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Chapter 21



Nwanne Ifeoma


****Ella’s home***


Hunny, do you notice Ella is always lock up in her room.


Yes dear, ever since she returned from school, I noticed she isolated herself from everyone, hardly say a word and barely eat her food, always Lost in thought.


Have you tried talking her….


Yes I did, the day I caught her crying and her eye we’re red as if she had cried for long but when I tried asking her about the matter but she turned away and said she was fine.


Did you think something happened in school that is hurting her this much, darling you know she is your princess and will always open to you try speaking to her maybe she listen and talk to you.


Remember, you two share this special father and Daughter relationship. “Please love’…I want to see those are beautiful smile.


Alright woman, I will do just stop dramatizing as well.


As usual I was sobbing quietly in my room and the tears continue streaming from my eyes.


My pillow was covered with it but I seem to care less.



The whole memory kept flashing in my head…..who will I tell about my rape, I


caused this by myself….it all my doing and I have to bear the pain alone.


If only I had listen to my parents advice this won’t have happen. I left the good paths my parents brought me up in and decided to enjoy freedom but see where it brought me to.


I was still crying and lamenting when I heard a knock at my room door.


Princess, it your Dad….may I come in.


I quickly whip my face and turned the pillow the other way….I don’t want him


seeing me cry so I asked him to wait a while.


Rush to the bathroom and wash my face and apply powder.


“Yes…Dad you may enter I am dressed now.


Princess, Daddy want to take you outing today. He said with a smile Remember our special Saturday bonding how fun it is. We can do whatever you want.




So what do you think?


No, daddy I am not sure I want to do that anymore and you know I am now a big girl.


“So my daughter is now to big to have daddy and daughter fun time with me.


Putting up a sad face.


I looked at him, as he continued making funny faces and began to laughing.


“Okay Dad, I will get ready so you can stop now.


“That my baby girl and you see that beautiful smile I missed so much. Alright get dressed I will be in the car…. We have a lot of catching up to do.


Is junior coming too?


Don’t be silly dear…it called Father and daughter fun time not family bonding and I have been seeing that old man all day long.


Just you and I doing all things you love, talking and laughing.


Going out with my dad was just what I needed to clear my head, he saw the sadness in my eye and he didn’t force words out of my mouth. He took me to all favorite place and it was really good having to spend time a outside my room.


When he hugged me said …


“Ella dear I know something is wrong but I don’t want to force you into opening up to us. It is fine and I respect the fact you feel that you are grown and can handle it. I completely understand you but if you feel the need to talk to me or your mom, we are always happy to help and listen to you. Never die alone because you have a family who will always stand up for you …no matter what happens, we will always love you.


He is right, I was loved by them but I’m a disappointment, look at the real love right in front of me, he knows how to get me smile and laugh. What was I looking for, he gave me all the best and I threw it away.


Through out the holidays, I decided to be happy and forget about the past. It hurts but I have to be happy with myself and find a reason to peace. It won’t be fair if I keep hurting myself and at the process hurting my parents that so much love me.


A week before the holidays was over.


I woke up with a very high fever and a Sharp pain around my abdomen, the abdominal pain wasn’t new because I have experience the pain for sometime now but today’s pain was to much and it came with body pains.


My body hurt so much and I kept on vomiting. Nothing I put in my mouth goes down and stay, I promise myself I was going to be fine maybe it was all the stress that is taking it effect on. So I asked Mom to get my malaria drugs on her way home from since she knows how my fever and malaria deals with me.



My the time she returned from work, she found me in my room looking weak and pale that I was rushed to the hospital and I passed out before we got there.


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Secret love




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