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I woke up with the biggest head ache, the sun rays coming throughout the window made my eyes feel sore too, I rubbed them in order to adjust my sight to the morning light. The door to my room opened and I saw Adam walking in wearing some beach shorts and a polo, I have never seen him dressed so relaxed but it suited him just as good as his everyday suits. He smiled.

“Good morning, Is impressive you’re awake so early.”

“I have a huge head ache.”

“I’m not surprised, you were drinking like if the world was going to end. Here take this it will help with your head ache.” He handed me two pills and a glass of water. I took it

immediately and continued speaking.

I don’t remember much, all I know is I was drinking wine alone in my room. How didyou know?”


“Well I found you at the beach.” “At the beach?!!!”


“I was out of my mind.”

“Definitely out of your mind.” He said with a sigh.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing, just get a shower I’ll order breakfast to the room in the mid time.”


“Emma…” Adam’s voice stopped me from getting up from the bed.


“Cover yourself please.”

I look down and realize I’m only on my underwear, my cheeks blushed, Adam was standing here this whole time while I just wore a bra. I was glad only my upper body was at sight since the bedding covered me from the waist down. I warped the bed sheet around my body and ran to the bathroom where I could hide my embarrassment. I heard Adam’s laughter fill up the entire room, apparently seeing me like this was very funny to him.

The suite of my room had both a bath and a shower and considering how badly my head ached I opted for the first, a relaxing bath will be very useful in a day like this. Thankfullythe bathroom was fully equipped with all kinds of bath salts and essential oils. I poured a spoon of lavender salt and a few drops of jasmine essential oil, and then some soap forbubbles.

I submerged myself in the hot water, it felt so good, the scent of the jasmine and lavender was to die for, I could call this heaven. I closed my eyes and leant my head back against the border of the bathtub for comfort.I


noticed I had fallen asleep when the sound of the door opening made me startle. Good thing I used bubbles because they covered my body from been seen.

“Adam what the hell, do you ever knock on any door?!!!”

“I came to tell you breakfast is here. I called you multiple times and as no reply came I got worried that maybe you had passed out, you took way to much alcohol last night.”

“Good thank you, I’ll be out in a minute.”

He didn’t move an inch, his gaze fixed in me. “What about now? You’re planing to dress me up?” I said in a sarcastic and annoyed tone. “Do you want me to? But have to confess I’ll rather do the opposite, undress you will be way more fun. Don’t youthink?”

“You’re gross, go away!”

He chuckled and walked out of the room. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the bath and into the shower to rinse off the excess of soap. After I was done and dry Iput in a bath robe that was already in the bathroom and walked into theroom.

Adam had a table arranged for us at the balcony. The food in it looked mouthwatering, displaying a huge variety of exotic tropical fruits, some I haven’t seen before, a basket with an assortment of breads, scrambled eggs, waffles, two cups of coffee and two long glasses of a very bright colored orange juice.

My stomach growled at the sight of suchgood

looking food.(Join Group)


Adam waved me to come to seat with a simile

on his face, I obligated. He helped me sit by pulling my chair out and back in once I sat. We started eating with the turquoise color of


the ocean as background. The bright rays of sun highlighted the colorful fruits in the table making them look even more appetizing.

“So what are your plans for today.” Adam broke the silence

“My plans? I thought I had no saying in this marriage.”

“Don’t be childish Emma, we are here might as well have a good time, can we leave the arguments for another time?”

“Ok, you do have a point.”

“My client invited us to have dinner at his house today evening, so we have all morning to ourselves. Anything specific you’ll like to see?”

“Yes, the beach, I’ll love to go to the beach.” “Alright, the beach it is. Once were done eating and you put on a bathing suit we can go.” “Sounds like a plan.” I replied with a smile in my face. Going to the beach brought to me some of the few good memories I had from

my childhood before my mom left and we were a normal happy family. Adam returned the smile, his perfect teeth always amused me.


“Ready?” I said to Emma as she came out of the room wearing high waist jean shorts and a cream colored crochet beach cardigan her red hair was tied in a pony tail, I would say she looks beautiful but I prefer her hair loose. I rented a gazebo while she got dressed, when we arrived, already cold water and snacks awaited.

“Are you going in the water?” She asked me. “Maybe later.”

“Ok Mr. I’m too important.” She said making


me let go a laughter, Emma was sarcastically funny and I loved it.

“Adam please turn around.” “What?”

“Turn so I can take my clothes off.” “Isn’t your bathing suit under?”

“Yes, but I won’t strip off in front of you.” “How about everybody else at this beachnow?” “Adam.” She gave a glare letting me know I had no choice. How did this woman get to me so easy, I’m doing what she says without even realizing it, I rolled my eyes and did as she said, damwoman.

I watched as Emma walked to the water, she had a gorgeous body. What was I thinking when I married her convinced I won’t evenwant to touch her? I was a complete fool. I watched her play and swim, here was no better view in all Rio de Janeiro than this charmingwoman.

The hardest thing I’ve done so far since I know Emma was last night when I walked away from her, I wanted her,and she wanted me but only because the alcohol got to her, and wouldn’t take advantage of that, I’ve done enough damage already. All this time made me only realize how pure and clean her soul was, as

she genuinely cared for my daughter, the daughter of a man that only brought more sorrow to her life.

“Come on, don’t be so boring, the water is delicious.” Emma’s voice made me come back from my thoughts. She didn’t give me time say something, she just grabbed my hand and pulled me to the water with her, I took off my polo and followed.

In the water I came closer to her, Emma’s face showed how frightened that made her feel, my


hands reached her hair and our eyes locked one another, I released the pony tail making her hair to fall down.

“I told you last night you look much better like this.”

“I don’t recall that.” She said in a nervous tone. “Just be aware that every time I see your hair pulled up I’ll have to come this close to you and release it.”

Suddenly she splashed water on my face, blurring my sight, I heard her laughing as I tried to get away from all the water coming to my eyes. I went under the water and grabber her by the waist pulling her up and out the water and throwing her back into the water.

She sobbed of laughter the whole time.

Emma wasn’t coming out, I looked around and the water seemed quiet, why isn’t she coming out, my heart skipped a beat then a few more seconds passed and I didn’t see her coming out. I called her name a few times. Every passing second my worry increased. Then I heard her laughter behind me, she was teasing me, I was mad and happy to see her at the same time.

“I hope you know this won’t go unnoticed.” “What do you mean.” She replied getting a little serious.

“I’ll punish you.” “What are you t—”

I didn’t let her finish the sentence, I grabbed her waist with my two hands and spun her around, her back now faced me. Both my hands went from her waist up her arms slowly, only the tip of my fingers touched her and that was enough to make her beautiful body tremble. I parted her hair to one side leaving


the other free, I took in the feminine scent from her neck my lips barely touched her neck, and when I finally made it to her ear I whispered. “Don’t you ever scare me like that agin.” “Adam please you said you won’t kiss me.” “I’m not going to kiss you, unless you want me to.”

I couldn’t control the huskiness of my tone and to my liking it had and effect on Emma, I saw how her chest was breathing rapidly, making her wet br**st go up and down and that was enough to make me feel aroused, no secret Emma drives me to insanity without even trying. I continued talking very close to her ear, my breathing giving her goosebumps all over. “Tell me you don’t want me to kiss you right now and I’ll release my hold.” She opened up her mouth to say something but not a single word came out.

“I’m waiting for your answer my sweet Emma” “Go to hell.” She barely said in a very weak whisper.

“If you don’t answer me I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Say it.”

“Adamp…. please kissme.”





“Kiss me.”


“What?” Emma questioned my answer in a whisper.

“That’s your punishment my sweet Emma.” She pushed me away and yelled. “Asshole.”

Emma walked away, towards the gazebo


leaving me in the water with a wide simile. I think she likes me as much as I like her, I have an effect on her and can’t get enough of it. I followed her to the gazebo where she was getting dried with a towel. I could do nothing but stare at her unable to hide the smile onmy face.

“Where are you going?”

“Where do your think I’m going? Back to my room!!”

“Emma wait.” I grabbed her arm trying to stop her from leaving and making her turn to face me again.

“What!!! am I forced to stay here with you too?” She yelled at me.

“Of course not. We must eat lunch.”

“I rather die than tolerate your arrogance one more minute, let me go.” She pushed her arm from my hold making me release and continued walking away.

“Don’t be childish.”

“Call me whatever you want, I can’t care less, I hate you!”

“You want to kiss me and then you also hate me, that doesn’t make scene”

“Who do you think I am, a toy? perhaps your whore? Yeah, that’s it, a whore is what I am to you, I got paid to be here like you said it yourself multiple times. That’s why you step on my dignity at every given opportunity first insulting me and now doing this. ”

“Did you know you look more beautiful when you’re mad?”

“I’m a whore Adam, whores are never beautiful.”

“You’re not a whore. Let’s go, I’ll take you to your room.”


We walked inside the hotel in silence, Emma vas extremely mad I figured it will be better to give her some time to cool down. The smile never leaving my face, it made me insanely happy to know how Emma felt about me.

Emma opened the door to her room, just when she was about to walk in my hand came

across the door entrance, she didn’t move,with my other hand I closed the door again, turned her to face me, my hands locked her as I placed each in once side next to her face and against thedoor.

“What do you want now.”

“You have the wrong idea about me.” “You have proven otherwise.”

“I’m crazy about you.” “Lies.”

“Look into my eyes and tell me if you see that I’m not been honest right now.”


“Look into my eyes and tell me if you see that I’m not been honest right now.”

My sight reached for his eyes, I wanted to scan this man’s soul and it looked like he was willing to let me. Something in him makes me get lost in his eyes, suddenly his stare was the one now looking for something in me, I felt drowned between his addicting masculine scent and his penetrating eyes that I can’t get enough of.

His face got dangerously close to me, my brain was telling me to go away but my body was acting on its own. Adam’s eyes left mine to be fixed in my lips, it was like if his body

and mind were disagreeing with each other just like mine.

“You’re going to be the end of me.” He


whispered as his eyes pined mine again. I was speechless as a shiver ran up and down my spine. “I want to kiss you Emma.”

“What’s stoping you?” I finally managed to say. “Nothing that your eyes can’t beat.”

And with that he finally kissed me. The sensation of my feet lifting from the floor came and everything around me started to spin. Adam’s hands gently framed my faceand moved to the back of my head caressing my neck in the way, and then back to my cheeks. After a while the kiss ended, our foreheads rested against one another, at first we both had our eyes closed but simultaneously opened them.

“Get the salt off your body, I’ll pick you up at 5 to go meet my client.”


At five o’clock sharp a knock made me startle as I finished applying the last touches of makeup. I don’t know how to dress for occasions like this, all my life all I’ve ever done is work, dinners at fancy restaurants and cocktail parties were never part of me, that’s why I was a little nervous for tonight’s dinner.I was wearing a wide leg strapless pant jumpsuit, the bottom part had thick black stripes and thinner white ones while the top was all white. For my hair I let it loose in beach waves, just like Adam likes and I’ll never say that’s the reason I didit.

I walked to the door and opened it. “You look absolutely stunning.”

“You look handsome yourself”. Adam wore a black blazer, black trousers with a white button down shirt under, he didn’t wear a tie this time and his hair perfectly combed to the back of


his head like always.

He held my hand and we walked through the hotel, outside the yellow convertible Porsche awaited right at the door. The guy from the valet held my door open and when I approached to seat Adam took the guy’s place telling him.

“I’ll take care of her, thank you.”

After a twenty minute drive we arrived at Adam’s client’s mansion, it was very spacious and luxurious but never as Adam’s.

Adam helped me get out of the car and holding my hand walked to the main door to ring the bell. Not long after a man in his mid 40’s wearing a grey suit opened the door. “My great friend, so good to see you.” The man said and hugged Adam.

“Very nice to see you too, is been a while. Let me introduce you to my wife, Emma McRoberts.” The man grabbed my bad and kissed the back of it.

“Is a pleasure to meet you Mrs McRoberts, welcome to Brazil and to my home, I’m Rafael Do Val.”

“Very nice meeting you, but please call me Emma.”

“In that case you can call me Rafael and please come on in.”

Rafael walked us into the gorgeous house. We sat the the living room and a maid brought a tray with snacks. Rafael asked me what I wanted to drink.

“Water will be fine.” I said remembering this morning’s head ache.

A very elegant woman also in her mid 40’s approached us showing perfect whit teeth with her smile.


“Emma please meet my wife, Gabriella Do Val, Gabi this is Emma McRoberts.”

All three of us stud from our seats. Gabriella hugged me in a tight hug that surprised me since it was the first time we met.

“Oh dear is a pleasure to meet you, welcome to my home.”

I smiled at her and then she greeted Adam.

We talked for a while in the living room about random topics. Then Gabriella informed dinner was ready and we all walked into the dinning room, surprisingly I felt comfortable around these people, I was really having a great time. We started eating in a comfortable silence quickly interrupted by Gabriella.

“Emma sweetheart you know, tomorrow we are going to a ball, is actually a charity ball, we

are trying to collect funds for an orphanage in the city, we have a lot of orphans living in the streets, I organized this with a small group of my local friends and wanted to invite you and Adam, I know you’re on vacation almost a honey moon but—”

I shocked on the water I was coincidentally drinking at the time the word ‘honey moon’ came out. The thought of what a honey moon implies Adam and I would do got me extremely nervous. I coughed like a mad lady. “Oh dear, are you OK?” Gabriella said with concern in her voice.

“Yes, yes I’m good, thank you.” I tried to compose myself and realized Adam’s gaze was on me and I smirk plastered on his face ‘asshole’ I thought.

“Do you want to leave the guys alone? They will soon start to talk about business, and trust me it gets really boring.”


“Sure, and tell me more about this fund raising for orphans I think I want to help in any way I can.”

We walked away and got comfortable in the kitchen’s long island, Gabriella started to talk about tomorrow’s ball and how much it meant for them to be able to help those poor children living in the streets. I really want to help because I was abandoned by my mom at a very young age and even though my dad was wonderful and tied his best the fact that my mom wasn’t there traced marks in me and my brother, can’t imagine what it will be like when not even a roof if above your head. I was very interested in the topic but couldn’t concentrate because from across the room Adam will look at me from time to time while Rafaeltalked.


Back at the hotel Adam walked me to my room. At the door he kissed my cheek, said goodbye and walked away.

“Adam.” I called his name making him stop. He turned to me and I walked over to where he was wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him passionately.




The morning ocean breeze caressed my face and made my red hair fly freely while I stareat the mesmerizing blue water, I get melancholic as I get a flash back of me and my bother as kids playing at a beach, my dad comes running and throws me in the sand and starts tickling me. Immediately Jason jumps on top of my dad and tries to punch him in a attempt to save me. Mom comes with a trayof


snacks, I can’t remember exactly what she said but for sure she told dad to be careful. A tear slides down, and I wipe it off immediately.

A hand on my shoulder makes me startle, when I look Adam is standing behind me showing a soft simile, and I ask myself if I’ll ever be able to not be affected by this man’s presence.

“I knew I’ll find you here.” “Were you looking for me?” “Yes.”

“What did I do now.”

“Nothing,I just I don’t know, wanted tosee

you. What are you doing here anyways.” “The ocean brings me so many good memories, it helps me clear off my mind.” “Can I join you?”

I nodded in response to a ‘yes’. Adam grabbed my hand in his and walked a few more steps in the sand, closer to the water, we sat in a spot we liked. We both looked at the ocean, deep thinking, lost and sometimes fighting in our own demons. I broke the silence and asked.


“Humm ” Was all he said his eyes still lostin

the water and its natural music. I don’t know if a should ask this but here it goes…

“Tell me about your wife.” He now quickly switched his gaze and was now on me, his pupils felt like lasers shooting my way, it worried me how he looked mad and upset, but then it changed to hurt and pain, then to tenderness.

“What do you want to know?”

I was impressed he actually allowed this topic. “What happened, how was your relationship


with her like.”

I saw how he took a deep breath and his gaze returned to the ocean.

“We had the perfect marriage, we loved each other very much. Amy was beautiful, elegant and smart with a big heart and great sense of humor. When Demi came into our lives we reached absolute happiness. We had so many plans and hopes for Demi and for our future children, we wanted a big family. We were young, happy and in love, what could go wrong? One night she was coming back froma dinner date with her best friend, on her way back home a drunk driver crashed into her car and she died instantly, when paramedics arrived she was already death. I not only had to deal with the sudden death of the loveof

my life but with the fact that I had to raise my two year old daughter alone. I was a very dark time in my life, if it wasn’t for Demi I don’t know where I’ll be by now. I drowned myself in my work and in being present in my daughters life as much as I could. I became someone I hardly know now, I started flirting with every woman I found interesting and took most of them to bed, I don’t even know why I didn’t care one bit about them, I just did it out of selfishness.

“What happened to the person in the other car?”

His jaw clenched and anger returned to his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something but probably had second thoughts about what he was about to say and closed his mouth again, then turned to face me, his eyes pinned in mine. I noticed how his gaze softened again, one of his hands touched my face and a


small smile formed on his lips.

“Every one died that night my sweet Emma.” The sound of a thunder made us look up to the sky, the sky wasn’t bright blue anymore,it was grey, it started to get more windy in the beach and Adam said to me.

“Let’s go back inside.” “No let’s stay.”

“Emma is about to rain, we are going to get wet.”

“So? Have you ever gotten a rain shower? I highly doubted Mr. Wonderful.”

I said as I got up from the sand and started to walk backwards with arms wide open, twirling around as the strong wind brushed my body. I saw how Adam looked at me in amusement with a smile on his perfect face and I hint of light shining through his eyes.

The rain started to pour and I stopped twirling and laughing to see what Adam will do, I saw how he got up and slowly walked to me not bothered by the thick droplets of water falling over him, his eyes trapped mine, I forgot I was soaking wet and stopped feeling the rain droplets landing all over my body. Once again the entire world around me disappeared, Adam hugged my waist with one hand while I framed his face with mine, my thumbs caressed his cheeks, we both smiled and for the first time

in my life I felt butterflies in my stomach. Something in me started to grow in that moment, can’t figure out what it was, all I know is it made me feel alive, more alive than ever before.

We kissed under the rain and it was one of those one in a lifetime moments. I didn’t want the kiss to end, or the warm tropical rain to


stop falling over our heads. My heart palpitated and I felt how Adam’s did the same as his strong chest was pulled against mine.

Adam lifted me and I wrapped my legs around him, now it was like a whole, new kiss all over again. Magic will be the right word to describe my mix of feelings.

Holding hands we now walked into the hotel, it felt cold as our skin interacted with the cool

air conditioning of the building. People looked at us like if we were some kind of rare animals I’m sure because we were soaking wet. At the elevator we laughed so much that my stomach started to hurt. Adam was a complete different person, he was laughing as much as I was, we were acting like to two kids and he was actually enjoying it.

At the hallway of our room he gave me a side hug and asked

“Feeling cold?” I nodded a ‘yes’.

“You’re going to get sick, come on.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his room door.

“What are you doing?

“Taking you to my room, you need to warm up if you don’t want to get sick.”

I wondered what exactly he had in mind as of to the warmup situation. He knew what I was thinking, smiled and said.

“Not what you’re thinking my sweet Emma,not be so dirty minded and comein.”

My body felt cold but my cheeks sure got burning hot and a shade of pink probably appeared in them when Adam said this.

We walked in, his room was pretty much the same as mine. I felt a little guilty for making


him pay for this when I had another huge room just for me. Adam called my name from the bathroom and I followed.

“What is this? I asked “A warm bath.”

“I’m not going in there with you.”

“Relax woman, we can go in with our clothes on, now if you have any other better idea …” “Don’t be ridiculous.” I shouted.

Adam took of his wet button down shortsleeve shirt and hoped into the warm water. The water looked so good, smoke same out of it making my body feel evencolder.

“You can just wear your bathing suit Emma, come on.”

I took off the now cold and heavy floral beach dress I wore above my bathing suit. Not before gesturing Adam to turn around to give me some privacy, he laughed but did as I wished.

I entered the bath tub, it was very spacious almost like a jacuzzi giving us plenty of personal space which will be soon reduced by Adam.

“Can I come closer ?” Adam asked.

I gave him a glare but nodded yes. Who I’m I lying to? I do want him closer. Adam sat next to me and shifted my chin to him with one finger, making me look at him.

“Don’t be nervous Emma, things will go as further as you want them to, and I’m nottalking about now, this moment, in this bathtub. I mean in general, in thismarriage.”

“Our marriage is fake Adam.”

“Our marriage can be whatever we want it to be.”

“Exactly.” I said in an annoyed tone.


“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I don’t want to make this marriage anything than what it already is.”

“Are you sure about that my sweet Emma? It didn’t looked like that minutes ago at the beach.”

“You think you’re the only one playing a game here? The same way you’re playing with me, I am playing with you.”

“I’m not playing with you.”

“Ohh please don’t treat me like a child.” “Then don’t act like one.”

“Look, I’m not your assistant I’m not going to believe your sweet talk and fall in your trap.” He now laughed out loud.

“My assistant? You haven’t let that go, don’t you?”

“I really don’t care what you do, I’m just bringing that up for the sake of making my point.”

“Bullshit, you don’t know how to lie my sweet Emma.” He smiled softly

“You think you know everything, and you don’t.” “You’re jealous.”

“You’re out of your mind if you think I am.” “If it makes you feel better, I haven’t seen Priscilla since that morning at the hospital, I fired her, right after she left your hospitalroom I called my HR department and informed them of my decision, they handled everything from that point on. I haven’t seen or sleep with her or anybody else since then, I give you my word.”

My heart skipped a beat, internally I fought the need to jump over him and kiss him everywhere and had to try very had to hide the smile that was about to take form in my lips.


“Now, tell me Emma, what’s really stopping you from giving in if I know you want it as much as I do.”

I decided to be honest. “I’venever…I ”

“You’re a virgin.”

“Yes.” I looked down trying to hide my embarrassment. Adam pulled my head up by gently grabbing my chin.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, that only makes you more perfect than what you already are. I’m not going to lie to you Emma, very often I find myself thinking about having you in my bed, all for me, all mine, I like you soo much, you have no idea how may cold showers I’ve taken the last few days” we both laughed “and I will continue taking them happily until the day you tell me you’re ready.




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