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Davis’s POV

“Hello Miss”. I said as Daphne came to me.


“Hi Davis, you made the right decision”. She said and I shook my head negatively. “She’s still my mother”. I said.

“But she wanted to sell you off”. Daphne reminded and I nodded.


“I know, it’s possible she said it out of anger, I’m feeling bad, can I see her in the cell?”. I asked.


“No, Nuella didn’t ask me to take you anywhere other than the hospital”. She said. “Please Daphne, please, I want to see my mom”. I pleaded and she sighed.

“Only on the condition that you won’t waste time, I don’t want Nuella to sack meif she finds out I disobeyed her and took you to go and see your mom”. She said and Ihugged.


Nuella’s POV


“Doctor, I heard the news”. I said running to him.


“Yes”. He began. “It’s a miracle, Raymond is now conscious”. He said and I smiled.


“Wow, that’s great news, I’ll take care of him”. I said.


“Don’t remind him about the beating given to him by the prisoner”. He said and I nodded.


I entered his ward and he smiled when he saw me. “Raymond”. I called out and he nodded.

“Nuella, it’s over right, Jeanne is gone right?”. He asked and I nodded. “Yes from our lives”. I replied.


“It was like a nightmare, I think I’m dreaming”. He said and I chuckled. “No, you’re not”. I replied.

“Where’s Davis?”. He asked.


“Davis is on his way here”. I replied and smiled.


My stomach began to ache me and I ran into the hospital’s toilet and vomited. I was vomiting as a result of stress. Perhaps.

Jeanne’s POV


“I’m not used to all these criminal lifestyle”. I said to Rebecca who laughed. “Me too”. She replied.

“I can’t believe I was betrayed by my only son”. I said and she smiled.


“You were also wrong, do you know why I’m here, I killed all my husband’s family, I killed his rude mother first, then his sister and lastly his brother”. She said and laughed.


“I wish to have your kind of mine, I’ve not killed before but I wish to do so”. I said. “Who do you wish to kill?”. She asked and I grinned.

“Nuella”. I replied. “Who’s she?”. She asked.

“I’m suspecting she might marry Raymond and I’ll kill them on their wedding day”. I said.


“How will you kill them, you can’t escape from here”. She said and I laughed.


“I’ll get my things done smoothly and Nuella would be the first person I’ll kill and that Davis, I’m going to make him pay”. I said and laughed as the guard opened the cell.


“Jeanne, someone’s here to see you”. He said and carried me outside the cell. I saw the teary face of Davis and I laughed.


“You’ve come to mock me right?”. I asked and laughed. “You’ve come to mock your own mother, the one who gave birth to you, I don’t think your conscience ever worked, I carried you for nine months”. I said and started crying.


“I’m sorry Mom”. He said.


“Sorry?”. I asked with ridicule. “Dear Davis, you decided to join Nuella and bring me down, you teamed up with someone who’s not your mother”. I said.


“And you wanted to sell me off?”. I asked her. “You wanted to sell me, your only child, you called me a bastard, you thought I was foolish right, no, I played you to your own game and I won, all evidences have proved you guilty, my dad won’t be in the hospital if not for you.” He said and I slapped him


“Don’t talk back at me, I’m still your mother”. I said.


“Mother?”. He asked. “A mother who wants to sell her own son, if evil was a person, it would have taken your form”. He said and ran out.


“Davis, Davis”. I called out and sank to the floor when he didn’t answer me. Nuella! I’ll kill you

Davis’s POV


“Are you okay?”. Daphne asked me. “I am”. I replied.

“It must be hard for you, your mom is in prison”. She said and I nodded.



“She is no longer my mom”. I said with tears gathered in my eyes. “What?”. She asked shocked

“She seized being my mom since the day she wanted to sell me. She is not my mom”. I replied and smiled.


“Are you sure about this? I”


I cut in immediately. “Yes, I’m sure I made the right decision”. I replied and cleaned my tears.


To be continued

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