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Chapter 16


Nwanne Ifeoma



Something doesn’t feel right, Ella have been acting strange for some days now and with this her new found behaviour she might ruined my plan of destroying her. I have put a lot of effort to get here and she can’t back off now. I planned it well and



this game must go according to my order…I said to myself not knowing I just broke a glass and I was bleeding.


“Hello Eric..


“Yes, Gift what going on


“Remember our plans tonight…it better you carry it out or you will never get to have her again.


“Yes. Pretty, tonight I will finally finish this game and end this boring long time relationship she is forcing me to be in


“,That more like the Eric I know, I was beginning to think you have fallen for her.


“Me!!!? no way, I can’t be in love more over she not my taste just want to know how her v.. area taste like if it matches her look.


“,It just few hours to go and I promise I will present her in such a way you can’t resist and will turn on everything in you.


“You are the best s£x partner I know, I trust what you can do.


“Remember, tonight or never.


“Sure pretty…the count down begins.


Tick…toc.! !.!.


** an hour to the big day…..


I was very nervous, my heart beat faster than usual….. Don’t ask me why because I


don’t even know.


I watched Gift did her magic on my face and I must confess I look really good and pretty. It wasn’t too much or too heavy it was a little make up that compliment my light skin and it brought out my beauty even more.



She smiled at me and promise that I will be fine that nothing will happen…. just go


with the flow and enjoy your self.


“Remember what I taught you, it not a big deal everyone does it and it part of growing up and I am sure you don’t want to miss out of it.


” I nodded and ask her to wish me luck. As I walked out of the room.


I knew I don’t want to sleep with Eric it not what I want but like I promise Eric to go on a proper date with him other than the usual hang out within the University, he will be taking me out today and I planned to make the most of time but God I am nervous about the who thing.


God I will be out of school alone with him and i am getting tense because the days we leave School Gift is always with me and it makes me feel better but today she has her own plans and Eric pick this hour.




“Wow Ella, on Ella’s.


you look beautiful and s£xy…. Eric said while placing his hands



“Thanks, you look handsome and dashing too …she said with a smile.


“Ready…. for our official date, and last for the season .


“Yes…. i enter the car bolting my seatbelt.


“Damn! So she is coming out with me alone after all the long wait… today will be fun , look at this beautiful creature, down to earth with the whole package.


Thinking of Ella was already get me hot…… Lord see what this girl is doing to me.


“I held her hand with my other hand while driving….. It not easy controlling myself but I need to keep it together.


“So, Eric where are you taking me?



“Ella, just a new bar that open newly I thought we should try the place and dance to celebrate.


“I blush and I knew he saw that but I can’t help it Eric is really cute and charming, inside I was afraid of myself. How will he take the news when I finally tells him I don’t want to be his girlfriend!!!


“God please help me….


*****At the bar******”


“Care to have this dance my lady”


He asked in a romantic way after we had couple of drinks and eat something.


He pulled me close to his Chest and Gosh! His perfume is really tempting and the way he kept using his hands to trace around my body was driving me crazy.


“Ella relax it just a dance Eric said as he continues massaging my body….the touch


got intense as he gradually shake my panties and he rub my boobs while kissing me passionately like his life depends on it thanks to the dim light I think no one saw what was going on and I responded to his touch… i was losing it and busy moaning in the pleasure flowing out of me.


pulling me closer he began to kiss around my nake and whisper to my ear “Ella I want you”……. with those words I was brought to reality that I was about to give him myself.


I quickly pulled off him and headed back to the table, he can’t do this not in the open…but damn i love It, I took a glass of water to cool me off the intense moment and bring down myself to normal. I watched him stood there for a while before coming towards me while rubbing his head.


“Ella what wrong, don’t you like me ?


I watched her reaction and sense that I got her in the mood but it looks she is fighting really hard with herself, I can feel her tighten her leg and tried to adjust herself to act normal when her body is giving her it away. The way she press her



lips against each other makes me want to kiss it and it making my d**k to get hard and strong.


“This girl is crazy and funny


“.I said to myself still staring at those s£xy laps.


what was the point of running off, it obvious she liked what I was doing so why holding back and and acting Childish…. this is beginning to annoy me, her body is


so smooth and soft like that of a baby. Now that I have felt them it is going to be


hard to avoid having s£x with her.



Ella, I must have you this night no matter the cause. There is noway I can keep up with chasing you around, I have try, never thought I would still be around until now. I must confess you’re a hard one but after a whole session you decided to make it official and now you still want me to beg you for your body…. this guy here doesn’t play that way.


it not like she haven’t done it before, or she want me to believe that she is innocent….Noway Gift said she wasn’t a virgin so why is she not allowing me.


All I want is her body and nothing more . Why can’t she just be like Gift and every other girls in campus that makes it easy to handle, what rubbish!! I don’t do love , I satisfy my lady and return they satisfy me, it a win ….win


I turned back and held her, trying to get her comfortable again in order for her not to decide to leave before I get what I want from her.


“okay it fine I won’t force you let drink and forget about that,


“I am sorry if you think I rushed you at the dance floor. Let have a little drink them we can go home.


I refused at first but he made me took the drinks after a while I got drunk and I didn’t understand myself so I told Eric to drive me back to the hostel.


Just that extra glass that Changed everything. I wanted a fresh start but I got into a dark Dawn.



Stay tuned to find out what happens to Ella that completely changed her life.







Secret love



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