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Chapter 15



Nwanne Ifeoma



It was a week of fun and regret. A week to remember for a lifetime and a week I wished that didn’t exist…. just a little white lie in order to prove I was matured.


my stance about this week was a dark Dawn in my life.


Let me take you back on how it all happen and everything that took place.


You know that moment you realize what happiness is and you deserve to explore but things goes unexpected forcing you to wish you did things differently. It all started with a text from Joe.


“Good morning, my queen…it a new and beautiful day, would you care to watch a movie with me”… send yes…and I will pick you up.


It was a beautiful day and everything was moving really smooth and I was enjoying each passing moment when a message came through making me blushing and smiling all over my face like I won a jackpot. there is something about the way Joe write that speak specially to the heart.


“I read the text with a beautiful smile on my face and later called Joe to confirm that I will be seeing the movie with him.


call me crazy but I don’t think I really understand myself anymore.


Sincerely speaking, ever since we became friends I am always happy spending time with Joe…we chat for long and spend hours on phone. I am beginning to develop soft spot for him…. each time I’m with him I feel free and less worried.


In him I saw my Korean prince charming but it sad we are both just friend. I don’t even know why Eric can’t be more romantic like him.



“Ella wake up from this dream, Joe is a friend nothing more, stop all the fantasy and wishing he is your… you can’t Cheat on Eric but I can’t help fantasizing about Joe.


“Ella, I notice you have being smiling and talking too much on phone now.


I lay on my bed observing Ella going through and fro. Looking so excited as she continue singing, laughing and blabbing something to herself that I can’t make sense out of. Can she just stop I already know she has an angelic voice, there was no need showing off.i thought to myself.


“Oh Gift, it nothing… just speaking with Eric and nothing more..I stylishly smirk at her.


“So where are you going? you have a date with Eric?.. watching Ella dressing up and smiling.


“Fair that maybe Eric must have started liking her but he always inform me about his actions with Ella.


“No dear, just want to see my course her birthday and she invited me over. I lied again


“Well I must comment…. you look really beautiful on those outfit.


Hope you are not planning to impress anyone else… the party.


Was relief it wasn’t Eric taking her out and everything is still going as my plan.


“Noway, Gift you know I have a boyfriend and I love Eric so cheating is not an option… relax and don’t over think it.


“Alright girl…. have fun and enjoy yourself self…it good you understand what I


mean by enjoying once life instead of fear.


“Sure babe I will be enjoying myself and take care….I said to her while walking out


of the for my movie.


I know what you must be thinking… I just lied… yeah…. yeah it no big deal just


thought it better to keep my friendship with Joe personal really don’t want Gift



lecturing on how much Eric love me. She so interested in my relationship with Eric and making sure we are together. I feel it time to enjoy myself without anyone interference and poking around what goes on. With Joe I am myself and I feel normal not talking about sΒ£x or dalliance, it two friends enjoying each other company and nothing more.


After the movie, we both continue to laugh and talk about the characters from the movie and funny scene as we head to ice cream stand when we over hear some guys making comments about ladies which got out attention.


They sat and was busy scrutinizing every lady that passed.


“See this one as she dey like fallen mountain….. one of the guys said….you no see


as her boobs done flat finish, this one na expired Mike nothing dey in there…


another Said. “You no see this one backside na leveled around….her case weak me


…no front no back….watin man go use kill cold.


“Turning to see the lady that this guy’s were finishing I notice she brought that on herself.


She was wore a strapless top with no bra and those crazy jean,and she was reviewing alot that makes me wonder if understand that she attracting unpleasant comment to herself.


“It a shame girls of today have lost all sense of decency and morals in the name of fashion at the they only attract bad comment just like this one to themselves.”Joe said while looking at me.


” So tell me Joe… what your dream woman like?


“Decent.. smart and we’ll mannered, have a mind of her own and not letting others influence her decision, maybe beautiful just like you,… smiling at Ella.


“Oh really…it a shame we never get what I want. I replied him.



Ella.. something we just find it and it will be right in front of us but we fail to recognize it.. maybe the way it comes doesn’t fit our liking so be push it aside dreaming of something not real.


“I had to a fun day …. thanks for inviting me, and I must confess you’re one great


person and your girlfriend must be lucky.


“Same Ella, I had fun too and I am glad you accepted and for girlfriend…..I don’t


have anyone yet hopefully see comes soon.


We both waved good bye after he dropped me back to until.


Joe words kept ringing in my head and I wondered if I have let Gift influence all my decision so… don’t I have a mind of my own and dating Eric I let her influence that too. I began to question if she had not convince me into accepting him on my own terms.


I believe it time to search my heart and know what I really want.


After a long thought I decided that by next season I will end things with Eric and start personal growth. I decided to honor the very last date with and end things when I get home because I don’t think I can face him and say those words. Just one date and it will be over.

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