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I was in my desk, my hands supported my head, I was tired, mentally tired. Emma was gone and I didn’t know what to do, should I look for her? Even I decide to bring her back I don’t know where to find her.

This morning I left to work very early , I was avoiding her sleep didn’t get to me last night anyways. This afternoon when I came back Martha was anxious waiting and informed me that Emma decided to leave, she was gone and did not tell anyone where she was going. Now that she’s not here I feel empty, and lost. Emma became a big part of my life and I feel like I’m not myself anymore. She even left behind everything a bought for her, even her ring, she doesn’t want anything coming from me and I don’t blame her I’ve been the worst husband. A part of me tells me we can not be together and the other wants her here now. I’m so confused.

A knock in the door took me out of the trance. “Come in.”


Martha walked in with something in her hands. “Sir. are you alright? ”

She probably noticed the bags under my eyes. “Yes, I’m fine. What happened?”

“I don’t know how to say this Sir.”

“Just speak Martha, I don’t have all day.” “I was cleaning your room now and…” “What happened? Just sayit.”

“I I found this in thetrash.”

I frowned my eyebrows, what could be so important for her to pick it up from the trash? Martha placed a white plastic stick on my desk in front of me. I looked at her and back to the unfamiliar item.

“What is this.”

She stud quiet, looking at the floor so I grabbed the mysterious object in my hands in order to bring it closer and inspect. My eyes widened when I read the word ‘pregnant’ in the small screen. I think in that moment my brain just shut down because I couldn’t bring any coherent thoughts.

“What is this? Just tell me what this is?” I repeated.

“It is a pregnancy test Sir. a positive one actually, looks like Mrs. Emma is pregnant, you are going to be a dad again.”

With that I got up from my desk and ran out the house leaving Martha in my office stunned and confused.

I got in my car and started driving. I need to find Emma even if that implies flipping this entire city over. I called every single Hospital in the city asking if Thomas Ross was a patient until one confirmed, I headed there chances are Emma will be visiting her dad.

I parked and walked in. The receptionist


informed me where his room was and I went. As I approached the room a weird sensation begun to build up inside me, I was so close to see the man I hated the most, the man to took Amy’s life. I reached room 412, like the receptionist suggested, it was so hard to walk inside that room, I could not bring myself to open up that door, so instead I just stared through the glass window.

Thomas was helpless in his bed, his eyes closed and all kind of monitors and cables around him. To my surprise the first thought that came to my mind was, Emma, how much could have she suffered seen her dad like this for two entire years, everyone telling her he would’t make it. As hard as I tried I could’t see the man I hated, I only saw the father of the woman I love, yes, because I love Emma, with all that’s in me.

That very man who took away one love of my life, but brought to me the other big love of my life. The mix of emotions was unbearable, of all the women in the world I had to fall in love with his daughter, but how could I not, she was always kind, sweet and selfless.

Suddenly images of Emma popped up in my head, our fist kiss, her red hair sighing in the bright Brazilian sun, her soft ivory skin, her dancing in the street in Rio de Jaeniro staring right in my eyes, her smile, the fist time we made love and how I feel at heaven when she’s

kisses me. (Join Group)


‘Where are you Emma? Come back home?’ You

can’t leave, how come you didn’t tell be you were pregnant? I whispered. She did say she had something to tell me, I’m sure it was that, she probably changed her mind after I told her


that our relationship wouldn’t work, I regret saying that so much, I wish I could go back in time and change, not only that but many things I said and did.

“Sir. are you lost?” A voice from behindmade me startle and turn around. It was a nurse. “No,he’smy. my wife’sdad.”

“Oh I didn’t know Emma was married.”

“We recently got married, that’s probably why.” I mean what else could I say?

“Congratulations then, you are one lucky man I must say, that girl is one of a kind. Did you know she slept here at the hospital for two months straight when he entered in the coma, two months sleeping on a hard hospital chair after being working all day as a waitress? We had a hard time convincing her that she should go home, there was nothing she could do staying here, we didn’t want her to get sick too you know.”

“Yep, that’s my sweet Emma.”

“Alright, my name is Mindy, I’m Mr. Ross’ nurse, let me know if you need anything.” “Actually I do, can you tell me how’s his condition right now?”

“Well Thomas is a very strong man, we are all surprised he survived and even more surprised now after all this time it looks like he’s going to fully recover, is amazing.”

“Yes, the car accident he was in was deadly.” a knot in my throat formed only to mention thataccident.

“Mmmm, I sorry but Mr. Ross was never in a car accident, he got in a coma after falling from the second floor balcony of his home.He received two gun shoots making him fall off the balcony.”


“What?” who was driving that car then.”

“I’m sorry Sir. I don’t know what your’e talking about. I have to continue with my round but please let me know if you need anything OK?” Mindy walked away leaving me more confused than ever before. How come? the police report was very clear and specified the plate number of the other car and it was under Thomas’

Ross name. If he wasn’t driving that car that night then who.

“Mindy?!” I called her again, she turned to took my way.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Can you tell me the date of Mr. Ross’ accident please.”

“Of course, I remember very well, he’s been my longest patient. October 10, 2016. Anything else Sir.”

“No, that’s it, please continue with your day.” October 10, 2016 was the exact same day of Amy’s accident, this is not making any scene, Thomas Ross couldn’t possibly be driving that car, and if he wasn’t then who?





It’s been two months since Emma left, I’ve been looking everywhere for her, its like she just vanished. I can not help but to wonder, if she’s been eating and sleeping right, if shehas a comfortable bed to sleep in, how is she felling, is she having any morning sickness, have a doctor seen her, does she missesus?

Me? Nothing more than a total mess, Ihaven’t been able to catch any sleep, an hour per day at the most is all I’ve been able to achieve.I


try to sleep, I really do, but somehow I wake up in the middle of the night my thoughts and worry haunting me.

I have huge bags under my eyes and I’ve even lost some weight. I felt like a huge part of me was slowly dying.

Most of the time I’m either at work or in my study, I only force myself to have dinner with Demi and spend some time with her before her bed time. This is been hard on her too, she misses Emma so much and won’t stop talking about her. She’s even saying now that Emma went to see her at school, my poor little girl I don’t know what to say to her anymore.

I walked out of my study to go and say goodnight to Demi, ever since Emma left it became my job again.

“Daddy!!! how are you feeling?”

Even a four year old can notice my ghostly state.

“I’m good princess, how are you?” I tried to give her my best smile.

“I miss Emma.” Her mood changed and she looked down to the floor, my heart broke a little more if that’s even possible.

“I know baby, I miss her too.”

“When are you bringing her back, you said you will bring her back but it’s been too long.”

“I’m sorry princess I’m doing my best, I wish it was that easy.”

“Why don’t you go and get her at the school?” “Demi, Emma is not at the school, why do you keep saying that?”

“Because she is daddy, I’ve seen her, I promise, I’m not lying. Sometimes when I go to the playground I can see her at the other side of the fence, across the street looking at


me, she even waves when I notice her and she smiles to me, sometimes she’s crying. Emma is very sad daddy, why?”

Could this be true? I know my daughter, she’s not the kind of kid who lies. What she says is too specific to be coming from her imagination. Desperation took over.

“Demi you need to tell me at what time and what days she’s going to your school.”

“I don’t know daddy, she goes some days not all days, sometimes in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon.”

I keep forgetting she’s only four, I can’t ask her for more.

I kissed her head.

“That’s fine, you have helped me a lot already, now get some sleep, I promise you Emma will be back home in no time.”


I’ve spent an entire week literally parked outside of Demi’s school and Emma hasn’t showed up. I don’t know what to do anymore, I even hired a private investigator but no trace of her could be found, she couldn’t have disappeared, she’s somewhere and I wont stop until I find her.

This morning I decided to go to the hospital to check on Thomas’ progress. I bumped into Mindy when I was about to enter the room. “Good morning Sir. its been a while.”

“Good morning, yes it has… how’s Mr. Ross going?”

“Oh you did’t know? How come Emma didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Mr. Ross has already woken up, two weeks ago.”


I felt a cold sensation in my stomach and relief at the same time, Emma must be so happy, what I’ll give to see that smile of hers one more time.

“How’s his condition now?”

“Well the recovery process is very hard and slow, he will need a lot of physical therapy for a long time, but right now the main concern is if they will be able to afford the payments, you know.”

“Oh… that shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll pay now.”

“Now? today?” “Yes, right now.”

“That’s great, follow me this way please.”

I followed Mindy into an office to processes the payment, I also left my personal information and requested if further charges appear to contact me directly and I’ll make all payments necessary. They shouldn’t bother Emma with anything in regards payments.

I went back into the room, I needed to face Thomas Ross for once and for all, it will be easier now that I know he wasn’t the person behind the accident. When I walked in his eyes landed on me right away.

“Good morning Mr. Ross.”

“Good morning, I’m sorry but do I know you?” I can’t believe I talking to Thomas Ross right now.

“I’m Adam McRobers, Emma’s husband, I don’t know if she has mentioned me.”

“Yes, she has, you can take a seat if you wish.” “Thank you Sir.” I obligated.

“I don’t know what happened between you two, but my daughter is very hurt.”

“I’m sorry, you don’t know how much I’ve


wished I could go back in time.”

“I can only say that you will need to earn her forgiveness.”

“I’ve been looking for her for so long, but she’s nowhere to be found, do you know where she could be?”

“I don’t know much, she’s not telling me a lot, she doesn’t want me to worry. All I know is she got a job at a restaurant, she slept here at the hospital for sometime and once she gathered some money she rented a room and have been staying there since then, she still visits me everyday but at random times, I guess she does it around her work schedule.” A knot formed in my throat just to imagineher sleeping at a hospital chair and working at a restaurant while pregnant. I need to fix this mess.

“Do you know at what restaurant she’s working now?”

“I’m sorry, I have no idea.”

“Alright, thank you for your time Mr. Ross. I must go now, but will give you a visit tomorrow again… can I ask a favor from you?” “Sure, as much as I can help.”

“Don’t tell Emma I came and we talked.” “I can do that.”

“Thank you Mr. Ross.” “Just call me Thomas.”

“Thank you Thomas.” I said turning my heel to walk away.

“Adam ” Thomas’ voice made me stopand

turn my attention to him again. “Yes.”

“Protect her please….herbrother ”

“I know, and I give you my word I’ll protect her with my own life, I’ve been looking for her for


two months already and I’m not stoppinguntil I bring her backhome.”

“Thank you.”

I nodded and left the room. I’m starting to get a head ache, the lack of sleep and the anxiety are taking a toll on me.

I’m now walking looking at the floor, my neck can no longer support my head, I made a left turn towards the exit hallway, something made me look up and there she was.

My heart skied a beat Emma as right in front of me and my face lit up. Her red hair fell over her shoulders in waves and she looked prettier than ever, even though I could see bags under her eyes she still had this glow to her, could be thepreg. I looked her up and downand

a small bump was already visible. A sudden wave of happiness hit me, I had already forgotten this amazing feeling. I look back at her eyes, she was surprised and a little bit worried of seeing me but I couldn’t hide my smile.

“Emma, are you alright?”

“I am fine, thanks for asking… excuse me. ”

She tried to go around me but I gabbed her arm.

“We need to talk.” ADAM’S POV

Emma, are you alright?”

“I am fine, thanks for asking… excuse me. ”

She tried to go around me but I gabbed her arm.

“We need to talk.”

“I don’t want to, please continue with your life as I am with mine.”

“I’m not letting you go, specially now that we are having a baby. You need to come back



“Fist of all, that’s not my home, it never was, and second this baby isn’t yours so stop harassing me, forget that I ever existed.” “You’re lying just to push me away, I know that baby is mine and you’re mine too.”

“How arrogant can you be, I’m not one of your business deals… just stay away from us, like I said this baby is not yours.”

“Even if you say that a thousand times I wont believe it.”

“How come you not believe it? Didn’t you say I was a whore and a gold digger multiple times?”

“Emma please stop.”

“That’s actually what I want to do, stop, just let me go Adam.” She pushed her arm away from my hold. You were right this relationship will never work.” She started walking away.

I grabbed her by her waist from behind, my hand landed on her womb and I felt how she froze not knowing what to do. I gave her the hug I so desperately been wanting for two months, her scent became my medicine as I buried my face on her neck and caressed her little bump with my hands.

“I love you two so much, I was going crazy not knowing where you were, please don’t do this again.” I whispered in her ear.

“Stop we are in the middle of the hospital, people are staring.” She whispered back. “Lets go somewhere appropriate then.” I continued whispering in my tight hold even though I wanted to stay like this for ever.

We left the hospital and sat at a nearby cafe, Emma was avoiding my eyes the hole time. “I don’t even know why we came here, I said


all I needed to say.”

“What do you want me to do to make you forgive me.”

“Nothing, there’s nothing than can be done at this point. The only thing I want from you is your signature in the divorce papers.”

“That I will never do.” I said taking calmly a sip of my coffee, while inside, I was dying. “Why are you doing this to me? You are just making my life more difficult.”

“I’m not letting you go, I’ve tell you this so many times.”


“Because I love you!” I yelled making her startle in her chair and the entire cafe clientele and staff look at us.

Emma was in shock, I have never said this to her before. I saw how tears gathered in her eyes and one ran down her cheek, I couldn’t resist the drive to wipe it with my thumb. “That’s no enough and you know it, you even said it that night.”

“Forget what I said that night. Besides I know your dad was not involved in the accident and—”

“My brother was.” She interrupted me . “What?”

“The night of the accident, Jason came home along with one of his shady friends, both extremely intoxicated. He asked dad for money, for sure to buy more drugs. We had no money, so he wanted to sell my dad’s car, everything else of value we had he sold before.

My dad refused, they stated arguing and he got a gun shooting my dad twice, dad fell off the balcony and entered in a coma as a result


of the injuries.

Jason didn’t even stopped to see if dad was alive or not, him and his friend got the car and left. They crashed the car that same night, Jason’s friend was the one driving and died but Jason was uninjured and being the coward he is ran from the scene before the police arrived. They were unable to identify Jason’s friend because he wasn’t carrying and documents with him. He probably didn’t even have a driver’s licence. Adam my dad didn’t caused Amy’s death but my brother did,things haven’tchanged.”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I’ve been so wrong all this time. I feel terrible for Emma, she was as much of a victim as I was and I made her miserable, I took my resentment on the very person who suffered the most in allthis.

“I don’t care who caused that accident anymore. Forgive me Emma, none of that was your fault, I’ve been selfish and ignorant this hole time. I don’t care about the pastanymore, I can’t change it. I want to focus in the future, a future with you.”

“How do I know you won’t flip over one day and go back to hating me again.”

“I could never hate you Emma, I love you more than life itself.”

She look at her wrist watch .

“I have to go, can’t be late for work.”

“You don’t need to work and in your state I prefer you stay home and rest.”

“Are you going to control my life again?” “Of course not, I just think you need to take

things easy now that you’re pregnant, you don’t need to hustle for money anymore, I’ll give you


everything you need.”

“I don’t want anything form you.”

I took a deep breath, this will be harder than I thought.

“Okay, then do it for the baby, I have all the right to provide for my own child.”

“That doesn’t mean I need to stop working.” “Emma please don’t be stubborn, just give me one more chance to do things right.”

“Okay, just one chance, you have only one chance left in your lifetime.”

My face lit up

“That will be enough, I’m not planing on screwing ever again, now lets go home.” “No, this time we will do things my way, I’m not going back to that house until I know

things have really changed, I will continue with my life how it’s been for the past two months.” “Okay, I guess that’s more than I had yesterday.”

“Now I have to go.”

She got up from the chair.

“Wait!!!! Can I at least know where you live and work.”

“I’ll find you.”

She said and walked away leaving me in the coffee shop, I hugged my head with both my hands in frustration.


When I saw Adam standing in front of me in the hospital every single cell of my body froze, that was the least place I expected to see him. I’ve been hiding from him for two months to end up finding him in the only place I felt safe. I even had to stop going to see Demi when I saw his car parked outside of the school,

gotta give it to him, he didn’t sopped going for


a hole week, every day making me leave without seeing Demi.

When I felt his hands wrap around me and touch my growing belly, I felt like everything has fallen into place, I missed him so much and worried me how he looked, he had huge bags under his eyes and was a little thinner that what I remembered, he even had a beard, he hasn’t shaved in a while.

I fought the desire to land in his arms because I’ve been hurt by him so many times. Now that I’m going to be a mother I see things differently, and I wont settle for anything other than what me and this baby deserve.

I was walking in the side way hoping to get a cab if not I wouldn’t make it on time to work when I felt the pressure of a hand pulling me into a dark alley behind the buildings. Terror filled my entire body as I saw the person standing before me.

“Hi big sister, having fun with the rich boy?”He looked down to my bump. “Sure you are.” “J Jason.”






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