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Chapter 20



Nwanne Ifeoma




I tried calling Ella many times but she never responded to my calls, I sent bunch of messages but but no replies.


She blocked me and I couldn’t get through her anymore.


How will I explain to her that I didn’t mean to hurt her or play her in anyway.


I was only afraid of been rejected so I held back my feeling.


I never knew Eric could go this fair in order to satisfy him. She must be going through alot, God please help my Ella out, she doesn’t deserve any of this.


I kept on thinking about her and wishing I could talk to her, she blocked me from all her social media handle and the guilt was killing, through out the holidays, I didn’t speak or see Eric, that one single act ruined the relationship we shared and I promise myself never to forgive him if anything happened to Ella.


I was looking for for the holidays to be over so we resume and I promise myself to make her believe me and see how much I feel about her.




Why won’t this foolish Gift stop calling me?


Can’t she see I don’t want her in anyway, she will never be part of life and I am done with her.


I am so shame of myself that I can’t show my face in Eric house.


He hate me now just because of my foolish behavior but the truth remain that I am not sorry about my actions.


“Yes his family are nice but it because of them my father died in that plane crash.


“Why did they ask him to go for the meeting, my father is always on the road traveling from one state to another in order to prove his worth in that company now they finally killed him, and took him away from my family and I, we became dependent on them. Offering us peanut in the name of help, while they get to enjoy the good things of life.


I don’t need his help or that of his family, I don’t need anyone not even Ella or Gift.


I am Eric…the guy every ladies are dieing to be with….the amazing ladies guy.


It another holiday to have fun and enjoy myself. I am a man so is the ladies who needs me not the way around.



Eric continue with his way of life showing no remorse about his evil deed. He believed that Ella can not prove he raped her and he was so sure she won’t get pregnant because of the right amount of drugs he used on her.




Why won’t Eric see that I truly loved him?…..I did all these things to have him


back but No! He just doesn’t want to love me back.


This is not fair…..why won’t he love me? What’s wrong with me.


Am I not woman enough, I gave him everything but still not enough.


He must be mine or no one else.


I know everyone thinks I’m evil, wicked and a whore .


But there is more behind this crazy Gift that I let the world to see.


I was never this bad, there was a time I will never think of hurting anyone. I was my Dad’s princess and he really loved me, my life was beautiful and everything was fine until that that one phone call which change my life.


I just left for boarding house, finally I was in JSS I and my Dad just dropped me off and kissed me good bye. 10 year old little me was afraid to let him go but he promised to visit me and I cried so much but later that evening, I was called by the Admin and she said my parents want to speak to me.


The next day Auntie Peace came and picked me from school, I ask why but she just held me and say it was a surprise from home.


It was a surprise indeed because I got the shock of my life.


My father, my best friend he died on a ghastly motor accident just that news Changed my life and everything.


Mommy have always been busy but after the news about my Dad’s death, she buried herself in work without no time to care for me.



The family members advise she remarry because she was still young and needs someone to be in life.


At first Mom didn’t agree Because she loved my dad alot and can’t imagine a life with someone else but long the line she gave in to their request.


I hated my step dad because I felt he was stealing my Dad’s place in our lives but since he made mommy happy who am I to be a hindrance to her new found life. He made mom withdraw me from the boarding school I attend.


In his words it was a waste of money and I needed to learn house chores and run errands in the house which boarding school won’t teach. Mom agreed and after my first term exam in senior secondary she changed my school, little did I know it was a beginning to my sorrows.


Mommy is a busy woman, always traveling and building her career. She didn’t have time for me because of work, I got used to that so even when she is out for weeks I don’t seem to bother. She always make up by buying me expensive gifts as if that will fill the gap of a mother in my life.


As usual, she was out in her numerous business meeting and I was left alone with my step dad care.


On that fateful night as I slept, I felt someone pulling my nightwear down. When I opened my eyes, behold it was my step dad, I was surprised to see him doing that and when I tried pushing him off me, he hit me and finally raped me.


God I was just a teen of 14years, he threaten to kill me and Mom if I ever say anything to anyone. Even when I thought it was over he continued coming to me every night and I couldn’t do anything about it. Even when Mom return she failed to notice the changes in my mood, with all the signs in front.


I became his s£x toy that he used anytime Mom was away, he showed me a new world of s£xual life, I pray for him to die but no that monster didn’t. When I noticed it was a world of men, and each boyfriend I had always want s£x from me I decided to sell it at a good pric. When I met Eric it was all about the s£x but with time I developed feeling for him and when he chose Ella over me, when I looked at her I began angry because I saw leaving the life I wanted, family that loved her and innocent. I let anger and Evy take the best part of me.







Secret love



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