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Chapter 19



Nwanne Ifeoma




You know that feeling that comes with victory when you finally destroyed your enemy and you can’t stop laughing and smiling, singing and dancing to the music that is playing in your heart.


Well that’s is the mood I am in right now.


I wore my best dress and made my way to Eric house


Now that I have gotten my revenge on Ella and I know Eric have also gotten her taste I know he won’t want her anymore.

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It time I confess my feeling for Eric, he have to know that I just don’t want him as a sΒ£x partner, we are good for each other and we make a perfect couple.


I am the only person who understand what he needs and can offer that to him. It took this long to admit but I really want him for myself and will do anything to remove anyone standing against me.



I continue with my singing and swinging my hips side to side in excitement as i make my way to his house.


I am simply the best.


I approached the door and went inside the house but I met Eric making out with a girl.


“ happening here, I yelled


The girl quickly jumped off Eric and stepped back trying to adjust her button.


I moved close to her and gave her a resounding thunderous slap even my hand can feel the vibration of the slap, she held her cheek and gave me an evil look while turning to face me.


You slapped me you bitch…how dare you lay a finger at me she Rush me and pulled my hair that how we began to fight.


Can you two stop this madness right now…. Eric pulled us away from each other.


Gift why are you in my house and can’t remember inviting you over…and what this behaviour all about ?


Why will you slap my guest?


Eric what are you talking about…..


I just caught you making out with this thing and this is what you are saying to me in her presence.


Look Gift I owe you no explanation about this and moreover you are not my bae, and I think we are done with our deal.


Eric what did you just say…we can’t be done and we are still starting.


“See Gift, you have to leave my house right now and what do you think….. that I


will Date a whore like you, never darling… you were just a tool that I used in order to accomplish my mission.


GTFO… before I deal with you. I said while pulling the other girl next to me.


“Eric you know what I think you are the best clown of the year wait.. something is missing yes!!! The camera man and it just bad there is only one audience to watch. Like I said we are not done we haven’t started yet since you want me to remind you about Last night with Ella….


What about last night, remember I made sure that Ella won’t find out what happened.


Oh handsome I think you are also dumb…..sit and you too little angel I think you


also need to hear this story as well maybe you will know the guy you are with.


You see Eric I am not the type of girl you mess with…. The truth is that I love you


and I have always wanted you to be mine alone but when you dump me for that clueless Ella I wanted her to pay, I could have asked you for something else but I choose to become your sΒ£xual partner do you know because I love you and can’t loss you to her.


Gift , you can’t be serious… love my foot…do you even know the meaning, when you helped me ruined Ella but don’t worry she won’t remember what happened because of the drugs.


You see Eric, that where you get it wrong… you drugged her and raped her, she didn’t give you consent and you took away her virginity, I’m sure you know it a big crime and you can go to jail for it if I open my mouth to talk.


You still can’t prove anything and who do you think she would believe her lover or the wicked whore of a friend. It your words against mine so you can’t blackmail me into dancing to your tune…so get out of my house.


He pulled Gift and pushed her out and to everyone surprised Ella was standing by door with tears rushing down her face like a river with Joe standing beside her.


Just a glance at her you can tell she heard everything.


Ella what are doing here….the two was shocked to see her



So it is true…she cried, you two planned all these and Eric you raped me…… you


stole from me and you are sleeping with Gift all these while. Gift so I was the girl you wanted to destroy….


What on Earth did I do to you?


I took you as a friend and sister, I let you in on every thing…why didn’t you tell me he was your boyfriend and I would have stayed away…I was still talking when Joe rushed on Eric and began to hit him.


How dare you do this to Ella…. you dare raped her, he continued pouching him and


hitting him until his mouth began to bleed.


You hurt my Ella….


You hurt the lady I love….. with those words everyone was slient and Eric began


to laugh really hard.


Finally you open up your feeling, I knew you loved her and I knew you two have been friends but I simply cannot believe she will choose you over me. I know about your constant meeting with her in library in the name of teaching her. Do you think I am a fool…yes I know you loved her but I became convince when I saw her messages to you and what do you think I have to have her.


“Ella you want to know who saved you from those guys Gift arranged to sleep with in the club the day she invited you, ”


,” Joe….he saved you and bought all those things for you but you know what again


he allowed me to take the credit…he set us up and he also played with your emotions and he is here acting as the hero.


He pushed Joe off him and turned to him. I know you think you are better than me but I don’t play games with what I want I go for it rather than hiding……yes I drugged and raped her but Ella I couldn’t handle the desire anymore.


If I knew your were still a virgin I won’t have done that to you…..


I got carried away by my desire.


I couldn’t believe what my ears just heard……all the people I trusted betrayed


me…..I couldn’t bear to hear any of it again so I ran as fast I could.



“Ella please wait……I can explain all these things , please you have to listen to


me…I called you last night to warm you when I knew their plans but you didn’t respond to my calls or texts.


Joe ran behind begging me to wait that he can explain but I yelled at him to go away and I never want to see him or any of them again.


So if I didn’t come to know why you called I won’t have find out he knows Eric even after I showed him Eric photo on my phone he pretended and fooled me like everyone one else. He knew the type of person Eric was but he didn’t tell me as a friend..No I don’t blame him, I blamed myself for being a fool for all of them.


I cried all the way back to the hostel and continue crying until o slept off.


Gift didn’t sleep in room that night and I care less about that the next morning with my swollen eye I packed my bags and went home.


How will Ella handle this reality and face the truth about herself








Secret love



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