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“J…Jason…. w…what are you doing here ?” “What do you mean? I live here”.

“Yeah b… but you… ”

“I got released today, aren’t you happy to see your favorite brother?”

“I.. I..”

I couldn’t get a coherent sentence to come out of my mouth, I wasn’t expecting to see him this soon. Immediately I started getting flashbacks of the last time I saw him and of the night of my dad’s accident. Jason was a very aggressive man, he was always under the influence of alcohol and drugs making him even more aggressive. I was so afraid of him, specially after my dad got in the hospital because his abusive behavior got worse, I always thought he’ll end up killing me in one if his beatings.

I hate so say this because he’s my brother, but once he went to prison I felt the biggest relieve, it was so nice not having to cover the bruises in my body to leave the house.

Suddenly I felt how he grabbed me by my shoulders screaming, I felt little droplets hisof saliva landing in my face and his foul breath. “You are not happy to seemehuhh. you

f**king whore?”

I felt the sharp pain in my face as he slapped me making me fall right on the floor.

“Jason please calm down, of course I’m happy to see you, you are my only brother”. I said in a begging tone, hoping to calm his rage attempting to prevent him from beating me to the point of unconsciousness like he used to. My body was shaking and tears ran out of my eyes because of how frighted I was.

Stop crying like an idiot and makeme


something to eat, I’m hungry.”

I was too afraid to tell him I couldn’t make him something to eat because I had to got to

work, that will be enough for him to kill me. I got up from the floor and headed to the kitchen, called the restaurant to say I wasn’t feeling well and I needed to stay home today.I made his food, took it to the table where he was already in and left his sight immediately. Forty five minutes later I realized he has fallen asleep on the couch, it was my opportunity to go. I ran to my room grabbed a bag and stuffed as much clothes as I could fit in it, I decided I was never going to live this hell again. I ran out the door, my legs weren’t as fast as I wanted them tobe.

I ran and ran, probably for about 30 minutes, my breath was very short so I decided to walk into a Starucks, grab a cup of coffee and think what to do now, I didn’t know where to go, I have nobody. The only thing I was certain about was that if Jason finds me he will definitely kill me.

I reached my pocket to get the money to pay for my coffee, something else came out tangled with the cash, it was a card, Adam McRoberts’ business card. I drank my coffee staring at the golden lettered card. This seems to be my only option, not only Jason won’t be able to put his hands on me being married to

a rich and powerful man like Adam McRoberts but I will also be able to pay for my dad’s treatment.

I was now in front of the huge building of McRoberts Industrial Inc. and realized how small and insignificant I was, I had to do this, for me and for my father.



“Are you out of your mind Adam? How didwe go from you being depressed for your wife’s death to you being married to a stranger?” “Not any stranger, I’m getting married to the daughter of the man who caused my wife’s death.”

“Even worst. Are you even listening to yourself? This is crazy, and let me tell you this will not end well”.

I could sense how worried Tristan was for me and this hole situation after I told him what happened last night with Emma, my proposal to her and my real intentions. Tristan have always been a good friend, always by my side in he good and in the bad, that’s why he’s one of the few people that I still appreciate to be around me. I understand his position of trying to walk me away from this, but I can’t do what he advises I’m doing this for my wife Amy, maybe he’s right but I had to do this, I had to take this pain from me in order to continueand have a life somehow normal. I took a sip of mywhiskey.

“I understand your concern, but I need to do this Tristan, for Amy, for Demi and for myself, I don’t sleep at night thinking that the love of my life is not with me anymore and nobody is paying for it.”

“This girl didn’t do anything to Amy.” “Her dad did, she has his blood and to me that’s enough.”

The ringing of my office phone interrupts our conversation, I hit the answer in speaker button.


“Mr. McRoberts, I’m sorry to bother you, but


there’s someone here that wants to see you, her name is Emma Ross, should I let her in ?” I looked at Tristan with a wide smile, herolled his eyes.

“Yes, let her in and give directions on how to get to my office, please.”

“I think is time for me to go, I don’t want to be here when that poor girl enters the lion’s den.” This time I was the one rolling my eyes at him.




Now going in the elevator all the way up to the 50th floor I can’t stop thinking about my recent conversation with the receptionist. Maybe this is a mistake…

Five minutes earlier.

“Hi, good afternoon, I’m here to see Mr. McRoberts please.” I spoke to the lady at he reception, she looked at me head to toe judging my appearance and automatically concluding that Adam McRoberts will never even speak to someone like me.

“Mmm do you have anappointment?”

“No, I don’t but if you could please call him and let him know that Emma Ross is here to see him.”

“I’msorry Ms ”

“Ross, Emma Ross”

“Oh yes, right, Ms. Ross, like I was saying Mr. McRoberts is a very busy man, I can’t interrupt him. Do you know how many times his one night stands show up here and I have to turn them away? I’m sorry to tell you this but don’t bother calling him or showing up at his office, he won’t see or call you ever again, I see this


pattern of behavior every day.”

“What?!! No I’m not one of his one night stands.” I have to admit it bothered me jut a little (well maybe not just a little, maybe a little bit more than that) to realize that he constantly had one night stands with random girls and they follow him like a god. Why I’m I feeling this, I’m not in a relationship with him, even if I marry him, there will never be anything romantic between us. ” Look I spoke to him yesterday and I was supposed to get back to him today with an answer, that’s why I’m here, if you don’t believe me you can call him and ask.”

Present time

“Excuse me, you’re not allowed to be here. Who let you in?”

“I came to see Mr. McRoberts.” “Mr. McRoberts doesn’t have any

appointments now, you need to make an appointment to see him, leave before I call security.”

Why is it so hard to speak to this man? Is he a god or something?

“Can you let him know I’m here? He’s expecting me.”

“You know what? I’m not calling security, I’ll take you out myself.”

She grabbed me by my right shoulder, I felther nails digging into my skin and the sharp pain making me whimper. She pulled me closer to the elevator door, not letting me talk as I was trying to explain. She immediately stopped as a masculine voice came form behind.

“Leave her alone Priscilla.”

“But Mr. McRoberts, she’s a stranger and came without an appointment.”


“I was expecting her, let her go.”

I felt relieved as she released my arm, I looked at it and could still see the marks of her fingernails and the redness left by her tight hold. I looked at Adam and his gaze fixed in me, clenching his yaw. He started walking away, his back to me now I heard him shout. “Follow me.”

I obligated, not before taking a glance at Priscilla who was digging daggers at me with her eyes. Fear ran through my veins as I followed Adam, something about this man terrifies me, and I’m really hoping to be wrong, at this point and after all I’ve been thru I just need peace in my life.

He opened a double door walking me into an office, but not just an office, this was the most beautiful office I’ve ever seen, it was theliving copy of a magazine picture. It had floor to selling windows instead of walls facing the city, in the middle a huge brown wooden desk looked as powerful as Adam. To the left I saw a book shelf full of books and to the right a sitting area with a brown leather couch, a love seat and a coffee table with some magazines on top.

The sound of the door being slammed by Adam behind me made me jump in startle. He stood behind me for a few seconds and even though my back was facing him I felt his eyes on me, making me fell even more intimidated. I felt at ease when he walked beside me and stud right in front of me.

“Have a seat please.” He said indicating to the seating area. I sat feeling very uncomfortable, how much I wish my circumstances where different so I wouldn’t have to be here and do


this, my dad in the hospital in need for money for proper care, my brother threatening to kill me any day brought me here today and right in this moment I realized how unfortunate I was,I had to make and effort to prevent my tears from falling making a foul ofmyself.

“Ok so, let’s go to the point, what’s your answer?”

I swallowed hard. “M…my answer i…is

…..y. yes.”

“Pardon me.”

“My answer is yes, Mr. McRoberts.”

“Smart girl”. I don’t know why I felt his reply a little sarcastic. “Perfect, I will arrange everything and by the end of this week we will be married and you will be moving into my house. ”

“I was actually thinking if is not too much to ask if we can get is done today?”

“Ohh I thought you wanted some timeto

say goodbye to your old life.” Little does he knows there is nothing so good in my life for me to want to say goodbye. “I think is amazing, give me 10 minutes and we will be married.”

Adam took his phone from his desk and after speaking in it for about two minutes some knocked in the door.

“Come in.” He ordered.

A guy in a suit walked in with some files in his hands. Adam presented us and explained to

me that his person was a Notary who was part of his staff and will now marry us right this minute in his office. Everything washappening so fast that I saw it all in a blur, I didn’t speak because couldn’t find my voice, it was gone just like my ability to thinkproperly.





I’m now looking thru the window of the Rolls Royce as the driver takes us to Adam’s mansion. The car ride was very quiet, his eyes never leaving the paper work he was checking. Upon arrival the driver opened mine and Adam’s door, I stood speechless in the driveway, this house was beyond my expectations, never in my wildest dreams I thought I’ll step a foot on a home like this, not mention live in it.

Adam’s mansion

I see Adam walking to the main door to enter the house, he never said anything to me so I just ran to follow behind, in a house this big I’m sure I’ll easily get lost. He never stopped to look if I was coming or not, it was like if I wasn’t there at all.

Once inside I appreciated how elegant and luxurious this house was, the furniture looked expensive as well as the curtains on each window, the classic style in the decor was highlighted with small accents in gold blending perfectly with he majestic Victorian style stair case in the left corner of the living room.

I was surprised Adam didn’t give me a tour of this huge house, I was going to be living here after all, he didn’t even bother to check if I was in the house or still in the car outside, he just continued walking up the stairs. I was so lost that I decided to follow him, maybe he wanted show me my room.

We reached the second floor and I followed Adam down a hallway, then a brown wood double door stood in front him, me still behind


him. He opened the door and walked in, I followed, maybe this will be my room. I looked around and realized this house will never stop amazing me, the room was probably the size of my apartment times two, beautiful brown hardwood floor and again same classic style in the furniture, the bed was

enormous, even the pillows looked big like I’ve never seen before, and at the end a balcony with pastel aqua colored curtains being the perfect combination with the natural color palette of the room.

Finally Adam turned to me, this time I saw hate in his eyes.

“Out” “W…what?”

“I said out, get out of my room.”

“I’m sorry, I thought you would take me to my room.”

“Who do you think I am? Your personal assistant?”

“No, of course not, I just don’t know this house, didn’t kow where to go.”

“Figure it out and the the f**k out of my sight.”

This time he yelled. I immediately turned towards the door and ran out of the room. What made Adam so upset? Did I do something?. My breathing was getting faster and my hands shaking, my back rested against the double door of Adam’s room, I had to put my hand on my chest to calm myself down a little. I wasn’t expecting this reaction, I knew he had no feelings for me and that this marriage was an arrangement but he offered to be friends.


Someone came to me, she was a 50 something year old lady in a maid outfit. “Excuse me Mrs. McRoberts, my name is Martha, I’m the house maid, it is a pleasure to meet you. Please allow me to welcome youto this house, your house, and kindly offer my service toyou.”

“Thanks, very nice meeting you, please don’t call me Mrs. McRoberts, I’m just Emma.” I tired to smile to the kind lady.

“But you’re Mr. McRoberts’ wife–”

I interrupted her. “None sense…you can call me Emma.”

I saw a faint smile on her face, it looks like someone was finally going to like me.

Do you know by any chance where my room is, Martha?”

“Yes Mrs. Mc…I’m sorry… Mrs. Emma I was sent here by Mr. McRoberts he asked me to take you to your room and tomorrow I’ll be giving you a tour of the house.”

“That sounds good, thank you”

I was surprised that Adam decided to send some help, I looked like he wanted me to sleep on the hallway. I followed Martha to another door in the same long hallway as Adam’s bedroom. My new room was so perfect, the queen size bed with whitebedding looked extremely comfortable. The turquoise lamps on the tables on each side of the bed made a good statement to the room, inthe

middle a beautiful turquoise and white rug was the perfect match. Martha showed me two doors one led to a big walking closet and the other to a bathroom it even had a shower and tub I never had this kind of luxury in my life.

I’m really hoping to be happy in this house. I


said my goodbye to Martha and organized the little clothing a brought with me.

After taking the longest most relaxing shower I hopped into my new bed. It was so comfortable that I fell asleep immediately, tomorrow I’ll ask Adam for my payment forthe marriage and pay my dad hospital bill, it was such a relieve to sleep without this burden on me.


Right after I kicked Emma out of my room felt bad, I forced myself to think that it wasn’t for her, it had to be the fact that she’ll be lingering around the house, she will probably end somewhere she’s no supposed to or cross

paths with Demi. Speaking of Demi I need to find a way to explain this to her, but before I’ll call Martha and asks her to take Emma to her room.

Twenty minutes later I walked in Demi’s room, Martha was almost done getting her things ready for tomorrow while she watched cartoons on her bed. As I walked towards Demi with the biggest smile on my face Martha said her good nights to both Demi and I and walked out of the room giving us some privacy, she knew what I was about to do. “Hello my princess, no hugs for daddy tonight?”

“Ummm… Let me think about it…” She said dabbing her mouth with her little index finger looking as cute as a button. “Well Sir. I think you deserve ten hugs today.”

“Only ten?” I replied faking a sad face. She laughed and hugged me with her tiny arms. I kissed her forehead, Demi was the only good thing I had left, she was the only peace of Amy


I had. How not to love her, she was my entire world.

Sometimes I wonder if she remembers how Amy looked and I feel so defeated, her mom was taken away so fast, so soon in her life, I could give her the world, however I justwanted to give her her mom. How ironic, the only thing my money can’t buy, my daughter’s mom and the love of mylife.

“Demi there’s something I need to tell you.” She looked at me with those blue ocean eyes so mature and full of innocence at the same time.

“Yes daddy, you know you can tell me anything, I’m a big girl, I’m 4 already.”

She knows me too well, she knew something worried me and at the age of 4 she feels old enough to reassure me, this girl is definitely something else.

“Ok,so. So today someone moved tothe

house, she will be living with us.” “Are you going to marry her?”

What!! Where does this girl gets this things from? How does she knows what marriage is? I’m so talking to Martha about what she’s been putting in the TV for Demi lately.

“I hope you don’t mid that I already married her.”

“Are you serious?!”

Oh god she’s so mad, I should’ve prepared her ahead of time.

“Yes my love I’m serious, are you mad at me for not telling you before?”

“That is amaziiiinnnggg!!! I’m soooo happy for you daddy, and for me, we finally have have a mom again, this is the best news ever!!!”

No baby nobody will never ever takeyour


mommy place in our hearts.”

“I know daddy, my mommy has a space inour hearts but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a new mommy now that my mommy isn’there anymore.”

“Will see princess, will see..” “Can I meet her now? ”

“No sweet heart, she’s tired and already went to sleep, I promise tomorrow after school, you’ll meet her, ok? Now young lady, is time for you to close those gorgeous eyes and sleep.” I said putting the cover over her tinny body and kissing her forehead.

“Ok daddy.”

I turned off the light and walked out of Demi’s room. This is going to be more complicated than I thought.



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