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Nwanne Ifeoma



Oh my goodness I am still alive. What type of Exams was that.



This Lecturers want to kill us, I checked my wrist watch and it was 4:00pm already.



What a life , I left since 10:00am for this exam and look at the time it ended.



This people no get joy, when I saw the questions I wondered if it was BSC exams or PHD I was writing for. If I had not prepared for it I would have been crying by now.


I feel exhausted, hungry and weak. The worst is that the sun is not helping matter, it sucking up the little energy I have. Trekking is not even an option right now or I will just faint because am so thirsty.


I need to convince my parents to gift me a car as my birthday present if I had one I won’t be standing on this hot sun right now.


Before I die of hunger and thirsty let me better head to the canteen to quench this hunger.


“Hello Ella….a grey car parked I. Front of me.


“I turned and it Mr Snub….. what is he doing here?


I thought he doesn’t want to see or talk to me anymore. I need to show him that I don’t care about him talking to me.


“Yes Joe.. can I help? I ask


“Look, it sunny let me give you a ride to your destination.


“, Thanks…but remember you don’t want people seeing us together. “I walked away from him”


He trail behind and I was actually enjoying him stressing to get me ride with him.


“Ella don’t be stubborn just get in and we will talk….I promise I won’t and the sun


is not good for your beautiful skin. You don’t want getting sunburn.


“Did he just call me beautiful…I blush secretly … he thinks I am beautiful


and he was acting up not to notice me. I stopped and turn to him.


“It not your problem and more over we are not friends. So let me get sunburn I will apply cream to it. I said to him again and ignore him but wishing he doesn’t get upset and drive off I actually need that ride and like the fact he is talking to me.


“Okay, Ella I am sorry.. for acting rude and selfish but to make up for my rude behavior I will buy you lunch, and you can pick anything you want. Just get in please. I was hoping she agrees.

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I don’t know why she is being stubborn this girl is unbelievable it obvious she is tired but it looks she enjoys me begging her. Today of all days I master the courage become friendly and less stupid and dumb she is making it hard.


I Don’t blame her though,I was really mean to her the last time we spoke abd judging the fact I never agreed to see her other than the library and refusing to be welcoming even when I saw she needed me as a friend I kept on punishing her away. I deserve this attitude she is showing but I can’t help my feeling anymore. I just can’t stay away from her anymore and let her get hurt by Eric. We can start as friends maybe with time she will love me. I can’t make this mistake and ruined her life because of me judging wrongly from far.


“Ella listen to me please… just a ride not that I want to kidnap you.


“Kidnap….. can you even dare, I started laughing.


Oh Ella I can do more than kidnapping… since you like the sun so much maybe I will also leave you alone in a sun center, am you would like it.


I’m coming down to start with the kidnap…I said laughing as she open the front door and sat down.


“Finally the queen agrees to my request, so would like to hit me for being rude or punch me being a jerk to my queen all these while.


What will my punishment be and I will gladly accept it with an open mind.



“Your punishment, is to give me your cellphone number and stop avoiding like a plague and this queen will forgive by allowing you buy that lunch you promised.


“Is all you need my queen….then I cellphone number you shall get and the lunch I


will honor.


“My queen, hope today wasn’t too stressful and tiring.


“Stressful yes, but I am glad it all over and thanks for all your help while tutoring me this semester, it really paid off. I know I couldn’t have done so well without all those times you sacrifice for me.


“It not a problem anything for the queen and you owe yourself an award.. because of your dedication and effort that the reason you did well not me, you could have back off but you didn’t.


“, You..think so,


“I know so, my queen.


“Okay Joe enough with the “my queen…it Ella, I smiled it was funny hearing him call his queen.


“,If you say so my queen…oh No ..I mean Ella any other wish…I asked.


Not of any sort I can think of, just that I am hungry … very very much …can we grab the some Food now that the canteen so I don’t faint here.


Canteen we it will be and before I forget.. Ella so I am forgiven and are we friends now? I asked her.


Sure Joe..I have always seem you as a friend just that you never saw me as one but since you are asking official….”yes we are now friends not just a tutor and student …..I laughed.


This was the best ride and fun I had since this semester…we got to the canteen and Geez I couldn’t stop laughing..Joe is just a great and funny guy. his not just smart,



he is good with words and after our meeting in the canteen and we talk more often that I began to wish he was my boyfriend. Maybe if Eric wasn’t my boyfriend I would consider dating…we have a lot in common both trying to carrying our responsibility as a great Child to our parent.


It important I always check the balance between hanging out with him and the time


spent with Eric before I will start developing feeling for him. I am happy I found a real friend in him.


“Hello princess… looks you have forgotten about your parents.


“Good evening Mom,


“So my daughter doesn’t even bother to call me anymore and even when I call you….it always busy anyways when will you be coming home for holiday… your everyone is missing you.


“I’m sorry Mom, just that the Exams is really stressful and I was only focusing in order to perform well.


“That alright dear, have you finished with the exams maybe your dad and I will come and pick up from School.


“No mom have one last paper and I will be done..but there is no need stressing your self coming to get me I promise to return home once I am done.


“Alright dear but if you must return alone…then it has to be by freight, is that okay.


“Yes Mom…. love you and miss you.


I just lied to my mom, my exams are over but I just wanted to spend a little time in school with Eric before leaving . It a long vacation so what the point of rushing home while I can just stay at least three a week here before going home. Besides so many students are still in school and I don’t want Gift calling mommy’s princess. I smiled to myself on how well I have become in lying to them. and I have to prove my love for Eric by going on this date if not he might get ideas. It just a date and nothing will happen….so I thought, never knew what was in store for me.





Secret love



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