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Chapter 18



Nwanne Ifeoma



I woke and was surprised to be in my room. the last thing I remember was Eric telling me he has something to show me.


I looked confused and worked up.


I tired moving but my V.area was sore and hurting me really bad plus the headache.


What the heck.!!! Happened last night I asked myself.


Why can’t I remember what happened to me and why is my body and v.. area hurting so much.


Did Eric drugged me and slept with me …


No…No…No…this can’t happen, I can’t believe it that is the only possible explanations to this.


“But I looked clean and how did I even get up to my room.


Does it mean I gave him consent and couldn’t remember, something doesn’t feel right.


I tried to run to the bathroom to confirm if my fear was true but couldn’t run, I walked in a funny way until I finally reach… greatest fear became my reality.


I stood in the bathroom and cried my heart out….. Fear filled my heart while so


many questions ran through my head.


“Did I use protection”?


“Why can’t i remember giving him consent”?


“, Did he rape me but then how come I woke up in my room?


“There was no drop of sperm Around my V.area or blood stain.


“This is a mess, a big one….


“,Who will I talk to?


who will believe me.,…


“And worst of all, what if I get pregnant….. my parents will kill me.


“Gift is no way around the room but what will I say to her….. okay Ella try and


relax and think really hard about last night and see if you can remember anything else…..I said to myself.


I came back to the room with my damage legs and heavy head.


Luckily I found Gift…. singing a victory song and dancing …….


“I wonder why she looked so excited this early.


“It was obvious she went for a run and maybe she just keeping the vibe.


Her voice brought me back to the real world and I realized I was listening to my own thoughts while standing by the door.


“, Look who finally decided to wake up….her royal majestic…


“Oh Gift, Good morning,…I replied to her making my way back to my bed, I was afraid she will notice my funky walking steps and begin to interrogate me and I really don’t know or have answers to it.


“So you return last night really drunk after making me wait for long and blabbing about how the night was the best night of your life.


“Did I said that ….I was curious to know what else I said maybe that will make me


remember anything.



“Yes…you said so, don’t tell me you have forgotten how you kept swinging and turning me around a d when I asked ……she looked at my face because I was looking confused about the whole story.


“Yes, Gift go on…I really want to know…… please I need to, I have no memory of last night and I feel like I have lost my virginity……she is my friend and roommate,


right now the only person that knows how I got to my room so what the harm in being honest because that the only one that can help me.


Ella…. Ella….. Ella, are you sure you are fine?.


I looked at her and nodded… please continue ….. what else did I say?


“If you said so….so after the dancing around you finally told me how you two


made love after Eric showed you how much he looks you and after the passionate kiss you gave in.


Check your phone…the pictures of the tattoo on his back that your name and I love you is there… remember you showed it to me last night.


“I was still looking lost, how come I didn’t remember any of this.


“Geez… Ella, why do you drink too much if you know that you can’t handle the effect of alcohol in your system….. you see you could even remember how amazing last night was for you. She said with a frown..


“Gift I think you are right about me not handling alcohol but…


“But …she cut in.. just check your phone and you will see the pictures. Something that I was looking forward to hear the full story today but here you are acting funny or maybe you just want to tell.


“It fine, never mind…I won’t bother you so you can stop acting dumb with me now..I am not stupid.


I have noticed you have changed towards me and now keep secrets.



“No.. Gift, it nothing like that, I promise I am not playing dumb game with you, how will I lie or pretend with you after all you have been supportive of our relationship so far so why will I start now.


“Well maybe because you finally has sΒ£x with him and you don’t want me around anymore.


“N..noway and about the sΒ£x part


I need your help….


“What do you want?…I am listening.


“Well, how will I get the pains in my v.. area stop,it really hurting so much and my legs hurt as well.


“It no big deal…use warm water around it and with time the pains will go..I will get some painkillers it will help as well. Try resting you will be fine and I promise you that the next time it won’t hurt, it because it your first time that why you are feeling this way.


Gift advise Ella.


“ I get pregnant? I asked with my Head down.


“Honestly…. Ella you are really clueless, forget those stories you have heard,


people don’t get pregnant in one go but to clear your doubt I will get you a pill that will make sure that doesn’t happen.


“I ran to her and hugged her and thank her for being a great friend, what would I have done with her.


“Yeah… yeah…yeah…I know I am the best You don’t have to tell me how great I am, so can I have my bath? I have somewhere to go to.


How easy is it to tell a lie and make it looks so good and perfect.


I got you rape and make you believe you gave your consent but it not yet over.


How sweet and friendly can I be at the same time of destroying you.



“Oh Ella, don’t forget to call your boyfriend, so he will know how much you liked last night or better still go see him that will be better.


I pick my phone and was blushing.


“Okay, enough with the blushing….we know you are now a big girl don’t make us


that are old jealous.


Just be careful not to break your legs now that you have started….she said while




“Geez,!!! Gift go and bath ..I threw the pillow at her.


I picked my phone to call Eric and comfirm the pictures Gift was talking about and it was true. The tattoo on his back with my name and love but something caught my eye.


Joe have being calling me none stop and I didn’t know about it.


I saw a text from him that says that we need to see that it important and it was before my date with Eric last night.


I wonder what could be so important. I called him but he didn’t respond so I decided to go see him since he told me the place he stays off campus.


“I called Eric so we could talk about last night, I still need a proper explanation about the whole thing and clear my doubt.


Something doesn’t feel right with Gift stories. I have about the effect of drugs on ones body that completely whips their memories but I needed to me sure of what actually happened. I still can’t remember taking those pictures and giving consent. Something doesn’t seem to add up in the story. I whip my eye they still feel too heavy.


Eric didn’t pick. He later sent me a text about being busy with something and we will see around 2:00pm.



I rested for a while after taking the pain killer and by the time I woke up Gift already left so I got ready to see Joe first before meeting with Eric since there was still time. Even after taking the painkillers and sleeping my head still feels heavy, the headache was still there and I couldn’t explain why but still went out.


“What surprise awaits Ella as she finally goes to meet her friend Joe in his place.








Secret love



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