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Chapter 27



Nwanne Ifeoma



When I finally opened my eyes, I was at the hospital and my mom was looking furious at me.


How did she get here I wonder to myself.


So you finally decided to destroy your life and future Gift.


What haven’t I given as a mother even after your father passed away.i made sure you lacked nothing but no you choose to do this to me.


Even when you’re step dad didn’t want you living with us anymore I made you he changed his mind but no you are such an ungrateful Child.


Mommy…it l your fault.


How it my fault that you choose to do abortion and destroy your womb? Was it my fault you got pregnant…. “Tell me Gift?


Yes ! !! , It all your fault, I needed a mother but I got a business woman who is always travelling, I needed your love and attention but you gave expensive gifts. When I needed the most to see my suffering but you were too busy to see me suffering. And when your pervert husband raped and introduce in sΒ£xual life by turning me into a sΒ£x toy and I needed to talk to you but where were you busy building career.



When you became pregnant for him, I became his whore…so tell me what you have done for me as mother ? This is your fault and your husband’s. I am here today only because you failed in your duties as a mother to me so you have no right to judge me.


Get out of my room because I don’t want to see you or anyone from your house. Allow me to die and suffer alone because that what I have being doing all my life. I yelled and scream until the nurse on duty ask her to leave and I was giving sleeping pills to sleep.


After a long counsel with the doctor who listened and heard my story, she helped me in the healing process and ask me to find peace within myself and forgive my parents.


I looked for Ella to make peace with her because I now realize how foolish I was


but couldn’t find her. I kept on praying she finds a place to forgive me because I


have wronged her and right now I am paying for my sins. I will never have a child


of my own since I destroy my womb in the process of getting an abortion. No man


will ever want to marry even at that my CGPA was very low that I graduated with


a pass and it as good as nothing.


Karma is real indeed




it really amazing how one single act can change us and turn us into something new.


Today marks it four years, since I left Nigeria. It was a day I picked the broken frame of my life and started a new life here.


It was also the moment I threw away anything called love and lockdown my heart from welcoming any form of feeling.


People think that there is something wrong with me, they wonder how a very beautiful and smart young lady like me hated men and social hang out with friends. I never let anyone get to close because I always send them running with my cold behavior.



I am not wicked, just to clear that up…I am very nice and understanding, you can never be in troubles and ask me for and I will refuse never. I am open to listen and be kind but if you want to see me rude, arrogant and mean just preach love to me. I despise that word so much and everything it stand for.


Nobody knows why I am this way and I don’t even care about what they think but I could see how much a lot of guys here desire to get close, my beauty comes out even more since I let Nigeria maybe it has to do with the weather conditions my skin glow more that I can fit in with the white community without any problem.


I am finally through with my studies and I came out as the best graduating student. It was easy to accomplish because there was nothing distracting me. I was offered a direct employment but Daddy forbid me from taking it. He wants me to take over the affairs of his company since Junior is studying medicine and will take over my mom hospital once he graduate. He is following my mom footsteps while I took after Dad’s. At first I didn’t want to return back to Nigeria because it might open some old injury but I have to for the sake of my Dad.


A month later, I decided to return home and reconnect with my family and Emily. The girl is unbelievable and sweet. The only person that I missed other than my family because even though I left Nigeria we still chat and video call each. She made return with excess lounge because of the clothes, shoes and bags she made me buy. Thank God is her money but girl can spend. I most meet this her arrogant boss that she is trying to impress so long.


He most be handsome, if not the Emily I know won’t be doing all these. She will call and rant how insensitive the man is. I wonder the type of person the man is that he won’t notice Emily’s charms maybe he has a relationship that he is keeping away from outside eye or maybe he is also into too. While I will get to find out when I return home and finally met her Mr Snub.


They was a grand party to welcome me home. My parents are just amazing. Double celebration as they welcome me home for making them proud and becoming part of the company.


Every thing still feels the same, the long traffic….noise and crazy people


everywhere. My room still look the same just the wall colour was changed but everything else is still there.


Daddy Introduce me to the top partner and everyone kept looking at me and admiring my beauty.


Finally here comes Kennedy, Geez I thought with time he will stop this his bragging but noway. It like it is now worst because he have talking about himself and success since the past 45mintue and I am about to loss my mind. How do his girlfriend enjoy his company I thought to myself. Emily just arrived in time because I couldn’t take it anymore .


Oh my days !!….. It you Ella


Emily grabbed me and we hugged and scream that all eye was on us. They must be wondering what is wrong with this two crazy ladies but to my surprise everyone started laughing and mind their business.


“I can’t believe you are finally home.


“Me too…how many years, I asked Emily?


“Four crazy year ……Geez girl I have missed you.


” I missed you too”


“See how fair you are looking….Ella what do you eat there because girl you are


looking beautiful.


” You looking amazing too, and those hips of your.


We both laughed and went to my room to continue with our catching up. After some few hours later Junior came to my room and joined us with the chatting. I can’t believe how wrong he is now. I was happy being with my family again when the guest left Emily and I continued with our gossiping about everything and everyone. Thank God it was Friday so we had sleep over like old times.


“You girls are still awake”,


Mom caught us still awake.


“,No mom we are about to sleep we both laughed.


“Old Ladies are you two are still having sleep over. Better know you two are now 23years


“Mom, not exactly 23 but still have few months before clocking it.


Woman, why are you bothering them….. leave them to catch up and see who is




I remember how much you miss Ella now you are acting as always don’t worry I know why you are but this old man want you to come to bed.


“Yes Mom …go with your husband the weather is cold. You know Every started to laugh and left my room.


“, Emily and I had a fun time during the weekend and a minute won’t pass without her talking about this her boss. She really wants him to notice her but the man is not making it easy for her.


Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with girls and feeling. We end up falling for guys who doesn’t feel the same way about us and find it hard to admit it and let go. Thank God I am not like that anymore.






Secret love



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