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Chapter 32



Nwanne Ifeoma



Candle light, soft music, rose petals shattered around the room. Sweet fragrance the room was decorated in such a lovely way and it all for me.


“I watched him kneel in front of me and said the most sweetest words that melted my heart.


“Ella, he called me.


If I could do things all over baby I promise I will do it differently, I regret ever leaving you, for everything I did wrong but that not why we are here because I have found and I will be a fool to let a pretty lady like you go.


“Ella, I want you to be part of my world, however big or small be part of it. Let share the dreams together and fill our home with memories just do be an honour by saying yes to my proposal so I can show you to world that you are mine.


“I kept blushing and smiling through out the whole period just when I was about to say yes my sound sleep and beautiful dream was disrupt by the sound of my phone ringing.


What the heck? So it was just a dream. I was annoyed by the sound and must it be now that I was about to say yes.


“Great!….. I just ignored it and used my pillow to block my ears and tried to get


back to my dream Land but hell No it rang non stop. I groan out in annoyance and reached for my phone that is on the bed head.


“I opened my bleary eye to check who will be calling me so early and damn it Emily.


“Huh…I glanced at the call again and wonder why she will be calling at this hour.


Hope she is fine.


I picked the call and sat upright to get comfortable.


“Ella, ! !! She scream so loud that I flinched immediately.


‘”Geez! Emily what going on with you and my ears drums are suffering from your screaming.


“Don’t tell me you are still sleeping?


“Emily , you know normal people are still asleep and I am normal.


“Are you going to speak or should I end the call?


“No …no I will speak. Guess who finally asked me out?


“Who and what are trying to say?


” My boss, Joe finally notice me. She screamed again.


“My mouth dropped wide open and I managed to ask how the whole thing happened.


Well last week, he invited me for a dinner and we talked about so many things, after that we have beiny hanging out and talking on phone finally yesterday he surprised me by asking me to be his girlfriend.


“He was so romantic and I felt like a queen. The look in his eyes, the clamminess in his voice…..


Girl you need to see the way I was blushing like a teenager. She giggled and I felt the happiest in her voice.


“Emily I am happy for you, finally you got what you wanted so much and now you can stop ranting about how he snubbed you. I laughed while saying it.


“Yes dear my hard work paid off and soon I will become his wife.


It will happen because you are amazing and I trust you will treat him right and he won’t have options than to engage you in no time.



I can’t believe we both are happy and living the life we want who knows we will get engage the same time and get married.


Sure it a step but right now it all about you. We have to celebrate this news so anything you want bills on me.


Fine girl… We are celebrating it because soon we will be out of the market.


“, Okay I will leave you to get ready for work and we will catch up with you later.


“Love you bestie.


“Love you too Emily enjoy your new love story with Joe. I am sure he will make you happy.


God what is this now, why was I dreaming about Joe. I should be dreaming about Kennedy not Joe.


Finally everyone is happy and Joe is perfect for Emily.


Oh Joe you are here too….


“Yes Emily invited me to join you two. Hope it fine by you.


Why asking her, she is fine with it. Emily said while rubbing Joe back and smiling at me.


I have no problem with your boyfriend being here and moreover that why we are celebrating right?


I told you she is the best friend in the world and will be happy to have you here.


I know already how sweet Ella can be remember she was also my friend in the past.



” Sweetie that will change soon because my friends are also your. So smile you will have your old friend back.



Are we going to eat or will we keep talking. I am starving already, I interrupted Emily silly talk.


I don’t know but it was amazing spending time with Emily and Ella today one time was certain is that I love Emily but can’t help but take a quick glance at Ella’s beautiful smile and I feel like she was also staring at me as well. It foolish to think so because she kept on talking about Kennedy and how amazing he is and I am sure she is happy with him and loves him.


This two ladies are amazing and great friends. The trust in each other’s eyes for one another it will be foolish to mess it. It better I create a distance between myself and Ella so I won’t hurt Emily. I love her and don’t want to hurt her. I am glad I finally accepted to date her after all these years of hurting about Ella now I am welcoming this new feeling.








Secret love



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