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Chapter 17



Nwanne Ifeoma


“Eric, can you take me back to the hostel now…..I said to Him


“Ella the night is still young, let have some fun… and there is nothing happening in the hostel.


“Eric, please my head hurt, I need to return.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


“Ella, it fine just try and relax …I said to her with a smile. I will take you back to the hostel but first I want to show you something.


“Promise we won’t stay too long, I really have to get back….I said to him while


trying to get up but I fall right back on the seat.


I couldn’t understand what was wrong…..the drinks was not suppose to have this


effect really soon on me so why is my body becoming to heavy for my feet and eye gradually close.


I continue to struggle to keep awake but as soon as we enter right back into car I passed out.


“Finally the drug did it magic and I can have her all night to myself, how stupid can she be, after all these while she still wants to go home without allowing me eat her cake but now I will be the only one enjoying and feeling the pleasure alone.



I put just the right amount of drug in your drinks to make sure you sleep through out the whole night without you struggling or holding back and the right amount in your system right now I will enjoy without protection because you will still not get pregnant even if I release inside you all night the drug is strong enough to make of sure of that.


Our plans finally worked out perfectly , thanks to Gift cooperation and now I have to put a call to her so she can help me clean her up and take her right to their room, she can’t wake up next to me not after what I am about to do to her, she would be weak once she up because I will make her sore…. smiling rubbing my already hard d**k that can’t wait to strike inside her.


“After I receive the call from Eric I smile to myself know that my mission have being accomplished.


She is just to naive, if only She was smart enough, she would notice the way I smile and touch Eric in her presence but she trusted me as a friend that she fail to read the signs written everywhere or maybe I was just good in this game that made her fall for my tricks and I succeeded in showing who the boss lady is.


Virgin my foot, who that one epp after today she won’t open that mouth of hers to be proud of the way she lost it. I’m still not done because it about to rain pain on your path and you will never think of stealing my man.


I organized all these, indirectly influencing her into lying to her parents about having an extra week for the exam to be over, I planned this date with Eric today and convincing him to make sure he sleeps with her tonight and gave him the idea of drugging her if she refuse to cooperate willing like i expected you had to hold back and now darling you won’t even get to enjoy the feeling tonight.


I arrived at the hotel room on time… stupid Eric didn’t lock the door properly…


he so much in a rush to have her that he fail to close it?


“I watched my Eric.. thrusting in and out of her… sweating and enjoying himself, I knew by now he would have discovered she still a virgin and he just devirgine the poor girl laying helplessly with Zero idea of what happening to her but he just a s£x freak that he won’t even stop until he reaches climax of it before recognising



what he have done and I already know the perfect lie to tell him when he asks me about knowing if Ella was still a virgin.


It hurt me seeing Eric having s£x with Ella or I will say f**king her really hard and kissing her with her legs wide open.


finally crashing on her, I think he had enough for one night after all and I have seen enough and gotten enough dirt I can use to humiliate her that will make her hide from the world and herself as well.


I walked into the room and Eric was still trying to catch his breath, I stare at his name body and his already exhausted d**k not to hard I got some crazy idea of rubbing them until it get erected and getting him in the mood to f**k me to but that will ruined our plans and moreover I have those really big Jack for myself once Ella is out of the picture.


“How did you get in?…. Eric was surprised to see me in the room


“Dumbass… you were in a rush to get down that you fail to lock up.


“and how long have you been here.


“Not too long… don’t worry I didn’t see you in the act…I lied, I saw the whole thing and even more.


“Gift, you said she wasn’t a virgin but I just devirgine here… pointing at the blood stain on the bed.


“How will I know…she told me she wasn’t one, I didn’t know she just doesn’t want me to see her as a Child.. maybe she was embarrassed to admit it to you as well and by the look on your face she made you believe she wasn’t one so it not our fault but hers……


“I came close to him and sat on his d**k and use my butt to rub it kissing him passionately after I unlock my lips from his..I said to him..”maybe she just wants a taste of your magic and needed you to make the move..see it that you just helped her out of that shame.



“Gift.. darling, you know if you continue pressing me this way with your butt we will have to have another around here.


“Not that it going to be bad and I am sure Ella won’t be waking up soon, she looks so peaceful and weak so we got enough time to enjoy ourselves and I know you want to hear me moan to your touch instead of laying like a log of wood…I said and began to rub his d**k in no time I got them erected and in the mood.


I got my own taste of him tonight we both crash on the floor and started laughing.


“Gift, you know I can do this all night with you.


“Yeah… yeah… yeah….I know but right now let get this place clean up and get Ella


out of here before she regain consciousness….she can’t see us together that would


be trouble in paradise…I pulled Eric up from the floor and we both got dressed and clean Ella up and he brought us back to hostel and I took her to her bedside and wait for the drama once she wakes up.


“I know I am bad but I can’t help myself when it comes to good s£x which Eric offers me just the way I want it.


It now my own turn to sing and dance






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