at him while watching him display his dancing skills and I will laugh because he will be a terrible dancer.


Yes ! I don’t intend marrying some one who can dance more than me because I will like to show off my dancing skill and rub it on his face.


He will start worrying about what I feed the baby and calls me up every now and then.


I was planning to disturb my husband and stress him through out the whole process.


Wake him up late at night and crave for something unrealistic.


Cry if he scold me about disturbing and make him pet me before keeping quiet.


I was planning on marrying a romantic man, who will find my childish behavior during pregnancy funny and drag me to gyms for eating to much and mock me for eating too much and adding weight while I will frown and complain that he was the one who put me in family weight but he will smile and kiss me and tell “baby I love you that way


He will always kiss my belly and talk to child, listen to hear him kick.


We both we argue about the child’s name and the gender of the unborn baby.


We both go shopping together for the baby and maybe buy the whole baby shop because we will find it hard to stop buying.


This was all the dream I have for myself and my baby. My baby was going to be cute and adorable. Every one will always love and want to carry.


Thinking about this brought a smile to my face.

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I went to the mirror and looked at myself while placing two hands on my stomach.


Glancing around, I said to myself


Ella you are still in your father’s house and not married. Those are just foolish dream. Who knows what the future holds in store for you. Tomorrow morning your parents will decide what to do next.


The doctor words were scary and I can’t help but wonder if I die at the process of getting the drugs off my system or will I be able to handle raising abnormal Child and never give birth again if the drugs are not flush from my system. I could loss my womb.


God please help me out, help my parents decide wisely in the end.


I let out a bitter Singh and sluggishly walked back to my bed.


Love, how sweet is that feeling, when you think you are in heaven and dream Land.


The feeling of being important in someone else’s life other than your family members, the feeling of being the only one the person sees and want to be with, the feeling of joy and happiness when thought you found the perfect person meant for you. The feeling of trust and believe it will never hurt or betray you in the end but this same feeling can be painful, it can hurt and destroy ones life and leaving you



wondering if there is any chance that true love is actually true or a means of getting what we want from the other partner and once that aim is fullfilled then it over.


If only I had known it will hurt this much, I would dare not to fall in love or admit it to myself at the first place, I would have run far away from this dream and this situation would have not being able to make me hide myself.


I hate you Eric for what you did to me and Gift nothing will ever make me forgive you. You two will pay dearly for your crime because I did nothing to deserve this ugly game you played with my life.


Joe….if only you came open, if only you didn’t make me believe Eric was a nice


person, if only you never introduce me to that monster my life would have be normal . You caused all these, you let your fear of me turning you down destroy my life. I would have been able to think and make a better decision if you only open your feeling for me. I thought we were friends but no it was a good game you played as well.


And to myself, that was a fool in all these, you are the biggest disappointment of all time. You kept complaining of not being able to explore your life the way you want. Hope you have gotten the adventure you sake for.


You said Kennedy is not good for you but he will never do such to you. I hope Eric is perfect because you caused all these for yourself and nobody else did.


I cried myself to sleep that night and my Dad’s voice woke me up the next morning and he broke the bees that after a long thinking and talking on the voice with our family doctor, he decided it best to flush the hard drugs that is in my system to avoid future damage in my health because the longer it stays there the more damage it will cause.


They scheduled an appointment with me around 10:am this morning and I will not eat anything for the moment.


He saw the fear in my eyes and he promised me that it will be over before I know it and nothing will happen to me.


I got ready, my parents and I left for the hospital. Mom was quite through out the drive and Dad kept asking if I was fine or having any pains around my abdomen.







Secret love



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