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Chapter 10



Nwanne Ifeoma


Eric, what are doing with this babe?


Joe was speechless seeing Eric making out in their room.


Eric quickly dragged his friend out so the girl won’t hear their conversation…..


“Are you cheating on Ella? … I thought you liked her so what is this and who is she?


“Guy, stop making noise, can’t you see I am busy … Just go we will talk later. Right now I have a fish to eat and I can’t keep her waiting. just leave Ella matter ,it a story for another day…. He said will heading back to the girl in the room.


“Why did I think Eric will ever change and mend his old ways?..


He will always remain a Playboy, j wish I can just Break his head now. He is just setting girls up for emotional heart break.


Few hours later, Eric came out from the room with the girl laughing and kissing her.


“Baby, I had fun with you….. can’t believe what I have been missing…. when next can we meet.



“Any time you are ready for another round of climax just give me a call and I’ll be there…” The girl said while blowing a kiss at him before leaving our room.


I was so disappointed listening to the dirty things coming out of their mouth. I tried so hard to concentrate on the game I was playing.


“Guy, how far ….. Eric said while grabbing one of the game controller.


I frown at him and ignored him.


“What wrong with you? why the attitude…. I just had a good time don’t spoil my


mood with your sadden behavior.


“Look, Eric, you should start respecting this house… You can’t be sleeping around with different girls in here, I don’t like this and it no longer funny, this is not a brother and ….. Eric cut in


“Guy when did you start having problem with me bringing girls over not that I am stopping you from bringing in your own girls..


“, Eric just stop all this nonsense it getting old and I thought you liked Ella and you two are now an item, have a little shame and respect for your body if not for other.


“Now I understand why you are forming upset, …. you see that Ella of a girl, I


don’t understand her imagine she haven’t accepted to be my girlfriend in the name of thinking of it.


I don’t know what she thinks of herself keeping me Eric waiting….me that girls are


begging to notice that she is acting up for. Who have time for a long time relationship and getting to know each other. I don’t do such and this is your fault you made it looks like I am her Romeo who will wait around for her to make a decision.


“So tell me how I will be cheating when she isn’t my girlfriend yet have to find a way to entertain myself …..


“You know this bad guys down here need to always get into action ….he said while


hitting Joe in a playful manner.

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“But Eric that doesn’t mean you should be sleeping around, she just doesn’t want to throw herself on You and I think I am impressed. ” I never thought she would take this long for her to give in to you. Finally someone is not carried away by your swag and fake charm.


“Joe don’t be too sure about it, I have come across girls like her that plays hard to get but once I get her sweet button She will come crashing and then I make my move.


She is just like Joy that was acting all Churchy and holy but once her showed her the power of this bad guy down here she couldn’t stop her self from craving for more and you know me I move on once I am satisfied with the babe. I Don’t do love or Long time relationship but this Ella is proven to be hard to get, anyways as long as I get her at end I don’t mind waiting.


“See Eric, if you don’t like her just let her go.


“Let her go no…no..way not until I eat from her Honeywell, have you seen those her laps only that can set a man on fire, imagine how her inside will be and those lips I have being craving and fantasized on kissing.


“But wait Joe I don’t understand you…… “why are showing concern about this Ella.


Joe do you like her because you never care about my relationship or how I treat ladies so what so special about her..


“Don’t be stupid Eric, you know I don’t have time for ladies and she is not my type.


I am just concern about you and the type of life you have decided to leave.


“Whatever man, just don’t start with your preaching tonight, you can choose to live a boring life, some of us need to make the ladies experience life before they get caged in the name of marriage and your boy Eric is doing a great job at it.


“Eric think of…. Joe please stop I appreciate your help but don’t come judging me I


will decide when I want to change but right now it not time for it and don’t bother waiting for me I have to meet my ex she seem to have a way to get Ella fall for me looks like your boring style of romance isn’t working on her.


Have fun with your boring life.






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