Sat. May 11th, 2024

Chapter 26



Nwanne Ifeoma




Since I resume for the new session I looked around for Ella because through out the holidays she failed to answer my calls.


I want to see her and know how she is doing but I haven’t heard anything about her. All her course mates says she haven’t resume and I wonder if she is fine.


Hope she is not pregnant because that will be terrible, she doesn’t deserve anything that happened to her. I have being praying she is fine and maybe one day forgives me.


If I will be given another chance to prove my love for her I promise not to mess up again.


Every effort to see her was not possible, her records was cleared from the School system.


Pains and regret is all i felt all this while, I wrote my final exam and still you were no way to be found.



I can’t bring myself to forget you, your beautiful smile… your innocent face. How I wish I did things differently but it too late I only pray you are happy.




Life is beautiful without troubling oneself in the name of love.


I knew Ella won’t get pregnant that why nobody came looking for me.


Wow! ! ! Wow ! !! And wow


I am amazing and wonderful. I got away from this at first I thought it was going to drama but looks like she will never speak up.


Hey Eric….


Gift what are you doing here?


I study here as well…. have you forgotten about that or you just to dumb.


What are you doing here after all I did to you? Are you this shameless that you can’t see I can’t love you and more over I don’t do love.


I know all you have done but still I love you and my mission is to have you all to myself no matter the cost.


What do you think that I will let another girl have you no way, as long as we both are still in this university I will make sure no girl get close to you.


“Remember, Joe is not on your side anymore so better watch your steps.


You have hurt and played so many girls here..think of what will happen to you if we all come together to fight against.


It will rain terror and nobody will come to your rescue, I will say when this our relationship is over and lastly you need to stop avoiding and disrespecting me or else I promise you that you will never graduate and I will make your life a little hell.



You call me a whore but I can do so much more so darling all these your so be warned.


Gift, you can’t intimidate me and I won’t be dancing to your tone. Your trick and threat won’t work.


It not a threat but a promise Eric


I will make sure I ruined you if you mess with me or go against with me any ways.


The two continued with their evil ways and playing games with each other until one fateful night.


Gift went clubbing as usual, she got too drunk that she ended up in the bed of a stranger. She slept with him and the next morning she didn’t see him again but was left alone. Like always she never care because she felt nothing will happen but this time something happened. After a month she was confirmed pregnant.


Looking at the pregnancy report, then I realized how far I have gone. I thought I was perfect with the game and I was smart but today I have to dancing to the music.


If I knew it will end this way… making me look so unkempt and miserable at the end , if only my mom did her Job and educate, if she had time for me and protected me from that evil husband of hers maybe my life would be different. What was beauty and love, I made a joke out of it and forget that there is a price for everything and I am paying for all my sins.


God please forgive me but I can’t keep this child. They say abortion is a sin but that the only thing I can do right now to hide the shame.


I walked to my wardrobe and brought out a liquid and gulp it with a sleeping pill and wait for for death to come.


With in a few minutes the pain set in as she laid on the bed and her stomach started acting up as she scream out in pains, the bleeding won’t stop and she could only watch but can’t do anything about it. The pains increase and she kept struggling in



her bed but with time the sleeping pills did it magic as she lay like a log of wood not knowing if she will ever wake up but she believe it for the best.






Secret love ✨




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