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By Authoress Anna


Episode 7..








Amaya’s POV..



“Where’s Kyle?” I asked when the guard woke me up.


“He’s at the mansion, he asked me to bring you home” he replied and I looked out of the window and saw my house


“He couldn’t even wake me up, if I call him a jerk now, he’ll say I’m insulting him” I mumbled as I gathered my stuffs, fully aware of the guard’s eyes on me. He probably thinks I’m crazy just like his jerk of a boss, I rolled my eyes and stepped out of the car.


“Thank you” I muttered and shut the door then walked briskly down the walkway.


I grabbed the door knob and turned to see the car driving out of the street.


I sighed and turned the knob.




“Amaya.. is that you?” Mom’s voice called from the kitchen.


“Yes Umma..” I replied and walked in just in time to see her cutting the head of a fish.


“How was your day?” She asked without looking up


“It was okay..” I drawed and moved around her to get a glass of water


“I suppose you sold everything, seeing that you are home early today?” I asked after gulping the whole glass


“Yes, today’s market was really good, thank goodness Jon ha didn’t come today.. she had a flu” she said with a smile


“So you’re happy she’s sick?” I asked raising my brow, her smile dropped and guilt took over her features


“A..Anioh (no..), it’s not like that, I didn’t mean it that way.. ” she stuttered and I laughed


“I know Umma, I was just teasing you” I said and she rolled her eyes. Then gasped,


“Amaya…” She called suddenly like I had grown three heads


“Mom..” I drawed eyeing the bowl of chicken in front of her, if I ask her for one she won’t give me, if I try to take it she’ll chop my hand off with that butcher knife. “Where did you get that dress?” She asked referring to the yellow flower print gown I wore underneath a black jacket


“Oh.. Kyle got it for me, I didn’t have time to dress this morning, so I went to his house in my pajamas.. then he gave me these” I said looking down at my outfit. “Pajamas?” She asked with her mouth wide “Yeah..?” I asked unsure of what to say



“Amaya.. you left this house dressed in just pajamas?” She asked looking pale “Aigoo.. I have to check on Kyle, uhh.. I’ll see you later” I mumbled and turned to leave


“Come back here young woman.. we are not done talking..” she said propping her hands on her hip


“Umma..” I pouted and she rolled her eyes.


“Oh my goodness, rat!!” I screamed pointing behind her.


“Where?!” She asked turning around with her knife..


“There, under that table..” I said pointing to the small table behind her.. she rushed towards it and I quickly grabbed a piece of chicken, I turned to leave and had second thoughts, one will not be enough for the trouble I’ll get in.. I rushed back to the counter and grabbed two extra.. she turned and caught me red handed..


“Hi..” I said waving nervously and quickly dashed out of the kitchen and up to my room.


“Don’t bother coming down for dinner!” She yelled after me and I shut my door


laughing to myself..



I turned and shrieked when I saw Celine and Pearl glaring at me with their arms crossed on their chests.


“Seriously?!, You guys nearly gave me a heart attack!” I snapped moving towards my bed.


“That would have been more better, you deserve more than an heart attack” Celine hissed


“Huh?.. What did I do now?” I asked looking at the both of them


“You didn’t tell us, you’ve started working with Kyle, if it weren’t for Lia we wouldn’t know.. ” pearl replied eyeing the chicken in my hand “To think we even gave excuse for you at work” Celine chipped in


I didn’t tell you guys?, I thought I did” I mumbled trying to remember if I actually did.. I didn’t


“You didn’t Amaya, just admit and stop the pretense already” pearl groaned and I pouted


“Ugh! Fine.. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you both, here… eat chicken and calm your nerves” I said giving them a piece each.


“Don’t think you can bribe us with.. this… Chicken” Celine said taking a bite “Oh my gosh this is so good” pearl mumbled with her mouth full “Mmhh” Celine moaned in agreement.



“Well just know, that it was stolen..from my mom’s bowl in the kitchen” I said placing my chicken in my mouth.


“Whatever” Celine stated and pearl rolled her eyes.




“Aren’t you taking your bath?” Pearl asked as I walked out of my closet with a my black singlet and black skinny jean.


“Nope, you all scrubbed the life out of me yesterday and I had to bath today, because I didn’t want Kyle to think I was dirty.. so that’s enough to keep me clean till next week” I said and pearl groaned placing her palm on her forehead. “Just kill me” Celine mumbled


“Anyways.. can we go now, the match will start soon and I have to place my bet before it does” I said slipping into my pink hoodie, with white panda ears and paws.


“Hope you have money?” Celine asked and I bit my lips but nodded anyway “Amy…?” Celine called raising a brow


“Yes I do.. now come on” I said pulling on my pink flip flops.. pink is my lucky color, so yeah I’m gonna win.. hopefully


“Ugh! .. you guys go on.. I’m exhausted” pearl muttered resting her head on my pillow.


I picked up my other pillow and Celine grabbed one of my dress laying on the floor, we both smacked pearl at the same time continuously, until she finally sat up with a frown on her face.


“Fine.. I’ll go” she grumbled and stood up . I smacked her face with the pillow still in my hand just for good measure.


She glared at me and I smiled cheekily at her, causing her to laugh genuinely. ****


“Celine, pearl? How did you guys get in?” Mom asked confused as we walked into living room


“Uhmm.. actually aunty.. it was, well..”pearl stuttered and Lia rolled her eyes “We climbed the tree” Celine stated and mom gasped “Has Amaya initiated you both as well?” She asked


“Aunty.. she initiated us long ago” Celine mumbled with a smile, pearl chuckled discreetly, and I bit my lips


“Anyways, we are going for a stroll mom.. we’ll be back shortly” I said rushing off to the door, before she could say anything else.


Celine and Pearl came out as well, and we walked down the driveway…





“So that’s basically everything that has happened since yesterday” I mumbled pushing my hair back.


“I can’t believe you nearly burnt down his kitchen” pearl mumbled thoughtfully “Why did you even go in there, when you know very well that cooking isn’t your strong point?” Celine asked and I shrugged.


“Oh.. thank goodness I wore my jacket” pearl mumbled arranging her beanie on her head, her cheeks were already pink, she’s easily affected by cold.. the wind started picking up and Celine zipped up her sweater whilst I wore my covered my hair with the hood.


We rushed into the bet store and I turned to my friends


“I need 20 won each” I said stretching my hands to them. They glanced at each then groaned, whilst dipping their hands into their pockets.


“I thought you said you have money” Celine mumbled placing the money in my open palm


“I knew you both wouldn’t agree to come if I had said otherwise,” I admitted “But it’s not fair” pearl whined pulling out the 20 won


“Yae! I’m not begging you for money okay? I just borrowed it.. I’ll pay you back when I win” I snapped and they both rolled their eyes.


“That’s if you win” Celine mumbled and I glared at her “Sowie” she said childishly and I hissed. …


After betting for two games I waited for the match to end, I watched in utter disappoinment as the first match ended


“I told you Amaya, I win yet again… Now give me my 500 won” Mr Choi said


with an annoying smile.


Why did I even bet with him?


“Let’s wait until the second match, I’ll pay you then” I mumbled and Celine cleared her throat


“No.. I heard that before, the last time you came, you ran away, just few minutes before the match ended… It worked then, it won’t work now” he said persistently I honestly don’t have that kind of money…


“Okay, hold this 20 won for now. I’ll balance you later” I said giving him the money, he grumbled for some seconds, but took anyways and moved back to his sit, with his eyes on me. Making sure I wouldn’t run away.. “Are you sure about this?” Pearl whispered into my ears



“Whether I’m sure is not the problem.. the problem is that I bet more money on this game, if I loose. I’ll have to pay 5 thousand won.. and I only have 20 won” I lamented


“Amaya! ..” she yelled causing some people to glance at us..


“Can you bring down your voice?” I whisper


“What’s happening?”Celine asked


“Nothing.. pearl is just over reacting” I said eyeing pearl whose eyes were still wide open.


The game started and ended in my favour, I jumped with joy when the match ended.. and rushed over to the guy who I bet with..


He was good looking although I couldn’t see him clearly because of the facecap he wore


“Hey, mister.. I won, now please pay me my money.. I have to go home now” I said


“Whatever” he mumbled and brought out his wallet..


He opened it and I gasped at the sight of so many notes, something glittered in his finger and I looked closer to see a diamond ring on his index finger


“Here… ” He said stretching the money to me lazily. I quickly took it and counted it,


“Thank you.. ” I said excitedly as I shoved the money in my pocket


“Mmh” he hummed in a sing-song manner and walked out, drawing down his cap to hide his face even more..


“Oh my world.. Amaya you finally won!” Pearl squealed rushing towards me with Celine behind her


“I told you.. I would” I said beaming at her


“Amaya.. my balance” Mr Choi said from behind me and I groaned.




…next day..




Kyle’s POV


“Where’s he?” I asked my father’s PA, (Mr wang) as I walked into the mansion.


“His office” he said pointing to the double oak doors guarded by two guards.


I nodded once and made my way over, with him by my side “I’ll inform him of your arrival” Mr wang said and I nodded


He walked in and walked out few minutes later.. he nodded to me and I walked into the oversized and luxurious study, to see my father seated on the white leather couch on the side.


“Good afternoon father” I greeted


He grunted a reply and gestured me to sit on the chair opposite his “How are you doing?” He asked once I’ve settled in my seat “I’m okay, how about you?” I asked nervously


“I’m good” he mumbled and I nodded unsure of what to say


“When are you quitting music?” He asked after few uncomfortable silence.. I sighed and looked around, I knew this was why he asked to see me.. he still won’t let me be


“Uhm.. I, I already told you father… I can’t” I replied quietly, waiting for hell to break loose


“You have just one week Lin Kyle, settle whatever it is you have to settle and get ready, I’ll be handing the company over to you on Monday at the board meeting, don’t be late.. you can leave” he stated and I gasped for breath, did he not hear what


said.. “Father.. ”


“You’re dismissed Lin Kyle” he said calling my full name.. my eyes began to sting but I refused to let the tears fall out.


“Don’t forget to take off those earrings and change your hair back to it’s original colour” he added..I stood up and stormed out of the study, I rushed to my car ignoring mother’s call and drove out of the stupid family estate..


I felt broken, this was it for me. One thing about my father was that once he had spoken, it was final.. I knew he wouldn’t change his mind not for anything …


I walked into my house and ordered all my maids and guards to leave, within 3 minutes.. the whole house was empty, I moved to my room and walked into the closet.


I walked down to the living room shirtless, with just a black joggers laying low on my waist and my hair warmer..I walked to the bar and poured myself a white champagne..


I tilt my head back and gulped down the whole glass,


“I can’t believe him?.. why is he so hard hearted?” I mumbled to myself and brought out the pack of cigarette I knew would be in the first drawer by the side of the bar


“I don’t want a stupid company.. Elsa can do that can’t she?!.. why does he like hurting me so much!” I asked angrily .. I can’t give up music, it would kill me.. Music is my life, I wish he could understand that..I picked my lighter and brought it to my lips where I had already placed the cigarette…


I flicked it and heard a crash behind me..


I turned and saw Amaya on the floor with a chair on top of her..


“Seriously?!” I yelled.







To be continued.










Just a Kiss


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