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Mia’s POV


*One year later


“Miss Stewart, the textile company in


India already confirmed. They can send


the material next week.” My executive


assistant said over the phone.


“That’s great, Addison. By the way, call


the advertising agency for an appointment


this Friday here in the office. Make it in


the afternoon.”


“Yes, maam.”


I closed my eyes and leaned my head on


my chair, breathing deeply. It was a very


hectic day, but I loved every minute of it.


I was happy and fulfilled. I got to apply


what I learned in school and made


decisions everyday.


I have my own swimwear company. It was very hard at first, but in the long run, I made it big. After six months the business was recognized in international market. I heard the door opened then snapped


shut. I knew it was him.


He’d been very patient with me. Allowing me to be me and do what I wanted in life. He never questioned my decisions. He never demanded. He never dictated. He was there, always supporting me.


I slowly opened my eyes. I saw a big


bouquet of red roses in front of me. His


face was hidden by the beautiful flowers.


“Do you like it?” Xander asked.


“I love it.” I heaved a sigh.


He put the bouquet on my desk and moved towards me, giving me a deep, drugging kiss. “Are you ready to go?” “Yeah, I am.” I stood up, took my bag and bouquet with me. “Where are we going?” “I told you, it’s a surprise.” He pulled me


in his arms and kissed me again.


“But I’m not dressed for dinner.”


“You always look beautiful, Mia.”


Xander and I continued our relationship


but we took everything slower this time.


We decided to start all over again and get


to know each other well. He discovered a


lot of things about me now – the real me,


and I discovered new things about him




I lived in an apartment near the place


where my business was. Alone. Xander


disagreed, but it was for the better. I


needed to be on my own. To learn to


become independent.


Xander drove inside a secluded park –


above a hill. It was closed but the guard


let us in.


“What are we doing in here?” I looked


around the place, it was dark and creepy.


The lights gleaming were only the city


lights below.


“Just wait.” He continued driving until he


parked the car.


We walked in a narrow pathway until we


arrived in a secluded theme park. There


were rollercoaster, ferris wheel, carousel


and other rides. Lights shone brightly


everywhere. The carousel was moving


slowly with the music box sound.


“This is so beautiful.” I was in awe looking around the theme park. Xander knew how I loved it. It reminded me of the times when my mom and dad were still together, and they brought me to the theme park.


“I know you’ll love it,” he said and took



my hand, guided me to a candlelight dinner table at the other end, surrounded with beautiful flowers and lanterns. There was a romantic violin and orchestra playing.


“Wow, are you trying to impress me, Mr.




“Am I succeeding?” He winked at me




“You know you are.” I smiled and sat on a chair he pulled for me.


I enjoyed our dinner. It was so romantic.


Made me fall in love with Xander more


and more. He was all I’ve ever wanted. I


didn’t know how life would be without


him in my life. Since we got back


together, he never stopped courting me.


Impressing me. Making me happy and at


the same time, being so patient.


“Why are you doing this, Xander?”


“You know why, Mia. I love you so much.” “I love you too, Xander. But… what’s the occasion? Why are we here? Are you going to propose to me again?”


“No.” He answered briefly, eating his




“No?” I felt a twinge of disappointment.


“Why not?”


“What’s the use? You’ll turn me down




I put my fork on my plate and sighed heavily. I felt disappointed. “You mean you’re not going to propose to me again?” “No.”


“What if I’ll say Yes this time?” I almost




“Why? Are you going to say Yes tonight?”


He asked.


“Yes! Of course!”


He smiled with satisfaction. “Look behind you.”


I was shocked. Speechless.


At the city lights, I saw a big billboard, the red lights glittering ‘Will You Marry Me Mia.”


Xander stood up and went towards where


I was sitting. With one bended knee, he


asked me. “You know how much I love


you, Mia. Since we’ve been together, I’ve


never stopped loving you. You’re my life,


my everything. I promise to make you


happy always and not to make you cry. I


will be loyal, sincere and honest to you.


Please make me the happiest man on


earth. Will you marry me?”


I couldn’t help but cry. With trembling


lips, I said. “Yes.”




One month later, we got married. We


went to Phuket, Thailand for a one-week


honeymoon. We enjoyed the crystal clear


water and white sand beach. Strolling in


the morning hand in hand and barefoot,


having romantic dinners and making love


in the beautiful villa. Made us so happy


and more in love with each other.


One year later, our first child was born. A handsome baby boy, we named Noah. Then after one and a half years, we had another baby boy, Christian. Our two boys completed me and Xander – as a family. I stopped running away and pretending


amnesia again. It was a very immature


thing to do. I was just thankful that



Xander had a lot of patience and loved me wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t dare hurt him again. I loved him so much, as well as my two boys, Noah and Christian. I wouldn’t run again because I preferred to stay with them forever and always.


Thanks to Neilani for this short story.


God bless us all




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