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By Authoress Anna


Episode 6..




.. okay, I’ve had a really hectic day and I’m honestly tired.. I just wanted to make up for yesterday.. believe won’t be coming tonight though, but I’ll post both tommorow..


So now let’s all group hug and drop our pitchforks




Kyle’s POV


She pulled me into the restaurant and I looked around taking in all the chairs and tables arranged neatly, and the somewhat neat hardwood floor, Okay.. I might have overreacted a tiny little bit, it might be kinda neat and all, but still.. I’m not going to take any chances and thankfully, just a handful of people are seated.


“Anyahsayo aunty..” Amaya’s voice snapped me out of my little sight seeing “Amaya, how are you?” An elderly woman asked wrapping her hands around Amaya’s back.


“I’m fine aunty.. how are you?” She asked smiling sheepishly, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.


“I’m okay Maya.. it’s been so long” she said pulling back from the hug


“It’s only been two weeks aunt..” Amaya pointed out and I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing.


“Whatever.. still I miss you” she stated


“I see, I know it’s only because you no longer have someone to wash for you” Amaya stated


“No.. it’s not” the woman said totally flushed


If I keep quiet, this girl will talk till daybreak, I cleared my throat quietly to gain her attention.


“Anyways … hope you still have some of my favorites?”she asked ignoring me “Yes I do..” she trailed off



“Good. Cause my boss here, is really hungry” Amaya said turning to eye me, I raised my brows and she rolled her eyes.


Okay, this woman is starting to irritate me, she’s the only woman, I mean only woman who has actually treated me the way she does, and as much as it’s amusing it’s still very much annoying.


I watched as the woman turned to me, noticing me for the first time, since we walked into this small wooden suffocating shop


“Oh.. is he your boyfriend?” She whispered leaning towards Amaya “No.. he’s just my boss” she replied shaking her head


“But he looks really cute, if he hasn’t proposed, then why haven’t you?” She whispered again and I cleared my throat.


“, it’s not like that.. I don’t like him, he’s not my type” she whispered back What?.


“He’s too proud and arrogant” she added and I blinked and shifted uncomfortably on my legs.


“Oh… But you can still change him if you want” she said obviously not tired of this stupid gist


“No.. I don’t, he’s gay” Amaya stated and I choked on my saliva and the woman mouthed an o whilst staring at me.


“Now.. Please get us some food, before he faints” she said dismissing the woman, who nodded and walked away..


“Hey.. hey, i-i’m not gay.. okay?” I stuttered she nodded and turned to glance at me “I know… I just used it as an excuse, she likes talking too much” she said as we moved to the nearest table.


It’s was only when she moves to her seat that I realized our fingers had been linked together.. I quickly pulled away and turned to look at the seat, is it even clean?


As if reading my thoughts she took some servette from the table and cleaned the chair properly and gestured for me to sit.


With a small thank you I took my seat and watched as the woman made her way towards our table with two trays.


“We are lucky to have come on Time, this place is usually very crowded whenever I was here” Amaya said with a smile and I nodded.




Amaya’s POV


She placed the trays on the table and asked if we needed something else, I said no and picked my spoon to eat after she left.



I looked up to see Kyle fidgeting with his hands, he raised his hands to pick the spoon, but dropped it back on the table.


“Oppa .. wait, I’ll be right back” I said and stood up from my chair, before he could say anything, I grabbed his key from the tableand rushed out. I got to the spot he parked his car and beeped it, now I’m thankful Celine forced me to that driving school.


I opened the cooler and brought out two bottled water, after which I locked it and rushed back to the shop.


He was still seated in the same spot, with the steaming hot plate of food in front of him untouched.


“Where did you go with my keys” he asked and I raised the can of water.


He furrowed his brows in confusion and I dropped his keys back on the table and picked his spoons.. I took the empty bowl and rinsed them with the water and Cleaned it with the servette


“Here, it’s clean now” I said handing him the spoon.


He nodded and took it from my hand with a neutral Expression. He couldn’t even say thank you.


I picked my spoon and started eating


“Ouch..” he yelped and I looked up to see him dropping the spoon with a grimace on his face


“Is it too hot?” I asked quietly


He nodded and I sighed.


I leaned across the table and moved his tray to over to my side.


I started blowing air on his food, he cracked and I looked through my lashes to see him chewing on his lips.


“Here” I said pushing his tray back to him.


He took a cautious spoonful of soup into his mouth and smacked his lips, he shrugged and continued eating. I quickly opened his water and placed it in front of him, then helped him remove some parts of the prawn I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to eat.


“Thank you” he mumbled and I nodded






Kyle’s POV


“Okay, Amaya please bring your boss over next time” the woman said as we made our way out of the shop



“Okay.. I’ll try” Amaya said and I scoffed, there’s absolutely no way I’m coming back here, granted the food was okay.. but still, I’m not coming back to this hideous environment! No way.. I just hope I don’t even get sick.


“I can’t believe you paid her such amount of money” Amaya said as we slipped into the car


“Mmh” I shrugged and she fixed her seatbelt.. and placed her bag on her thighs. “It was nice though.. I guess” she said locking eyes with me


“Yeah.. but I didn’t do it for any special reasons, so stop talking like it’s some big deal” I said looking away.


She huffed and mumbled something, I wanted to call her out on it, but I decided to keep quiet and start the engine instead, whilst she looked through her bag.


Is it just me or is the sun about to set? I hope not because I can’t afford to be late to that..


“Oh my gosh..” Amaya gasped and I turned to look at her “What?” I asked


“Fifteen missed calls and messages from Diego” she said shoving her phone in my face..


“Oh my God.. what’s the time?” I asked and glanced at my dashboard “5:55pm” we both said together, how many years did I spend In that place? “No.. this, this isn’t good..” I drawed palming my face,


“We aren’t just late, we are three hours gone”I said and she sighed “It’s all your fault” I said glaring at her “Me?!” She asked looking mortified


“Yes, you.. if you had just listen to me and agree to order something when we got to the industry, this wouldn’t have happened” I state and she blinks twice.


“Are you serious?!.. If you weren’t being so proud, we would have gotten out hours ago!” She said raising her voice


“If you weren’t busy talking about me to whoever that lady was, like I wasn’t there.. we could have met up with the meeting?!” I snapped


“Seriously?!, How is it my fault that she found you attractive?!” She yells back “And you don’t?!” I yelled back


“Of course I do.. you are handsome and beautiful at the same time, like the most attractive guy I’ve ever met!”


“Oh really?, Then what was all that about me not being your type?!” I asked.. okay I don’t know why I’m angry because of that and why I’m even asking her about it, I’m going crazy that’s for sure… This is exactly what happens when you’ve got a


crazy and beautiful woman as your PA.. wait did I just say? No.. no, she’s crazy ..


just crazy and stubborn. Yes.


“It was just…”she stopped at the sound of my phone ringing in the space between us.. I breathed in and moved my hair backwards, she leaned back on her seat and stared out of the windshield.


I answered and connected it to the car


“Diego.. I’m so sorry, I..”


“Kyle .. it’s okay, I have been calling you and Amaya but none of you have been answering or replying my texts, where are you?” He asked


Where am i? I looked around and locked eyes with Amaya, she eyed me with her brown eyes and looked away. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone “I .. I don’t know..” I replied


“Okay… That means you’re not at the industry. Well, I was calling to tell you the meeting was cancelled,” he stated and i sighed in relief “Oh. Thank goodness” I mumbled


“Oh, and your dad wants to see you at the mansion tommorow afternoon” he said and I groaned


“Why?” I asked trying to hide the panic in my voice.


“He didn’t say.. I’ll advice you not to keep him waiting” he says and the line went dead.


I sighed and switched the car to drive.


“Is… Everything okay?” Amaya asked quietly..


“The meeting was cancelled, I’ll get someone to drop you off when we get to my house” I said ignoring her question.


Why would she even ask that, is it because she’s curious or does she care?.. despite myself, I find myself hoping that it’s the latter.




By the time I drive into the compound, Amaya is already asleep.. I decide against waking her up, and move out of the car..


I give my keys to one of my guards and ask him to take her home.


I can’t help but feel anxious for the meeting with my dad tommorow, the last time we talked.. it didn’t go down well, I just hope tommorow will be different. ***


“So… You’re saying she took a cab and left the driver outside, for you to pay him when you got back from the run and almost burn down the house, while trying to cook?” Lewis asked cleaning tears from his eyes as he laughed crazily “Yes” I mumbled rolling my eyes



“And you’re angry because she said you aren’t her type?” Christian asked with his cheeks already pink from laughter


“I didn’t say I was angry..” I defended


“Man.. you pratically whined” Lewis said and they both went into hysterics. “Now I really regret telling you guys about it” I admitted gulping down my drink. “Sorry man.. it’s just so hard not to laugh” Christian said trying to control himself “Yeah right” I scoffed


“Sorry Kyle, but can I just ask one question?” Lewis asked and I shrugged “Is she even pretty?” He asked and Christian turned his attention to me. Is she?


Images of Amaya, sleeping on the couch, all sprawled out like a puppy flashes In my face, followed by the way her pink lips formed and ‘o’ as she blew air on my soup. How she tucked her hair behind her ears whilst Working on my prawn, how those little black dot looks perfect on her neckline..


Wait why am I even thinking all these, she’s stubborn and crazy.. nothing more


“No.. no she’s not” I replyed


“Huh?” Christian mumbled


“Kyle.. are you okay? I saw that girl on TV during that your little interview thing, and the girl I saw looked more than beautiful..” he trailed off


“Hot even, she’s drop dead gorgeous man.. now I’m starting to think your mother was right after all.. are you gay?” Christian asked leaning towards me


“Yes.. I’m gay” I mumbled and their mouths fell open “Of course not!” I groaned and palmed my face..



To be continued








Just A Kiss


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