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Chapter twelve


Nwanne Ifeoma ✨


I walked into the room and found Gift smoking and drinking as usual.


I still don’t know how she manages to bring them up and sometimes I wish she will be caught smoking in here but I know if I report her to the hostel admin it means trouble for her which I don’t want.


“She promised to stop but it looks it one of those things she can’t control and I can’t judge her.


“Hey Gift, thought you had a date tonight wasn’t expecting you soon.

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Hey you,… thought you will be spending the night in night class as usual…..we


both began to laugh.


“But babe, you don’t get bored of carrying books and reading. Just relax a bit and enjoy life small.


“No way, I already have so much to cover and you know my family right my parents will have my head if I have C.O. and I don’t also want to anyone including this really nice guy that have being helping all these while. ( carry over)




“Ella just forget about your parents for a while and your boring tutor, I really don’t care about him all I want is for you to enjoy and see what real fun is all about.


Talking of fun have you accepted to be Eric bae, see stop all this your forming and say yes or some other girl will just do what you don’t want to do and I can see you are beginning to like him. The hard to get behaviour is too much and he have been playing by your rules all these while.


“Gift you know my fear, is not that I don’t want to be his girlfriend what if he wants something more, I don’t want him breaking up with me and hurting me because of s£x.


I understand your fear and you should know that Eric have been patient enough, he have been waiting for you to be his and the semester is almost over. He might



just think you are just using him for his money and playing him in sure you don’t want to give him that impression about you right.


Just say yes and I will guide you in the rest and I am sure he won’t ask you to sleep with him once you say yes. It might just be a kiss he will want from you until you get comfortable with him.


“Gift tell me , what will I do when he now wants to sleep with me, how will I handle it then.


“Well darling it easy, just offer him romance without him penetrating you , since that your fear.


You two can do the kissing, the touching and so many more and get satisfied and still stop him from going down there.


“Haven’t you heard of romance without Penetration….damn!! what do even know


about s£xual life.


“I was confused listening to Gift giving me her opinion on how to maintain my relationship but the whole thing doesn’t feel reasonable, how did she know all these . She is so advance about s£x.


“See Ella give it a try I am sure you will enjoy it and even want the main thing. “Looking at Eric, he will be the right person to explore don’t be afraid I am here to solve any problem that might come up.


Don’t tell me you want to remain mommy’s princess and inexperienced…… just imagine having to kiss Eric and having him touching and romancing you. Girl you will be in heaven and you will come thanking me later.


“I can even hear you screaming and moaning his name not to stop.


“Geez , Gift you’re a nasty girl, I threw the pillow on her and we began to laugh really hard.


“Ella don’t lie I know you want him, see how you are blushing…..


“Okay this conversation is over time to sleep, imagine if my parents find out your this bad ….they will kill you for talking about this stuff with me.



“Baby girl, they don’t need to know moreover to them I am the best roomie in the world. Just get ready you will be accepting Eric and getting rid of that virginity that holding you back from enjoying life.


“,Yes Ma’am, can I sleep now and think it through so I’ll stop listening to this your lecture.


“If you say so darling, just don’t want you carrying over it when he finds someone else and remember you are not the only pretty girl in campus…be wise and be fast.


Gift is crazy and impossible, but friendly at the same time. She just created this stupid image of making out with Eric in my head and it hard picturing it out.


On Monday after our usual boring and tiring lecture, I went to see Eric in our usual spot and accepted to become his girlfriend but I made him promise not to rush me into doing anything I am not ready, it was amazing that he agreed to my condition that he will wait for me until I was ready.


Sometimes I wished I can call my Mom and talk to her about all this thing but I know she will just make a big deal about it and I don’t want her drama and boring long talk of Virginity being the best gift a wife will give her husband on their wedding night.


I don’t think we leave in that generation anymore and with what I have seen love is just one big game that student play her in University. Nobody really cares about it anymore and sometimes I feel stupid for being so naive and frightened about losing it.


“Hello, Eric…


“Yes pretty…. Good news Ella came earlier and she agreed to be my girlfriend




“Told you it won’t be hard, the girl is so innocent and clueless.



“But there is a little problem she made me agreed not to rush things, it fine I know with time she will give in but Gift is She a virgin or just using it to make me commit to her.


It nothing I can’t handle just leave it to me and I will do my magic so you can have her in no time so that all this craving will be over. For your question she is not one, I remember her telling me she lost it to her boyfriend back at home called sure she will come around soon.


So pretty, tell me when are you coming to see me, my bad guy is missing your touch and we can’t wait to have you and eat from your Honeywell. While we play the role of a boyfriend to Ella until she get use to my touch.


“I knew you can’t wait and I also miss you too but it not a problem because we will be enjoying ourselves tomorrow. Fridays are for fun and trust me we will have a lot of it. Just make sure that your roommate Joe is not around so he won’t be giving that looks that I hate


“Oh pretty, Joe can never be a problem and he will be out tomorrow reading in the library. That guy too like book, all these first class material that forget about having fun and enjoying their youthful age.


Looking forward to have you tomorrow ……same too.


Can’t wait to see the look in Ella’s face when she finds out that Eric and I are sleeping with each other, don’t worry sweet heart you will also get to feel what it means to get hurt but before I let you know my little secret with Eric he have to take your innocence from you at any cost, poor Eric doesn’t even know the girl is a virgin thinking she is one of those girls that plays hard to get under their V.. area. How easy is it to manipulate her never to tell Eric that she is virgin and I know once Eric can’t handle the desire to have her he will make his way no matter what.


My little darling how long will you make him wait, I promise you this experience will be remembered forever in your memory because the guy you are with doesn’t have self control and will do anything to have his way.


“Ella you are trapped and I am the one controlling this game.


“Stay tune….




Secret love



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