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Chapter 22



Nwanne Ifeoma



That moment when I thought it was over, when I wanted to start a fresh and make amends, when I thought the storm was over and sun to shine bright on my path. When I thought that my mistakes was buried and nobody will have to find out but no it find a way to surface and it staring right in my face and I can’t hide it from the world.


The doctor walked into my room with my lab report right in his hands. I thought it was just malaria and one of those junk food I have been eating that is causing the vomit but no it was something bigger, something I never thought will happen.


He looked at me and then my mom who was seated right beside me and the he dropped the bomb and boom it explode.


He just pronounce my judgement, I am 5 weeks pregnant he said.


Doctor what did you just say?


How can it be possible……she looked at me Ella what is he saying? How can you


be pre…..gant she was finding it difficult to pronounce the word.


No….no…No!!! It can’t be possible, I know my daughter won’t bring this shame upon us.


You need to check the name written on the report or carry out another one. It not


true, it can’t just be …….


Ella, tell him it a lie, you have to say something. Dear stop crying, I believe there is a mistake somewhere and it will be sorted.


Madam, I understand this feeling…we all trust our children but sometimes there is so much we don’t know about them.


Don’t say that about my Ella, she is different, she can never do this to us. She knows our personalities in the society and we brought her up in a Godly way.


Do you know how many young people of her age that is wishing to be like her, she an inspiration to us, Doctor you have to carry out another taste and confirm.


Madam, please listen to me let me finish saying what the report says.


. you see, after the taste was carried out we also found some hard drugs in her system which is the cause of her abdominal pains.


Drugs… how? Mom was losing her mind already.


Madam, do you want me to wait for your husband to come because it seems that you are not emotionally balance to handle this.


No…no, doctor continue. I will control myself.


The hard drugs are strong enough to make one become unconscious just by adding a little of it but her case we found out a dangerous amount of it which was unable to flush down causing those big.


Not only that but if she carries the child, the effect of the drug will cause abnormalities for the unborn child and if we decide to perform surgery on her in order to remove the substance in her system she will lose the child because she will bleed so much during the procedure but if we choose to leave the drug in her system until Child birth it will cause future damage in her womb.



Madam I know this is so much to take in but what ever decision you and husband makes you have to think it through because it a delicate situation and a insensitive one. It not time to portion blame but think quick because her future and life depends on it.


Be strong for her and take care of her in this period so she won’t get depressed and try finding what actually resulted to it. It might be she was drugged, some thing like this might have happen to her, talk to her and please decide fast. My professional advice is that we remove the substance from her system right now and avoid future damage.


Have a nice day madam I will be hearing from you soon.


I couldn’t look at my Mom face, I continued crying and sobbing. I wish I had done things differently maybe I will not be in this condition.


My mom didn’t say a word to me after listening to the doctor. She too a long glance at me and went out to play a call to my dad. I knew they will be trouble.


Why is she not talking to me?


I could see the disappointment In her face, I can’t help it because I am the cause of her pain and shame right now.


Will she ever forgive, I began to cry for death because I couldn’t face my reality. My womb could be damage or I give birth to abnormal Child. How will I tell it was a rape and it was all a set up and I fell right in the trap.


Who will believe my story, I have lost her and I am waiting for my Dad to get here so we can go home and I will dance to the tune of the music that is playing right now.


I was still confused about this news, I took those pills from Gift to prevent me from getting pregnant does it mean it was fake.


I promise myself never to Forgive Gift but this is not the time to portion Blame because I let her influence my decision.







Secret love


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