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I barely closed my eyes last night after what happened with Adam, his drunk state made him a completely different person. I don’tknow what made him stop and I was so glad I could runaway.

This warm shower is doing wonders to my tensed body, I let the water run through me and little by little relaxation comes. I step out of my shower, wrapped myself in a towel, my hair is wet, dripping water but I will just runto my closet, get dressed and use thesame

towel to dry my hair.

I open the door of the bathroom and almost got a heart attack, Adam is inside my room

looking sharp with his suit perfectly ironed and his hair brushed all the way to the back, not a single hair out of its place, both hands inside his pockets. No sign of last night’s drinks reflected in him, even for that he had to be perfect. His jaw clenched as his gaze reached me.

“What are you doing here? do you know how to knock on doors?”

“Good morning. Do you know how togreet


people?” He

replied making me roll my eyes.

“How ironic, you teaching me manners.”

“I did knock on your door but no reply came so I walked inside to check if you where already gone for breakfast.”

“What do you want Adam?” “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Well as you can see this is not a good time to do so.” I said indicating the towel wrapped around my body.

“Indeed, I can’t concentrate when you are in front of me wearing only a towel.” His husky tone brought me memories from last night. “You are a barbarian Adam, leave my room now.”

I should’ve known better, he will never obligate to what I say, instead he walked closer to me.

Every step he took I took another one backward until the glass door of the shower stopped me. Thankfully he kept his hands inside his pockets.

“I will never do anything to you that you don’t want me to do, never forget that.”

I had to support myself against the shower door because my knees got weak, I feared they will give up.

A big weight was lifted off my shoulders as Adam stormed out of the bathroom and then from my room. My right hand touched my agitated chest trying to calm down my breathing. ‘That was close’ a voice inside me said.

I have no idea how I will survive the trip to Brazil, this marriage turned harder than I thought, Adam had a way of melting every part of me and I was terrified. I packed my clothes


for the trip, we leave tomorrow. Deep down I wished I could take other clothes to Brazil because what I have is already old and in pretty bad condition but I would’t swallow my pride for the world.



The next morning Adam and I said our goodbyes to Demi and left to the airport. The driver placed our luggage in the trunk of the car while Adam opened the door for me, I sat and so did Adam right after me.

I noticed he would look at me from time to time in our way to the airport and I pretended I didn’t noticed by looking at the window the entire time.The car stopped right in front of a big yet, the driver opened the door of the car for us to get out.

“We are going in this?” I asked Adam in a surprised tone.

“We are, why?”

“I thought we will just take a regular flight.” “Why would I take a regular flight when I have my own plane?”

“You own this plane?” “I do.”

“Shocking”. I said in a sarcastically rollingmy eyes making Adam laugh. I will be lying if I say my heart didn’t skip a beat at his laughter, I want to see him like this all the time, and I will be lying if I say I didn’t want to kiss him right in thatmoment.

Emma please, don’t get it twisted, he’s not good, he’s not good for you. After everything he has done to you, you should know his soul is dark, there’s no room for you in a heart like his. It hurts and I don’t know why, I hate


myself for feeling like this.

“Everything ok?” Adam’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Uhhh. ?”

“What’s wrong Emma? Are you feeling OK?” “I’m fine, I’m just a little nervous.”

“Don’t be, as long as you’re with me nothing is going to happen to you.” With that he grabbed my hand and walked up the stair of the airplane.

Inside, the crew of the airplane greeted us, he nodded in response and continued our walk inside the aircraft. The interior was elegantand sophisticated leather seats, in a beautiful tanned color. I could see a dinning room in the center and a full bedroom at the end, it was a flying house prettymuch.

I sat in one of the chairs and to my surprise Adam sat next to me even though five other seats were available all over the airplane. “Are you sure you’re fine?”

“Yeah. why?”

“I don’t know, you just seemed a little bit off.” “And since when you’re so concerned withmy wellbeing?”

“You don’t think your well being issomething I’m concerned with?”

“I don’t think, I know.”

“Then you have no idea who I really am.” “Who are you? Who’s the real Adam then?” I left the man speechless and it felt so good, it doesn’t happen very often. After a while he replied.

“You really want to know the real Adam?” “I do.”

The soft smile he gave me made me feel like jelly all over. He then put a strand of loose


hair behind my ear, his gaze was tender like never before and I found myself craving for more of his electrifying touch.

“For example, the real Adam wants to kiss you right now, so bad.”

Good lord what’s happening to me? Does Adam even knows how my heart is palpitating right now?

“I don’t believe a single word you’re saying.” “And why is that?”

“I’ve witness with my own eyes how you wrap every woman around your finger, to give you a wild guess I could say maybe your own assistant.”

He kept his composure and the small smile never left his face.

“You have just proven my point, you have no idea who I am.”

“Then let me go.” “What?”

“Let me leave, please.” Please came out in a whisper.

“Never, I’ll never let you go Emma, have that very clear because you’ll never leave me.” “And I will never stop hating you.”

“I can live with that, as long as get to see you every day.”

I was about to say something when one of the crew members came and asked Adam if we were ready for take off, he replied.

“Go ahead.”

“Please make sure to have your seat belts on during take off.” The crew member said and walked away.

Adam put on his seat belt with out any trouble while I struggled with mine. He noticed and asked me with a smirk on his face.


“Need any help?”

I rolled my eyes and replied in a annoyed tone.


He leaned closer to me and his sΒ£xy earthy aroma filled my nostrils, I wished I could take more of it . Slowly like a torture he fixed my seat belt, he took his time knowing how much his proximity affects me, he didn’t even make the smallest effort to hide the smirk on his face.

The plane took off and I started to feel sleepy, little by little slumber took over.

I don’t know for how long I slept. I woke up feeling a foreign pressure around my waist, then I noticed I’m not in my seat but in a bed. I look around and it is be bed of the airplane and the pressure around my waist are Adam’s arms. He lays down besides me, his strong arms are wrapped around my body in a tight hug, his head rests right next to my neck.

Part of me wants to move away and another part of me wants to stay like this forever. After a while Adam started to move and I knew he was waking up so I pretended to continue asleep. He gently moved some hair away from my face, I opened my eyes.

“Adam what are we doing here ?” “Nothing, you fell asleep and I brought you here.”

“Why didn’t you leave me in the chair? And why are you sleeping here too?

“I don’t know Emma you lookeduncomfortable sleeping on a chair, I wanted to rest too and since this is the only bed intheplane. ”

“I don’t want you closer to me, OK” “Why, am I that irresistible to you?”


I wanted to erase the stupid smirk that stated to from in his face.

“As a matter of fact you’re not, is just that I found that proximity a little unnecessary. We aren’t a real couple and you already have someone to sleep next to you.”

He now laughed.

“Care to tell who that person might be?”

“Like you don’t know, your assistant, Priscilla? Isn’t that her name?”

“Are you jealous Emma?” “Don’t be pathetic.”

He moved closer to me, my chest’s agitation growing, his eyes penetrating mine, I felt he could reach my soul if he wanted to.

Adam’s face was now inches away from mine. She spoke letting me take in his delightful breath.

“Next time I kiss you will be because you asked for it, not because of me. I promise, you will ask me to kiss you and I’ll wait for that moment.”

“You are hallucinating, that will never happen.” “That moment will come Emma, and I’ll wait patiently, we have all life.”



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