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I slept next to Emma in the airplane and it was the best sleep I had in years, something in her makes me feel at home. I carried her to the bed bridal style very careful to not wake her up, I will never stop saying that she looks like an angel when she’sasleep.

I lied to her when I said I was tired and that’s why I slept next to her, the truth is I wanted to feel her closer to me, I needed contact with her skin and her scent. I’m becoming addicted to this woman and she doesn’t even know.

We arrived at sunny Rio de Janeiro, the day was bright and beautiful. A 2017 yellow convertible Porsche 911 waited for us at the steps of the airplane, a crew member arranged our luggage in the car while we took our seats in the car and left. I took off the jacket of my suit and tie, place them in the back of the car. “I’ve never seen you driving.”

Emma told me with a smile on her face, I just looked at her and smiled back, this week away from home I want to forget about everything and just enjoy that beautiful smile of hers. “Adam, is so beautiful in here.”

Emma’s smile was wider each minute, it made me feel complete and I laughed. The roof of the car was down and I saw as I drove how she opened up her arms standing up, bending her head back and closing her eyes taking in


the exquisite warm weather.

Emma is so full of life and is amazing to witness such thing. Her red hair flies free with the wind while the sun rays makes it shine in contrast with her white skin, she looks like a goddess and I can’t stop gazing her way while I drive. At this point is impossible to hide the smile plastered on my face, Emma makes me happy in ways I thought will never be possible again. I wish I had met her under different circumstances.

I opened up the door to the hotel suite and Emma immediately broke the silence. “Just one room?”


“One bed?” “I think so…”

“Like hell I’m sleeping in the same bed as you.”

“I am a gentleman Emma but if my presence disturbs you so much I’ll get myself another room, here take this key I’m going downstairs to get a room for myself.”

And with that I walked away. EMMA’S POV

I felt bad after all, I saw hurt in the way Adam spoke to me, but I wouldn’t take a chance, I can’t have him to close to me every night for a whole week. My luggage was already inside the room which by way the was the most amazing room I’ve ever been in.

I explored the suite walking around. Inside the decoration was beautiful and elegant. The big balcony had an amazing view of the beach, the sun was bright and warm so I sat on the balcony for about ten minutes just to enjoy he beauty of this city. The phone ringing inside


made me get up and step inside once again. “Hello”

“Hi it’s me.”

“Oh hi Adam, everything OK?”

“Yes, I just called to let you know that my room is next door to yours, to the left , you can knock on my door if you need anything or call my room number 1378. I think we should get a nap now, I’ll pick you up at seven to go downstairs and have dinner.”

“OK, thank you.” “Good bye Emma.” “Bye.”

I placed my suitcase on the bed in order to take my clothes out and hang them, I mean they’re not that pretty and on top of that having to wear them wrinkled will add no good. As soon as I opened up the suitcase Inoticed

that those were not my clothes. This can’t be I got the wrong luggage, but how is that even possible we came in a private plane.

I don’t know why something was telling me Adam had a lot to do with this, the nerve of this man. I stormed out of my room and banged on Adam’s door. He opened the door with a surprised look on his face. Why did I have to come in here? Wouldn’t be easier to call him? I regret coming the minute Adam opened up the door and stud in front of me shirtless, earth swallow me whole right now. Adam had a perfect body very toned, I should see the muscles is his arms and a very sΒ£xy six pack. I could say that I got frozen, and he knew because a smirk immediately formed on his face.

“Emma, want to come inside.”

“No I don’t.” Was all I could get out.


“I don’t bite, promise.”

“Im not in the mood for your games Adam.” “Then tell me what brings you here.”

“What did you do to my stuff.” “Whatstuff?”


“Nothing, they’re in your room.” “No, those aren’t my clothes.”

“As a matter of fact, yes they are. I just had someone switch them over.””

“Why did you do this? You hate me so much that you go out of your way just to ruin my day like this?”

He gave a small smile and I could see sweetness in his eyes, he placed a strand of hair behind my ear and said looking into my eyes.

“Emma I don’t hate you and I don’t want your day to be ruined , I want to see you smiling like you did today in the car in our way to the hotel.”

“You’re so confusing Adam.” “I know.”

He then wrapped one arm around my waist I felt the skin of his bare strong chest and I wanted to touch and explore his muscles but I was to nervous to move an inch. My insides trembled when he gave a small kiss on the lips.

“Go and have some rest, see you at seven.”





At seven o’clock sharp I was knocking Emma’s door she opened up after a few seconds, took me a while to say something because all I


wanted to do in that very moment was take in how gorgeous she looked. She was wearing a mustard satin off the shoulder summer dress, it had buttons in the center going top to bottom and a thin black belt around her waist. Her hair was put up and two strands of hair were intentionally left loose on both sides of her face. She looked older but in a very good way.

“Shall we?” I finally spoke “Let’s go.”

Involuntary my hand reached hers and our fingers intertwined and it felt so good.

We arrived at the restaurant of the hotel and the hostess took us to a table at a deck very closed to the sea, the view was spectacular. I ordered a bottle of wine for both of us while we decide on the main course.

When we walked to our table few minutes ago I noticed a guy from a nearby table looking at Emma, I know that look very well and my blood started to boil. Now the asshole still won’t stop looking at her, isn’t it obvious that she’s with somebody already? I’m trying my best to hide how upset I am, I just don’t want Emma to notice, first that there’s a guy in this room interested in her, and second I don’t want her to know how much that bothers me.

The server came with our bottle of wine and I didn’t even said thank you after he poured some wine into our glasses and said. “Enjoy” and walked away.

“Is there something wrong?” Of course she noticed my change of mood. I did a mental eye roll.

“Why would there be something wrong?” “Adam would it be to much to ask you to not


answer my question with another question?” “I meant there is nothing wrong.”

“OK, whatever.” She gave me an annoyed eye roll and looked towards the sea.

The server approached us again holding a single napkin, he handed the napkin to Emma and I could see that there was a phone number written in it and a name Max. I wondered if the smoke coming of of my ears was visible now. “What is it?” I asked Emma with the little self control I had left in me.

“I don’t know, it looks like a number, and then somebody’s name at the bottom.” She was so innocent that she didn’t catch what it was at first. I looked at the guy and he had a stupid smirk on his face, his eyes still on Emma while he calmly drank his whiskey.

The thought of Emma talking and smiling with this guy or worst kissing him, with those addicting lips that can only be mine drove me to the point of insanity. I snatched the napkin from Emma’s hold and stormed away towards the guy, this has to end and it has to be now. I think I heard Emma’s voice calling my name and questioning what was going on, but I only had one thing in mind.

“You’re Max, right?” “Yes”

“Good so, this napkin appeared in my table while I was having dinner with my wife” Isaid stamping the napkin on the table. “So I just felt like I had to come and give you a little advise, if you’re a guest of this hotel I will recommend to stay away from my wife because next time you try something or go near her I’ll break every single bone of that face of yours, Am Iclear?”


“Chill bro, I didn’t know she was married,I’m sorry.”

“Yet you very well saw her with me thewhole time, just keep your distance, for your own good.”

I returned to my table and adjusted my suit before seating down, Emma’s stare was questioning and confused.

“What was that?”

“I just had to take care of something.”

“Adam can you please tell me what’s going on, don’t treat me like I’m a five year old.”

“I just went and retuned the napping to its owner, you’re married.”

She let go a sigh and said sarcastically. “Like we are married for real and you are in love with me.”

“Emma not because I’m not in love with you means I’m OK with other man flirting withyou under my nose. Do you think I want to look like a fool even if this marriage isn’t real?” “Oh but I do have to be fine with you f**king your assistant in your office desk every day while you work.” She quoted the word work with her gingers. “I’m the fool for getting myself trapped in thismarriage.”

“No that’s not ” she interrupted.

“Save it Adam.” Emma rose up the palm ofher hand signaling me to stop. “I don’t care to listen to anything else you have tosay.”

Emma was furious, if looks could kill I’ll be a dead man. The rest of the dinner went awkwardly quiet, I wanted to say something but thought that at that point it will only make things worse.

“I’m going back to my room.” She finally broke the silence, I stud up to take her but she lifted


her hand signaling to stop.

“No need, I can go on my own.”

I looked as she walked away, what on earth is wrong with this woman now.

EMMA’S POV (20 minutes ago)

“Emma not because I’m not in love with you means I’m OK with other man flirting with you under my nose. Do you think I want to look like a fool even if this marriage isn’t real?”

A cold sensation stroke my chest the moment Adam said this, was this hurt? It can’t be, I mean I was very aware that this was a loveless marriage, jet it hurt so much to hear him say he didn’t love me. I’m so mad at this man and his stupid ego, I had to get away

from him, seen him hurt, hearing his voice hurt, his sole presence hurt so I opted for spending what was left of tonight alone in my room.

As soon as dinner was finished I left, he stud behind looking dumfounded at my reaction. I entered my room and tears stared to fall out as my back rested against the now closed door, I was unconsolably crying and I didn’t knowwhy.

I stud in front of the bar of the suite and it had all kinds of alcoholic beverages, I grabbed the bottle of wine, took off my shoes and walked to the balcony. I sat on the floor and started drinking wine directly form the bottle.

They always say ‘you always have choices’ not in my case, looking back in my life I neverhad choices, my mom leaving me, mi dad’s accident, having to escape from my own house because my own brother might one day kill me, and last but not least marring a stranger that felt nothing but hate towards me. How miserable I feel right now, allthese


circumstances brought me to Adam a cold hearted man that I just realized I started having feeling for, and I know this will destroy me.

I’m such a fool for letting him get to me, I should’ve known better, this is all my fault. I can’t say I wish I could go back in time and deny his offer of marring him because thanks to that my dad was receiving the medical treatment he needed. I paid a very high price, first it was only my marital status but now my heart was in it, I gave my hart in an attempt to help my dad and I felt like I sold my soul to the devil. Never in a million years I’ll remove my dad form his treatment, that was not an option, I’ll just continue with this even if I loose my heart in the process.

Images of Adam kissing his assistant flashed in my mind and it hurt, the fact that I know this will happen my entire life hurt even more. Life was never fair to me, no good things came my way I’m wicked, happiness will never be meant forme.

My makeup is ruined by my tears, the wine is now gone. I walk inside and wipe the dripping makeup off my face. Suddenly that hotel room felt small and suffocating, I need to get out of here I need some fresh air.

I walked to the beach, it was pitch black but the sound of the waves and the tickling sensation of the sand under my bare feet felt so soothing. I couldn’t walk straight, the wine effects started to show but I just decided to take a walk anyways. The warm wind fromthe beach caressed my face and I closedmy


The hold of a hand around my arm took me off my trance, I turned to the direction of the


hand and there he was, the last person I wanted to see tonight.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you know how to respect when people want to be alone?….

Ohh…. Maybe I have no right tobealone. Is

that so? Are you going to take that other right away from me too?”

“Emma you’re drunk and talking non sense, let’s go inside.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.” “What have I done now? Please tell me” “Y you don’t know shit, don’tyou?”

“Emma please listen.” He now framed my face with his two hands and continued talking. “We can talk if you want, but please lest go inside.” “I’m going because I want, not because you’re telling me to.”


I walked past him, I didn’t know how sassy alcohol can make me. We walked into the elevator and it was just us.

“He deserves my sass for making me marry him, for kissing me, for being so effortlessly hot.”

“Did you just said I’m hot?”

Holly cowl I did say this out loud, I will never in my life touch alcohol again. I covered my mouth with both hands. Adam showing me his signature smirk just made things worse, like the the guy needed to feed his ego, I’m so stupid.

The elevator door opened and I thanked heavens, immediately walked out, Adam following me. I walked into my room, Adam

still behind me, he closed to door behind him.”Answer my question did I hear right?”

“You’re an asshole.”


“A hot asshole then.”

“Yes Yes, you being hot make thisfake

marriage hard, and I hate you for that. When you kiss me I feel like I can loose myself and that’s not good.” For the love of God what am I saying? I will regret this tomorrow.

“Why so say is not good?” “Because I’m disposable to you.” “I will never see you in such way.” “Adam.”


“Kiss me.”

“I can’t kiss you now Emma.”

“Why? you said you won’t kiss me unless I ask for it and I am right now.”

“There’s nothing I’ll rather do now than kiss you, but I won’t in your state, I won’t take advantage of you when drunk, if I do you will hate me more tomorrow”

“Coward.” I yelled. I’m not recognizing myself now. But Adam’s looks as calmed as ever, not bothered at all.

“Call me whatever you want, you’re going to bed now.”

“With you?”

“With me? You were the one who wanted me out of this room in the first place.”

“That was sober Emma, but drunk Emma is different.”

He laughed.

“Well I have to admit I like drunk Emma better than sober Emma, however sober Emma might kill me tomorrow if I do as drunk Emma says and I won’t take that chance. Here let me help you.”

And with that he walked closer to me, my drunk eyes fixed on him while he undid my


hair, he was so focused that didn’t notice me. My hair fell over my shoulders.

“There, you look gorgeous with your hair loose.”

I don’t know what got me but in a split second I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him. Adam was in shock but soon gave in, we kissed passionately and I didn’t care that he won’t love me, I was too drunk to overthink so I just followed my instinct.

The kiss was passionate and demanding, it was full of thirst, we were both thirsty and desperate. Adam walked us against the wall never breaking the kiss, our breathing was agitated. I felt how one of his hands caressed my cheek while the other sledded down my leg, then up my tight and continued until reaching my but, he held my but tightly and a moan escaped my mouth, I wrapped that leg around him.

He then turned me facing the wall, moved my hair to the side while kissing the other side of my neck. Adam then proceeded to undo my zipper and my silk dress fell right at my feet. He turned me again to face him, his hands framed my face and he looked me in the eyes, his eyes replaced lust for something else that I couldn’t perceive.

“I can’t do this, you’re drunk and I’m not taking advantage, you deserve more than that my sweet Emma.”

“But youdon’t want ” a small kiss on mylips


“This is very hard from me to do but if we ever make love I want you to be in your full senses, now is best that you sleep.”

He grabbed my hand walked me to the bed,


opened up the cover for me to slide right in and walked away not before tugging me inand leaving a kiss on myforehead.





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