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Chapter 23



Nwanne Ifeoma


I can’t survive this…I said with tears in my heart.


What on Earth did I ever did to Gift that she decided to destroy me? This was all her plans to ruin me… still don’t know what she will gain.


My Mom haven’t said a word to me through out the drive home. She didn’t want to look at my face, she doesn’t even want to know the story. We got home and she went straight to her room, I wish I know what is going on in that mind of hers.


It wasn’t too long and my Dad return Home. And I heard my Mom shouting at him.


“, Your Daughter have decided to disgrace us….why are you still standing here


better go find out the father of that thing she is carry.


How can she do this to us after all we have done for her?…..


She have never lacked anything so why get pregnant and do drugs?


I can’t even look at that daughter of yours or I will kill her before the world finds out the shame she brought upon herself because it can’t be me.


Woman, can you please stop talking ? This is not the right time for all these shouting.


You didn’t speak to her to let her explain all these but you already judge her.


Why will I do that? She lashed out



she brought this on herself and ruined her future. I warned you about sending her to school far from home but No. It always princess this, princess deserve the best and see where it landed her.


Say whatever you want but I don’t care about this your ranting. I need to speak to my Daughter ..if you want you can come along or stay here and act up.


My Dad, knocked at my door and when he entered my room.


He found me crying. He sat close to Me on the bed looking go curious worried about the story My just told him.


It took him few minutes to process what and what to say.


Princess….he finally broke the silent and I looked up to him.


He saw how paled I looked and he first gave me a tight hug and allowed me to cry for a while. I am sure I just stain him with my tears but he seems not mind.


“Ella dear… tell me the truth are you really pregnant. He asked facing me.


“I nodded, to affirm it because my tears could not let words out of my mouth.


“He looked so disappointed and stare at me for a while before talking to me again.


“Princess, you have to say something, don’t just nod and cry because it won’t solve the problem.


“Talk to me , I need to know who did this to you and why you chose to disappoint me.


I’m sorry Dad but it not intentional.I promise I didn’t mean for this to happen.


Ella I am still waiting, your mom is very disappointed and so I am but if you don’t tell me who did this to you I will also get angry with you right now.


I told my Dad the whole story from the beginning and how I was drugged and finally Raped by Eric. I kept saying sorry and crying. When he heard Rape…I saw



the shock in his eyes Mom walked in too. It looks like she was listening to us all this while.


Ella who is this Eric, that son of a bastard that dare to drug and take advantage of you. Even if he was your boyfriend but that doesn’t mean he can do that to you Mom said angrily…..I will make him pay and you what do you need a boyfriend


for? We gave you everything so what was the need for keeping one? She was furious at me too and you club as well . Geezz !!! Ella I can’t believe you right now.


“Woman, shout up and leave this room if you won’t let her talk and keep blaming her. Don’t make me get angry with you…. can’t you see she is already suffering and


having a boyfriend is something that Children’s of these days does. He turned to me and held my hand.


Why do keep all these to yourself?


You didn’t even dim it fit to tell me ? Your special Daddy. I would have helped you out the week you came home but you shot everyone and including me out.


I am very sorry Dad….I was ashamed of myself and I couldn’t tell you. I was played by the one I trusted in school, I thought he loved me but Gift, Eric and Joe gamble with my emotions.


How will I tell you I went astray and brought shame on myself.


Forgive me Dad .. please Mom I am sorry, I will die if you turn away from me .


I begged my parents to forgive and after watching crying and begging for forgiveness.


They both hugged me and ask me to wait for their decision concerning what the doctor said about my condition.


What do you think about Ella’s Dad way of handling the situation.





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