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I’m now at the hospital siting at the waiting room, my tie is loose, and my hair a mess, I look down while both my hands hug my head form the back. I can’t believe what just happened, I wanted to hurt her but not like this, I’ll never forgive myself if something bad happens to Emma.

Is been two hours since they rushed her inside and every minute gets me more desperate than the other. Finally the door opens and the doctor comes out, I get up form the uncomfortable chair and run towards him.

“How is she? Please tell me everything is fine.” “Well, I’m not going to lie to you Mr McRoberts, your wife condition is critical, she could’ve died.”

“What?!! I don’t understand, what happened to her? She was perfect minutes before passing out.”

“Mmm I think we should go in myoffice.

This is not the right place to address this matter.”


“You’re scaring me now doctor, what’s going on?”

“Please follow me, will talk in my office.” Without further words I followed the doctor. God please let Emma, my Emma be fine, she has to recover from whatever this is. We walk into the small office, the doctor takes his seat at his desk and points to the chair in front for me to sit and I follow.

“Well first of all, you should know that you have a very strong wife, I’m surprised she survived. ”

“That’s a relief but at the same time worries me, how can someone be perfectly fine and two minutes later she’s about to die.”

“You really don’t know what happened to her?” “What?”

“Mr McRoberts your wife was physically abused, someone assaulted her causing an internal hemorrhage, thankfully you brought her to the hospital on time and we where able to save her life, five more minutes and-” I interrupted.

“What do you mean by assaulted?” My blood stated to boil, who did this to Emma, how was I so stupid to not notice.

“Yes, her stomach is full of bruises unfortunately the injury was also internal, like I said her life was in real danger.”

“But, who did this to her?”

“I don’t know, that was actually my question to you.” His gaze turned accusatory.

“I’m as clueless as you are, I’ll never put a hand on my wife, if that’s what you are trying to say, who do you think I am?”

“I’m sorry, Sir. Please understand that in cases like this is very common to see husbands


abuse their wives, I think the best we can do now is wait until she wakes up and ask her who did this and why.”

“Yes, I’m not letting this go unnoticed, whoever did this is going to pay for it.”

“Mr. McRoberts I should ask you to please don’t pressure your wife once she wakes up, I understand you need answers but right nowthe priority is her full and satisfactory recovery.” “I understand, is just that I feel like I failed to protect her.”

“I totally understand Sir.” “When will she wake up?”

“I don’t have that answer, I will all depend on her, we had to put two units of blood since she lost so much, right now her body is tired and readjusting, she’ll open her eyes when she’s ready.”

“OK, and when will I be able to see her?” “She’s in a room now please follow me and I’ll take you there.”


I walk into the hospital room where Emma is. She looks so fragile that even the wind blowing could break her. Her skin is pale but she looks beautiful. I see a small cut on the left side of her lower lip, she did a very good job hiding that earlier today.

“I’ll leave you alone, please call me when she wakes up.”

“Thank you so much for saving her life, I’ll forever be grateful to you for that.”

“I just did my job Sir, please take care of her.” And with that he left closing the door of the room.

I touched her hand and noticed how cold it was so I held it in mine to transfer some warm


to her body. My other hand moved on its own to her face, I ran two fingers to her forehead, the side of her face, her cheek and now my index finger touched her lips.

Even unconscious her lips have a magnet effect on me because I couldn’t resist the need to kiss her so I landed a small kiss on her

lips, very soft, I wouldn’t disturb her for world right now. She looks like and angel and I fell like I can stare at her all night long.

“I’m sorry my angel, I wish I could love you but I can’t, I’m broken.” And whispering that I kissed her forehead.



I open my eyes and try to adjust my sight to the light in the room, I also tried to move a little but my body feels very sore, there’s also a wight on my right hand, I look to see what it is and notice Adam sleeping, his head is resting on my hand. I try to move my hand way very slow to not wake him up but as soon as I move he lifted his head up and is now looking right into my eyes.

“How are you?”

“What happen? where are we?”

“We are at a hospital, you passed out yesterday and I brought you here.” “Yesterday? I’ve been unconscious all this time? why? what happened to me?”

“Hey calm down, will give you your answers but little by little, for now I will call thedoctor so he can check you up and make sure everything is fine, then we will talk,OK?”

I nod a yes and Adam leaves the hospital room in a rush. I’ve never seen him like this, his hair is a mess as well as his clothes,he


looks so different from the always-put-together Adam I know. It looks like he slept here at the hospital.

The sound of the door opening makes me leave my toughs.

“Emma, he’s Dr. Smitherman, he saved your life.”

“Saved my life? I’m sorry but I don’t know what happened?”

“Mrs. McRoberts you came into the hospital yesterday with internal bleeding, we had to perform an emergency surgery and as a result of the loss of blood we also have to give you two units of blood to keep you alive.”

Reality hit me right there, I now remember what happened, Jason did this to me. I can’t stop the tears from falling, my own brother almost killed me. I felt at ease when the warmth from Adam’s hand met my shaking one and he talked looking into my eyes, his tone of voice as soft as silk.

“Is OK, you’re safe now, I will never let this happen to you ever again but for that we need to know who did this to you.”

“I can’t” I whispered back.

“Mrs. McRoberts we understand how you’re feeling right now but we can’t help you if you don’t say who this person is.”

“Emma I promise I’ll make sure this person never leaves the prison but you need to say a name, just a name, please.”

“Prison? nooo!!! I can’t send my own brother to prison, please Adam don’t do this.”

“Your brother? you have a brother?”

“Mrs. would you like to press charges on your brother?”

“No, please I can’t.”


“We can’t force you to do that, but please think about it, for your own safety.”

“Thank you Dr. Smitherman, but I prefer to leave things like this for now.”

“OK, you’ll get a copy of your records once we discharge you in case you change your mind you have prove of what happened”

The doctor looked around and saw Adam’s upset face and said.

“I’ll leave you two alone now, please call me if you need me.”

He now turned to me and said.

“I hope you recover soon mam and please be careful.”

“Thank you, for saving my life Dr. Smitherman.” And with that he walked out of the room. “Emma, where is your brother?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Because if you don’t press charges on him I’ll make him pay with my own hands.”

“Please don’t, please Adam.”

“Just tell me where he is god dammit!!!!!!! “He yelled making the entire room vibrate. I felt how my chest got tight and tears started to gather in my eyes, a sob escaped mymouth.

Adam looked at me not knowing what to do. “This is all my fault, I’m sorry.”

“Hey… hey… don’tsaythat ” he ran tome

and grabbed both sides of my face in his hands making our eyes meet.

“I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to, but please don’t blame yourself.”

I hugged him, I don’t know why but I just did. Adam hesitated for a while but then hugged me back, he held me super tight and I felt like he wanted something, and more than want I felt need in his hug, he was releasing


something that was being held back.

He smelled my hair and my neck, his warm breathing and his proximity caused a shiver to run down my spine. What are you doing to me Adam?

A knock at the door made us break the hug. We both look at the now opening door. I was so confused to see who stood at the entrance of my hospital room. Adam was wassurprised as I was, I noticed by his facial expressions, but his tone turned harsh when he spoke. “What the f**k are you doinghere?”





“What the f**k are you doing here?”

“This morning when you called me to say your wife had an accident and that you will not come to work I got worried and decided to give her a visit.” Priscilla replied making emphasis on the word wife with a evil smirk on her face.

I turned to Emma and kind of agree with the astonish look on her face, however I do know what Priscilla is trying to do and there’s no one to blame but me. I have to admit, didn’t see this one coming, I mean I always made it very clear to her that whatever we had will never be anything more than sΒ£x and the fact that she feels entitled to show up here makes me furious.

Wait, but why is this bothering me so much, Emma isn’t my real wife. I’m so confused right now, is like I don’t know myself any more.

Took me out of me trance when Priscilla walked closer and gave me a kiss on my


cheek, near the side of my mouth, what a snake, I won’t tolerate this.

I grabbed her by the arm and walked her back to the door, I want her out, I don’t want Emma to see this.

“What are you doing, let me go!” Priscilla complained but I didn’t care.

“I want you out of my sight, and don’t you ever dare get near my wife again.”

“But you said you don’t care about her.” “That’s none of your concern, now get out!” “Adam–”

I had to cut her off right there.

“Mr. McRobert, I’m your god damn boss.” The boss card worked, with that said she ran away, a deep sigh of relief escaped my lips. “You are an asshole.” Emma’s voice made me spin towards her.


“You heard me, yesterday your seemed very happy in her arms and now you treat her like garbage. What kind of man are you? you do the exact same thing to me.”

“Emma don’t compare y—” she cut me off. “Please go, I need to be alone.”

“Are you serious, I kicked her out for you and now you want me to go too?”

“You really don’t get it don’t you? You think because you are rich and powerful you have the right to use other people, you think us not billionaires don’t have feelings or dignity.” “Is not like that Emma.”

“Oh is not like that, then what is it like then? ” I opened my mouth to reply but no answer came out of my mouth, I lost my words and at that she continued her rant.

“You can’t answer right? why did you married


me in the first place? you clearly don’t need me, you clearly can have any woman you want, then why me? why don’t you let mego?”

“Did you just forget I paid you forthis?”

“No, never, trust me I haven’t and never will.” “Then I don’t owe you any answers or explanation, I do whatever I want, specially if I’m paying for it. You want out of this? fine, like I said you can leave but first I want my money back… simple.”

“You arrogant bastard, you know I don’t have that money.”

“Great, then I think this discussion is going nowhere and I hate to waste my time.” “Then don’t waste mine and leave, leave me

alone Adam, I don’t want to see you rightnow.” “I’m going, but I’ll come back later because I paid for this too so I can come and go whenever I want” at the word this I looked around the room indicating what I meantwith

a smirk plastered in my face.


“I hate you!!!” She yelled.

Emma hates me and I don’t blame her, I’ve been an asshole to her this whole time. Truth is I don’t care about the money I gave her, but that’s the only thing I have to stop her from leaving, if she ever finds the money to pay me back I’ll make something up to stop her from leaving all over again. I rather have her hating me than leaving me.


“Hi Emma, I missed you so much!!” Demi said ruining inside as soon as I opened the door to the hospital room.

“What a nice surprise, you came to visit me!!!! Emma replied exited.


“I hope you don’t mind that I brought her, she really wanted to see you.” I told Emma.

“I don’t mind at all, I finally got a enjoyable visitor.” I knew what she meant but I decided to let it slide.

“Emma, what happened to you? you got a boo- boo?”

“Yes princes, I got a boo-boo in my tummy, but I’ll be fine very soon.”

“Can you do some coloring books with me? If you don’t feel too bad.”

“I’ll love to, hop in the bed with me.” Emma padded on the empty side of the bed for Demi sit in.

I made myself comfortable on the arm chairin one corner of the room, rested my left ankle on my right knee and just enjoyed the view of these beautiful girls coloringprincesses.

When I got myself into this never thought that Emma and Demi will become so close, is like they’ve known each other for years. My heart grows every time I see Emma being this sweet to my daughter, she doesn’t have to do it but she does it out of her heart and I melt in a unexplained mix of emotions because I know my daughter needs this.

As hard as I want to keep Amy’s memory intact I know that Demi is too little, I can’t expect her to close her heart to the possibility of a new mom. I see her happy and realize that’s all I want out of life.

And then I see Emma, effortlessly beautiful and innocent. I can’t stop looking at her every move, bringing light to my daughter’s face without even trying. If only I would’ve meether under differentcircumstances.

For a split of a second she shifted her gaze


from the coloring book to me and our eyes met, I can’t hide the small smile on my lips and I know that I made her uncomfortable because she quickly brought her focus back to the coloring book.



Today after a week I can finally bring Emma back home, I asked the gardener to bring flowers in the house and with the help of Martha and a very excited Demi we arranged them in vases and placed them all over the house and her room. I don’t know why I’m doing this but I’m just very happy to have her back at home.

At the hospital the doctor gave us instructions for the house and how to keep the wound from the surgery healing free of infections. The drive back home was taken in a comfortable silence and once I opened the front door of the house Demi came running and hugged Emma.

“Hey remember to be careful princess, you can hurt Emma.”

“Sorry Emma, is because I’m very happy to see you.”

“I know, and I’m very happy to see you to.” She hugged Demi and then looked at Martha and said waking over to her. “I’m happy to see you too Martha.”

Martha smiled and huger Emma back.

“So many flowers, how pretty.” Emma said smiling softly.

“You like them, daddy said he missed you and brought some flowers to make you happy, see daddy I told you this will work.” Demi’s reply left me in shock, what team are you really in Demi?


Emma looked towards me trying to figure something out, but I kept my pocker face, faking not to be bothered at all when in reality I was literally dying inside.

“OK everyone, to much talk, Emma needs to rest. ”

“I’ll take you upstairs.” I told Emma, she nodded and walked upstairs with me.

My right hand hugged her waist as we walked, I wonder if she feels the same firework sensation in her stomach once we touch or if its just me. I open the door for her and as I push it open we get closer and closer, I see

her cheeks blushing highlighting her freckles making her look prettier.

This woman is going to be the end of me.





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