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Chapter: Four ✨


By: Nwanne Ifeoma


Wow! Who is that Angel? Oh my; she hot and her beauty is breath taken, her beauty is outta of this world. I think I’m in love, Eric was still admiring the beauty in front of him when his friends laughed their hearts out. Guy you will never change, must you admire everything on skirt.


Eric:✨ But she not on skirt, she


Is on those s£xy gown that is Well fitted on those curves.or are you blind now,this is the main


Fish, and I’m going fishing.



Joe:✨ you already have a girlfriend, No, what was I saying girlfriends.Guy just let this go.



Eric:✨ guy, everyone can’t be a good boy moreover, this one na full package. Just think Of it, with her beauty and my swag we will become the power couple in this school. I’m sure the couple award for this year will be ours. Just need to play my cards right.


Joe: you don’t even know her name or department, I’m sure she is a freshman, just allow her to settle in first and I know you don’t really like her. This is just one of your Games. How long will you continue with this act. It getting Old and Don’t disturb me when things go wrong and I will not be giving any money to impress Some random girl.


Guy, reason it small, the type of life you are living is not something to write home about, I’m not saying you should not date but check it out, how long will you continue playing With girls feeling. just last week you broke up with Kate after messing around with her and now you want to lead this innocent girl on. “Karma will soon catch up with you then your eye go clear”.



Eric: pastor, I hear you, am sure you have heard the word ” YOLO” You Only Live Once, so Make I enjoy my youthful life, you can enjoy being a Nerd and boring while I enjoy my ladies.


But guy, is not my fault the ladies can’t just resist my charm, this look make them go Wild, it makes good girls go bad.


You remember Joy that was forming all good and high class babe, well I got the taste of her too. They Will forming hard to get from start, just a little sugar coated words, boom! It get to there head and they make it easy for me.



Joe:✨ Eric this is not right, imagine if you are the one that a girl is leading on just to break your heart. Now I believe that you don’t have any heart there. You already sold it to Devil for a cheap amount.



Eric:✨I have never seen you get worked up over this issue before, you’re always my right hand man so what the big deal about this girl that is pissing you off Wait, hope is not what I’m thinking, have Mr Goody tissue, fallen………..


No….No… Eric stop, it not like that and remove the idea from your head. It not


possible and moreover she not my type and I’m not into all these girls that guys drag and fight over. I have seen her few times and I’m sure she won’t like someone like me. We just two walls apart so she all your. Can we move on now



Eric:✨ so now you can help me find out everything about her, then I will make my move. Remember, I will be using your car, she looks like her parents her bloody rich. You know how will roll, you become her friend first and make me look good. This will be nice and most importantly, try to be normal and no nerdy behaviour.


Could this girl be Ella and is Joe being honest with himself


Let the game begin…..




Title: Secret love


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