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“That will be like a dream come true Dr. Collins.” I said with a small smile just to think of the possibility to hear my dads voice once again made me feel over joyed. “I have to go now, please call me if you see any change in him, I’ll do my best to come more often.”

After the hospital I went to the mall to shop

for an outfit for tonight cocktail party , withthe credit card Adam gave me, I’m not very happy using his card or going with him, but after last night I wouldn’t dare to go against him, is better to avoid all kind of confrontations with thatman.

I picked a mid length black dress with sequins all over, it had a small cut on the right, showing a little bit of my tight. I thought it looked elegant but at the same time modern and s£xy because it hugged my curves like if it


was made just for me. I paired it with golden heels and golden accessories.

This is the dress Emmapicked:

With my hair I decided to go for a messy low bun, keeping some strings of hair in the sides of my face. My makeup was a smokey eye, which I haven’t done in a very long time but still managed to do a great job.

I took a long breath and left my room, silently praying to catch Adam in a good mood tonight.


I was impatiently waiting at the end of the staircase, the nerve of the woman for keeping me waiting. I looked at my watch for the 5th time when a sound coming from upstairs made me look up, and there she was, I’ll never admit that she looked gorgeous, it was the perfect combination of s£xiness and sophistication.

The back on of her dress accentuated her beautiful red hair.

I gulped when she started going down the stairs, she looked nervous, and I could still see fear in her eyes. I was certain that my glare was making her uncomfortable but some strange and powerful force in me wouldn’t let me take my eyes off her. She was now rightin front of me, working so hard to hide that she was afraid like an unprotected little animal. “Shall we.” Was all I managed tosay,

indicating towards the door,we walked out and I hated myself for not being able to keep my hands off her back. I touched her and electricity ran all over my body.


When I started my way downstairs and saw Adam at the end of it and my heart skipped a


beat, he looked so handsome and so dangerous at the same time. His three piece black suit made him look gorgeous like never before and his hair perfect as always brushed all the way to the back.

I can’t forget how afraid he makes me feel some times, cant believe I still like him… What what did I just say? No it can’t be. Then I felt how he touched my back and my entire body reacted to it, never mind, I do like him. Emma

you have completely gone insane. My inner self spoke, if only I could slap my own face right now.

The driver opened the doors for us and then took his seat to drive us to the event. The car ride was awkward and quiet. Adam will look at me from time to time and then out his window.

Just until he spoke to me, it got more awkward if that’s even possible.

“Put this on before we get off the car, and make sure to always wear it in public”

He handed me a small velvet box with a ring inside. I looked at it and then at him, for a second questioned to myself why he was giving me a ring, of course ‘I was his wife’, a wife is expected to wear a ring. I put on the big diamond and then continued looking out my window rolling my eyes and telling myself ‘howromantic’.

We arrived at the reception and it was very beautiful, you can see the entire city since it was at a roof top. Lights hanged over our heads and a life band played, it looked chic and relaxed. Servers walked around with trays holding different kids of cocktails and small appetizers.

“Emma, meet my friend Tristan.”


“Very nice to finally meet you Emma, please let me know if you ever need me to pull this guy’s ears for you.”

“Nice meeting you, Tristan.” I gave him afaint smile, that was more like a fake smile. If only he would know who his friend truly is, or maybe he knows that’s why he’s telling me this.

You’re so annoying Tristan.” Adam said rolling hiseyes.

He then left me alone in a corner, I could see him exchanging small talk with people around the party finding myself bothered by how women looked at him, making any excuse to somehow touch him. I rolled my eyes every time, but my heart broke when I saw him dancing with one of those man-eaters. I wanted to go home so bad.

“What is a beautiful women like you doing here alone? ” I voice took me out of my thoughts. “I’m not alone, I’m here with my husband.” I tried to make him go away with the word ‘husband’ but it was no help.

“Oh… You have a very dum husband, who in his right mind would walk away from you for even a second, come with me, we can have some fun together.”

He grabbed me by my waist, I used all my strength to push him away. I was disgusted by the smell of alcohol that came out of his mouth, no doubt he was wasted. I pushed and pushed making no effect in him.

“Leave me alone, you pig.”

“Don’t play hard to get and kiss me, I know you want.” He was now forcing his mouth closer to mine.

I don’t know how but next thing I know he was


on the floor, touching his nose while blood ran out of it. My eyes grew wide in shock after seeing who had just punched him.






I don’t know what got me, but when I saw that dunk’s hands on Emma I totally lost it and punched him as hard as I could. He’s now on the floor trying to hold blood from coming out of his nose, I look at Emma and her breathing is agitated tears starting to form in her eyes. “Don’t you ever put your filthy hands on my wife again and get out of here, you are fired!!” “Mr. McRoberts !! I … I didn’t know she was your wife, I I’ms..sorry.”

“I said out !!!!” I yelled trying to control the urge to beat him to death. People started to gather around us just to see the scene, I see Tristan coming to me.

“Adam what happen?” I didn’t answer, my mind was now focused in one thing, Emma.

“Are you OK? ” I asked her, she nodded yes with her head, looking so vulnerable and fragile, I don’t know where this need to protect her is coming from, but I just followed my instinct.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and took her out, my driver waited for us at the door. Inside the car I didn’t know what to do, my heart wanted to comfort her but my mind was forcing me to hold back. Emma surprised me by breaking the silence speaking in a whisper, fear still emerging from her eyes.


“You shouldn’t have fire him.” “Like hell I can, he’s my employee.” “I’m not worth somebody’sjob.”

I didn’t like to see her like this, feeling worthless, but why? This is the reason I brought her closer to me, to see her like this. I spent all this time thinking that this will bring me relief but it was making the opposite effect and I hated myself for it.

Now at home she walked towards the stairs wanting to go to her room, her shoulders down just like her head and something in me didn’t want to let her go, I grabbed her arm making her change direction, now facing me. I regretted it the second our eyes meet because

I had no idea what to say.

I hope you can sleep well.” Was all I managed to say. My face changed inwhimper as result of the pain I felt coming from my knuckles, we both looked at it and realized blood was coming out. She ranupstairs.

I lay down in the sofa, trying to clear off my mind, Emma was having this effect in methat I liked and hated all at the same time. I started to doze off when a soft touch inmy

hurting hand woke me up, I moved my head to the side to see Emma siting on the floor with

a first aid kit at hand.

“Would you mind?” she asked and all I did is continue to look into her green eyes, she interpreted that as a ‘yes’ and stated to clean up my wound. My gaze was on her the entire time, I don’t know if she realized that or not and at point I didn’t care.

When she finished and made an attempt to get up I stopped her by holding her hand, our eyes met and I saw how the fear transformed into


something else that I knew very well because I was feeling the same. I moved closer to her and was able hear her heart pounding and her breathing getting more and more agitated.

Neither of us moved for a few seconds, our mouths only inches apart. That’s it I’m kissing her, I’ll deal with the regret tomorrow.

Just when I was about to kiss her, the loud sound thunder echoed all over the house making us both startle in response. We were out of the trance produced by the proximity we shred before.

She was now taking her leave but turned half way and said.

“Thank you.” “What for?”

“For protecting me tonight, no one has ever protected me the way you did, thank you.” EMMA’S POV

My breathing was out of control I’m not sure if it was a result of my running or for what was about to happen minutes ago in the living room. I’m walking in the long hallway and rain started to pour outside, I heard a low sob, following the sound of it I see Demi outside her bedroom door shaking and crying so I ran to her.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I’m just afraid of storms and thunders.”

“It’s ok, there’s nothing to be afraid about, I’ll take you to your room and wait until you fall asleep.” I grabbed her tiny hand and we walked together to her room. I helped her into bed and tugged her in and started playing with her hair and talking.

“You know storms are not scary at all, is just water falling from the sky and thunders are


noisy clouds who want to scare pretty little girls.”


I was on my way to my bedroom when I heard voices coming from Demi’s room, who would she be talking to this late? The door was ajar so it was easy to take a peak and I saw

Emma talking to my little girl about her fear for storms in the sweetest way, like a mother should talk to her children. What are you doing Emma?, this was not supposed to happen.


The next morning I went to Demi’s room to wake her up for school. I opened the door and saw Emma sleeping next to her, still wearing the dress from last night, I figured sleeping in that dress must be very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t wake them up so I just closed the door and walked back to my room.

After taking a shower and dressing up for work I left my room and saw Emma walking to hers, I could tell she didn’t sleep comfortably.

“Why did you sleep en Demi’s room?”

“I’m sorry, I found her crying in the hallway last night, the storm scared her, couldn’t leave her like that so I walked her back in the room, she wanted me to stay. I’m sorry it won’t happen again.”

My eyes pinned hers, and in the craziest impulse I grabbed her by her waist with both hands, my mouth landed in hers. She was hesitant and surprised at first but then her muscles got softer and she gave in. I hugged her body, my hands now moved to both sides of her face. Her hands in my neck. My entire boy reacted to the kiss sending electricity all over. Her soft lips tasted so good I can get


addicted to them.




“So what’s up with you and Emma?” Tristan asked with a smirk on his face that annoyed me to death.

“I don’t understand your stupid question?”

“Are your sure about that?” He said recliningin the seat across my office desk, in front of where I wasseating.

“Tristan if you came to my office so early to talk about this you clearly have nothing else to do, unfortunately I do, so leave me alone I have to work.” Tristan’s laughter now filledthe office.

“I’ve never seen you this defensive about any topic, I’m amazed.”

“What do you want Tristan? I don’t have all day”

“I want you to acknowledge that you have feelings for her and that your crazy plan to take revenge failed.”

Don’t be stupid Tristan, just because I stopped some psycho from raping her doesn’t mean that we are now the perfect couple, one thing is me wanting to make her lifemiserable and other is me letting her get raped before my eyes. What I did last night I’ll do it for anyone, even a stranger, there’s nothing romantic init.”

“No buddy, I know you very well, you can’t foul me. The way you looked at her says

everything, the way you attached that man says even more, I’m sorry to burst your bubble man but your revenge failed.” He said getting up from his seat.


“Stay around and watch.”

“Will see Adam, will see.” He said before taking his leave and closing the door behind him.

He was right, I was getting softer, this can’t happen, not now, I need to be stronger. I was developing a soft spot for Emma that will take me to place that I don’t plan to be at. I hate that there’s something special abut her, something like a magnet that pulls me to her. EMMA’S POV

I can get over what happened this morning with Adam, he insults me and then he kisses me, I can’t read him, this is driving me crazy. That was my fist kiss, and it was beyond what I’ve always imagined. His lips were soft and rich, I found myself missing his warm touch as soon as he stooped kissing me and stormed out without saying a word, leaving me stunned and nervous with heavy breathing.

How can this man be so cold and warm at the same time? how can I be this afraid of him and crave his kisses so much? this situation is very confusing and I just hope not to get hurt at the end of it.

I spent the day thinking abut Adam, the kiss and his constant mood swings. I need to get myself busy to stop these thoughts otherwise I’ll go insane, so I decided to make dinner tonight, I’ve always enjoyed cooking, hopefully Martha will let me use herkitchen.

I walked in and asked her.

“Hi Martha, can I ask a favor from you?” “Certainly milady, how can I help?”

“If is not too much to ask… Can I cook tonight’s dinner?”

“You don’t need to ask that Mrs. Emma, this is


your home you can do as you please, I’m here to follow your orders. If you allow me I’ll more than happy to help you, may I ask what are you planing to make?”

My face lit up with excitement, I was getting tired of doing nothing.

“How about a Beef Stew?” “I’ll follow your lead milady.”

With Martha’s help I managed to make a delicious stew when Demi arrived from school I served some to her and she loved it. Once done she gave me a hug and a kiss and went upstairs to take a bath.

It was about 8 pm and Adam wasn’t back from work.

“Mrs.Emma would you like to eat now? Is getting late, you must be hungry.”

“Thank you but I’m fine Martha, I’ll wait for Adam.”

After another half hour Adam finally arrived, Demi was already in bed, he probably had a very busy day at work because he always tries to make it home before Demi’s bed time.

“Hi, I bet you had a rough day at work, you never come home this late.” His face remained intact as if no one just spoke to him.

“Mmm…I I hope you’re hungry, Imade

dinner.” This time he looked at me with a hint of surprise in his eyes, but managed to keep his signature poker face.

Martha made up the table and placed two plates for the both of us. We took seats I was so confident that Adam will like my stew thatI just looked at him for a chance to see his reaction. But like always everything went to hell.

I startled in my seat when he slammed his


plate across the table making it land in the floor, stew now rolled everywhere. My eyes wide in surprise.

“This food is awful, I hate it as much as I hate you.”

I got up from my chair tears forming at the edge of my eyes, but I wouldn’t cry I won’t give him the pleasure to see me crying, but I did asked.

“Why? What have I ever done to you tomake you hate me so much? Please tell me I need toknow.”

“You disgust me as much as this food does.” He yelled and stormed out. I felt relived, I can finally cry, my breathing got agitated as my tears rolled out. This is my fault, all my fault, why did I think making dinner will be a good idea?.

I kneeled to pick up the mess left by the monster I have as husband. Martha ran to me trying to calm me down but I couldn’t my heavy breathing and my pounding heart could be heard.

“Mrs. Emma please clam down, I’ll clean this up.”

“Why is he like that Martha, what have I done to him.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with him, ever since his wife died in a horrible car accident two years ago he became bitter and sad, but I promise, he’s a good man, he has

the biggest heat, please be patient.”

“I can’t Martha, I can’t live my life like this.” After helping Martha clean up I left to my room. Laying in bed thinking abouteverything that’s going on. I can’t continue with this I don’t want to live my life being insulted allthe


time. As much as I’ve got to love Demi and appreciate Martha I can stay in this house. I’ll tell him I’m leaving.

Trembling like never before I approached his study, I don’t know how Adam will take this decision, but I need to do it I don’t even have a place to go, jet staying here is not an option at this point.

I knocked on the door softly. I heard Adam’s voice shouting from the inside.

“What now?!!”

I decided to open and walk inside afraid of what will happen to me. He never looked up from the document he was reading, but I knew he felt my presence because after a few seconds he slowly lifted only his eyes, eyes that penetrated me like daggers.

“I I wanted to tell you that I’m leaving.”I

said making the biggest effort to sound strong, inside I was a mess of emotions.

He fully lifted his face from the document, know giving me his full attention.Immediately a shiver ran down my spine as I saw him leaving the paper aside, getting up from his chair and walking towards me, his intense glare gave me goosebumps. Adam walked and only stopped when a few inchesstood

between us. A low voice in my head begged me to satay and be strong.

“So you wantto leave. You canleave

whenever you want, you’re not my prisoner.” ” Good, so I’m leaving tonight.” I said and turned my back to walk to my room, packand leave, but Adam’s voice made mestop.

Do you have 250 thousand dollars to pay me back tonight before you go?”

I looked at him, how can this man be so


heartless, he knows very well I don’t have that money, he probably saw that the check was cashed, that’s why he said I can go because

he knew I won’t be able to. It was his way to stop me from leaving without telling me directly.

“You know I don’t have that money anymore.” My nerves were at the verge of total collapse me walked, now extremity close I could smell his delightful breath. He grabbed me by my waist, our bodies touching and his mouth invaded mine, and for a second time today I couldn’t resist his touch, something in him made my ability to reason disappear.

This kiss was desperate and demanding, he grabbed my but with both hands lifting me up, I gave in to whatever he was trying to do and wrapped my legs around his waist, the kiss never broke. He walked us to his desk and sat me on it. His two hands touched both sides of my face. I felt his tongue exploring my mouth and I let him, enjoying every second I got to feel his soft lips. After a while he whispered in my mouth, never breaking the kiss.

“Then you can’t leave me.”





Why is Adam doing this to me? does he know how much this situation confuses me?

I can’t deny the fact that I like him, I mean I can’t deny that at this point. Is very obvious for both of us that once he touches me I loose myself, I can’t think, I can’t move, I can’t put my common sense to work I just follow him, his touch and his intoxicating aroma. The fact


that I don’t know if he feels the same bothers me so much. What if he knows the effect he’s having on me and is just using it to mess me even more.

I finally get up from my bed, is almost 9 am and I’ve never been in bed this late.

I took the longest shower and got dressed on pair of skinny jeans, a white blouse, a cardigan, and over sized scarf and some low boots.

I came into the kitchen and found my cup of warm coffee waiting for me on the kitchen counter.

Gotta love Martha.

I sat on the patio enjoying the beautiful morning sipping in my coffee. After all, this life is way more calmed than the life I had before. My cellphone ringing took me out of my thoughts, it was an unknown number. “Hello”

“H…hi Emma, is that you?”

“Yes, this is she, who’s this?”

“Emma, is me Jason” Fear invaded my body, my hands started to shake.

“J…. Jason. ”

“Listen I’m sorry, I know I’ve been horribleto

you, please don’t hate me” “Why are you calling me?”

“First I wanted to apologize and second, to ask for your help.”

“What do you need?”

“I need money, the landlord gave me until tomorrow to pay the rent, if I don’t pay I’ll be living the streets, I’m your brother, your only brother Emma, you can’t abandon me like this.” “I don’t have money, I’m sorry.”

“Please Emma, please I don’t have a place to


stay, help me only this time. I’m working on getting a job, as soon as I do I’ll be back up on my feet and wont ask you for anything else.”

“Jason, the last time I saw y… you.. you slapped me on the face for no reason, I don’t think is a good idea for me to go back home.” “I know and I’m sorry, I promise you I’ve changed, please give me a chance I need you sister.”

“Fine, but promise me you won’t put your hands on me this time.”

“I give you my word sister.” “OK, I’ll be there in one hour.”

I hang up with a feeling that this was a terrible idea, but what can I do? Jason is my brother, no matter what he does he’s my blood. What would dad say if he knows that Jason needed me and I refused to help.

Deep down I know Jason’s behavior is a result of mom leaving us, he was so little. He probably can’t remember her face, I do because I was older. I think about her every day and I know he does too.

After my coffee was finished I walked intothe kitchen, rinsed my cup and informed Martha that I was leaving and will be back in about one hour. I saw file with papers inside on the dining table and asked Martha abut them. “Mr. McRoberts wanted to take them to work this morning for a meeting and ended up forgetting and leaving them bymistake.”

“Oh no… You know what, I’ll take them to him since I’m going out anyways.”

“OK, Mrs. Emma, I’ll inform the driver to be ready to take you.”

“No need, I can go by myself, I’m used to it.”


“Are you sure?”

“One hundred percent, I’ve always taken careof myself, and not because I’m now married to Mr. McRoberts will be anydifferent.”

I took the buss and arrived at the apartment a while after, I kept a copy of the keys with me so I used it to open the door. Walking inside I realized that this place hasn’t been cleaned in a while, probably since I left. I walked a little further inside and placed Adam’s file on the kitchen counter, making a mental note to not forget to grab it when leaving.

I picked up some shirts from the floor and didn’t bother to fold them because by the smellA I could tell they were dirty, so I put them on the couch. A noise behind me made me turn and in that second I knew cominghere was a vey bad idea that I will soon regret. I saw Jason looking like a mess, he was drunk for sure, I wanted to get this over with to leave as soon aspossible.

Handed the cash to Jason. He grabbed it, put

it inside his apocket and turned to me with that evil smirk that frightened me so much.

Where have you been?”

“Jason you asked for help and I helped you, please don’t ask me any questions. I need to go now, please be safe and I really hope to

see you doing better.” I walked to the door and just when my hand touched the door handle a force pulled me by my hair form behind, making me scream in pain and surprise.

I fell on the floor and like may times Jason stated beating me. This time was not like the others, this time he was more violent if that even possible. I was very aware since the moment I left this apartment that if Jason finds


me he will kill me. Then why did I come back to this hell? I should’ve known better, this was all a trap Jason set for me and I fell for it like an idiot.

“You’re such a dum bitch, you really believed me, you deserve this for being stupid and for running away from me.”

He is kicking me while I’m still on the floor, I can feel the unpleasant taste of blood in my mouth. The pain running through my body gets worse by each second. I’m crying and begging my brother to stop but he just laughs, he’s enjoying this.

My body started to feel numb now the pain is fading, I’m starting to see everything in a blur, my eyes want to shut down, i know I can’t keep them open for too long.

My eyes finally gave up, I see only black around me.

I need to rest, I need light, I need peace. I can’t continue with this, I’m mentally and physically tired. God please take me.





I open my eyes and realized I’m in my old apartment, what I’m I doing here and why am I feeling this pain all over my body?

Then I remembered what happened, I probably passed out as a result of Jason’s beating.

After looking around I realized he was gone and I thanked heavens for that, now I should go before he returns. Whimpering in pain I got up from the floor, grabbed Adam’s paper work and left the apartment.

Every step I took made my body vibrate in


pain. I decided to take a cab to Adam’s office otherwise it’ll take me three hours to arrive, the pain was too much, like never before.

I wanted to walk straight to the elevator door, I now know the way to Adam’s office, but the girl at the front desk stopped me.

“Excuse me ma’am, where are you going?” “I’m going to Mr. McRoberts office.” Did Ijust say a joke or something? Because this girl is laughing in my face, I don’t get what’s so funny.

“Do you have an appointment? I guess you don’t.”

“I guess I don’t need an appointment to see

my husband, don’t you think?” Her face turned pale and the smile that annoyed me so much was now gone. “Do you still need to make an appointment for me Ms?”

“N…. No …Mrs McRoberts, please come in and welcome.”

“Than you.”

I walked into the elevator making the biggest effort to hide the pain I’m feeling. Theelevator door finally opened in Adam’s floor and I stepped out hoping to not find his PA, I still remember how she tried to kick me out the last time I was here. I don’t need that drama, specially today. A sight of relief escaped my mouth as I passed by her emptydesk.

I took a deep breath at Adam’s office door that made me whimper in reaction to the sharp pain. I finally composed myself and knocked at the door, no answer from the inside so I did it again and nothing. Adam is probably at a meeting or maybe having lunch, even betterfor me, I’ll just place the file on his deskand

leave without been seen by him.


I opened the door and my heart fell to the ground breaking in shreds. I saw Adam kissing his assistant who was shirtless on her bra.

Simultaneously they looked towards the door, Adam’s face reflected how surprised he was, while his assistant showed me a smirk, now I can say I hate that woman.

I didn’t know that to do, the pain my body was feeling suddenly disappeared, the pain in my heat took over. What can I do? I definitely can’t stay here, I shouldn’t have come. I’m such an idiot for thinking that Adam’s kisses meant something to him, he’s clearly playing with me, I’m one of his many toys. I hate myself for falling right on his evil trap. I keep doing the same thing over and over again, first I trusted my brother and as we know that didn’t went well, and now I trusted my heart to Adam and this happen I deserve it for being naive enough to think that everybody’s intentions are good.

Not knowing what to do or say I gave into my instinct and just ran away as fast as my sore body could.


What the hell is Emma doing here? She wasn’t supposed to see this. Not a single word came out of her mouth but her troubled green eyes told me everything.Ifeel……guilty. Really

Adam?GUILTY Why the f**k is that? She’s

not your real wife you don’t love her, actually you hate her. This marriage is fake that’s why you can sleep around with whoever you want. She’s not Amy, I can’t feel guilty I haven’t done anything wrong.

When I saw her running away some force in me pulled me to run after her, Priscilla called my name but I didn’t care, all I wanted was to


reach Emma and make sure she was fine, I wanted to tell her that what she just saw has no meaning to me. Priscilla has no place in my life, I don’t even know why I got involved

with my PA in the first place. All I know is that after Amy’s death I became a mess and now

for the first time in two years I’m regretting it. “Emma stop!” She ran faster now knowing I was after her, but I was able to reach her in no time, I grabbed her arm and turned her to face me.

“Isaid stop. ”

“Please let me go I shouldn’t have come here.” “Have to agree with you on that one, you shouldn’t have come to my office.”

“Now please let me go home” I don’t know why I did the opposite and tighten my hold on her arm making her whimper.

“Adam please, you’re hurting me.” What’s wrong with me? I quickly released my hold from her arm.

“What are you doing here Emma?” “I I found this file at home,Martha

mentioned you meant to bring them to work but left them forgotten at home and I decided to come and give them to you in case they were important. I’m sorry I’ll never come here ever again.”

“You can come whenever you want, I promise what you just saw means nothing to me.” “Please don’t explain yourself to me I’m nobody, I’m stupid, and dum, and ugly and-” “Emma stop, you’re not one of those things, if someone is stupid here that’s me.” I had to stop her, it killed me to see her this broken.I

know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I’ll deal with that later, now all I wanted was to comfort her


so I grabbed her hand . “We are going home now.”

In the car all she did was look out the window, sometimes she’ll look down and then back to the window. I keep wondering what the hell got me? I’m definitely going crazy, this woman is making me do things and contradicting myself. She has some strong power over me, this can’t be I can’t be weak if I want to continue with

my revenge. I’m so mad at myself for been weak and let this witch play with me, she’s

just manipulating me and I’m falling like a little rabbit on a trap. I closed my fists to control

my anger.

“Stop the car.” I order my driver. “I’m sorry Sir. what did you just say?

“I said stop the car.” My tone was harsh, Emma turned to look at me with the same astonish look as my driver gave thru the mirror.

“But Sir we are in the middle of the street, do you want me to go back then?”

“For heaven’s f**k, do you know how to follow a simple order, I said stop the car.” Without a word he obligated. Now I spoke to Emma. “Getout!”

“W What?”

“Oh you too, zero follow direction skills.”

“I know what you mean Adam, but we are not home yet, why do you want us to get out of the car here?”

The nerve of this woman to talk to me like that. That’s what I get for showing her my soft spot.

“No darling WE are not getting out of this car, YOU are.”

“And how should I get home then?”


“You figure that out, not me, I have my car” “But-”

“I said OUT !!!” I shouted making her startle. But it worked because she immediately opened the door and stepped out of the car looking confused and full of questions. I looked at my driver, who was even more confused and scared than Emma herself.

“Now drive home and don’t you dare question me.”

I entered the house greeted Demi and asked Martha to take her upstairs, I don’t want my daughter to see me this mad. I walked back and forth in my living room, I wonder whatshe did, where she isnow.

What is taking her so long ? I made sure to leave her not that far away from the house, my heart is beating so fast in my chest right now. There’s no way I’m letting this woman mess with me, enough is enough.


Adam is officially the weirdest person I know. Maybe he’s bipolar, only that explain his sudden changes of mood. What kind of asshole leaves his wife in the middle of nowhere while he goes home in his car?

Today is the worst day ever, after the day of my dad’s accident. I have to hate this man for bringing me into his life and playing with my feelings like this. I want to cry, cry for he pain I’m feeling physically and for the pain my heart is feeling right now. I’m falling for a monster, how can I have feelings for a person like Adam?

Oh Adam I hate that I love everything about you.

I’ve been walking for maybe ten minutes now, I


can see the mansion at the end of the street, but the pain is unbearable and my steps are

slower and slower. Seeing everything in a blur I reach the gate of the mansion, the guard looks surprised to see me like this and walking but

he just opens the big gate and I walk in. Everything around me is blurry and moving in slow motion, I know I’m seconds away from fainting I’ve never endure such pain. God please allow me to reach my bed.

I knock the door and immediately Adamopens it. He grabs my hand and pulls me up the stairs I want to tell him to stop, that I can’t walk that fast, that I’m in pain but my strength is gone and I can’t manage to get asingle

word out. I’m surprised to see him walking me into the mysterious room he had forbidden before. He stands in front of the beautiful big painting of the woman with the red dress. “You see her.” I nod, that’s all I’m able to do. “She’s my wife Amy, she is the love of my life, she was perfect, elegant, sophisticated, educated, great wife and even greater mother. Amy is dead and with her I buried myheart.

You will never be like her, you will never have my heart, you will never be my wife, you might be in paper, but in my heart is her and will always be her, understood?”

I used my last breath to nod a yes. ADAM’S POV

“. Understood.” I turned to look at herand

regret hit me like a punch on the face. Emma’s face was pale, she was looking at me but her sight was lost, and then I saw blood coming out of the left side of her mouth, her eyes closed and she fainted, thankfully I was able to hold her avoiding her to hit the floor.





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