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“Emma!” He sounded and looked surprised. “What did I do wrong now?”

“Nothing, you’re perfect”

I walked inside the room he moved over to the side to let me go through and closed the door after me. I walked over to him again, Adam looked curious, he had no clue what I was doing and to be honest neither did I, his eyes followed my every move. Intentionally I came very close to him, our lips inches apart, I felt how his body tensed at my proximity, I looked him in the eyes and he did the same but then lowered his gaze to my lips and back to my eyes again, I grabbed his glass of whiskey and placed it in the nearby coffee table in very slow moves, my gaze still in his.

“Emma…” He warned me.


“Did I do something wrong.”

“Yes, everything you’re doing is wrong.” “But you just said I was prefect.”

He breathed a chuckle and said.

“Now using my own words against me, how impressive.” A smirk formed in his face.

“I learned from the best.” He chuckled again.

“I gave you a chance to be free, jet you’re here, don’t make me change my mind Emma, you’re playing with fire.”

“Why are you doing this? Is this what you really want?”

“I’m doing what’s right, not what I want.” “Did it ever occurred to you what I want?” “Yes, you begged me multiple times to letyou go. Emma what I love the most about you is your sense of freedom and I can’t live with the fact that I didn’t give you that, I rather see you going than kill your spirit. I want you, but I can’t have you in those terms, I want youto

come to me willingly and not the way I trapped you.”

“I agree, we can’t change the past, but the future is ours, is just a matter of making better choices from now on.”

“Is not that simple, I hate myself for thethings I did and said to you, your smile is a reminder of how forgiving and pure you are and how dirty and dark I am. I will never be able to make youhappy.”

“You don’t know that!” I yelled as frustration got the best ofme.

“I do!” He also yelled, this conversation was frustrating for the both of us.

“I see, forgive me for wasting your time.”

I walked past Adam and towards the door, I


wanted to go to my room and cry my eyes out.

“Emma!” His voice form behind made me stop, I didn’t move, not even to see what he was going to say, a part of me wanted to run way and the other wanted me to turn and face him. “Emma.” He grabbed my arm making me turn around.

“Let m…–”

“Please stay.”

“I must go, I’ve humiliated myself enough tonight.”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, I do, please stay.”

“What do you want me to stay for?”

“For what ever there is to come, I don’t care I just need you.”

“Adam, this is killing me.” “This is killing me too.”

****Mature content, not appropriate for people under 18 years of age****

With that we broke into the most passionate kiss we’ve ever shared, I wanted to explore every part of him. He kissed me like if I could fade away any minute, both his hands framed my face.

Adam’s hands got loose form my face and his kisses lowered to my neck, he kissed, bit and sucked my exposed neck and cleavage. We were so close that not even a sheet of paper could slide between us. I felt something hard pressing against my stomach and a moan escaped my lips. Adam stopped the kiss and pressed his forehead against mine saying in a husky whisper.

“I must stop now.”

“I don’t want you to.”


“What?” He asked with surprise in his tone but I could see a flash of excitement in his eyes. “I’m coming to you willingly and free, I’m giving myself to you because that’s what feels right in my heart.”

He smiled like a kid at a candy store. “Are you sure?” He asked, still sounding surprised.

“Never been so sure about anything in my life before.”

And with that we resumed to the kiss, this time Adam was gentle still passionate but tender.

He caressed every single part of my body with so much admiration and patience that I felt like a goddess.

“Is ok if I take this off?” He asked looking deep into my eyes and indicating my dress. My cheeks turned red at the thought of being naked in front of him but I nodded a yes.

Adam sledded the spaghetti strap sleeves of my dress making it go straight to the floor. He then began kissing me again, his fingers grabbed my hair form the back of my neck.

Shivers ran up and down my spine, involuntarily my head leans back almost hanging from my neck.

“How about this? Is it fine with you if I take this off?” He now indicated my bra.


Fast and with only only one hand Adam managed to untie the back of my bra, not even I can do it that fast, no doubt he’s and expert.

I heard how my bra landed on the floor, I looked up to see if he was staring at my br**sts, but he was to my surprise looking at my face, I wondered if he thought they were unattractive.


“You’re beautiful in every way, I just can’t believe this is happening.”

He whipped off my thought like he knew what is was feeling. He held my hand and walked me to the bed.

“Lay down in your stomach.”

Not a second of hesitation, I just obligated, I was under the spell of the moment. I heard how Adam was taking his clothes off and an electrifying shiver ran down my back.

He came closer again, parted my hair to one side and started kissing the back of my neck with small and gentle peeks. My skin reacted in goosebumps as the same pattern of kisses ran down my bare back. Adam came up closer to my ear and whispered.

“Relax, and if you want me to stop just say it and I will stop, only you decide what happens tonight.”

His warm breathing in my ear made me feel all over the place, is he out of his mind, I don’t want him to stop.

“You stop and I’ll have to rape you.” I said teasing him.

His laughter filled the entire room.

“I wouldn’t mind, as a matter of fact I’ll be delighted.”

He flipped me over I was now laying on my back, we started kissing again, one of his hands cupped one of my br**sts hugging it and releasing it as we kissed. When he rubbed one of my nipples with his thumb and I felt a

warmness in my panties, feeling them wet right after.

“Are you OK with this? Should I stop?” He whispered I’m my ear again his minty breath made me want to bite his lips.


“Don’t stop please.” Was all I managed to communicate in a whisper.

He continued playing with my nipple and then moved to the other giving it the same attention. After a while his mouth came into the picture, he sucked kissed and softly bit my now hard nipples. My panties soaking wet by now.

Adam’s caressed the inside of my tights and then moved to touch my most intimate part.

“I love how wet you are right now.” His husky tone along with his touch made me moan softly.

“These have to go, may I?” He now indicated to the last item of clothing I had left on me, my panties. I just nodded in acceptance. And he obligated.

“You’re so perfect, I want to you to be only mine.” Adam said before going down in between my tights, kissing them and slowly moving to my intimate area. He kissed and sucked my intimacy and I was loosing it, my hands held the bed sheets like if my life was depending on them. I was about to explode when Adam stopped I ached at the emptiness his missing touch made me feel.

“Not yet my sweet Emma, I want to be closer to you when your moment comes.” I didn’t know what he was talking about, looks like something amazing was coming, surprisingly Adam knows my body better than I do.

“Sit.” He ordered and I followed.

He sat behind me, his hand again reached my intimate spot, gently touching my feminine folds. I felt how one finger made its way in inside me.

“Relax and guide me.” Adam whispered in my



At that my hips started to move along with his finger, I didn’t know what to do butapparently my body did. Now again a wave of warmness started to pile up inside me. Adam’s other hand in my br**st was the extra push I needed, like always he knew what to do and when. I close my eyes stars and lightscame

to my sight I can’t hold the need to explode. “Good girl, now take it slow. Let it come but slowly, you will enjoy it more.”

I did’t exactly what Adam said, I had to, he has proven himself that he knows very well the mysteries of my body.

His finger continued doing wonders in me as I was reaching my highest point of pleasure. “Slow, princess, slow.” Adam kept saying in my ear.

And I just went blank, to much to bear, I felt fire works releasing all over my now shaking body. Adam gave me a few moments to deal with the overwhelming burst of sensations. “You want to continue? Don’t feel pressured,we can always try later some otherday.”

“How about you?” I asked confused, it was evident Adam was having a good time but I didn’t see him exploding the way I did. “Don’t worry about me, I promised you I was going to wait and I am.”

“No more waiting Adam, I want everything with you, now.”

He smiled resting his forehead against mine. We started kissing slowly, saying so much with just kissing.

“Are you sure?” He asked again. “Adam, you ask me one more time andI

swear—” I was interrupted by a passionate



I felt how Adam’s manhood made its way in me, we never stopped kissing, little by little I felt a pressure that started to become more like pain.

“It’s going to hurt at first ok? Then it’ll get better.”

I nodded, I was too nervous to speak. My eyes closed as the pain was too much to bare.

“I’m sorry, is almost over.” Adam whispered in my ear, then moving to kiss my forehead.

He was finally completely inside me and didn’t move for a moment, letting my body adjust to him. When Adam started to move the pain was immediately replaced by pleasure. We were one and it felt like paradise.

My body started moving with his in a fascinating dance. Our breathing was in sink also and I was getting so close to releasing again, his skin in mine was heaven. I couldn’t hold it anymore and just followed my body in its explosion, I felt how Adam released too, and I loved him even more, how s£xy can this man be.

He kissed my forehead and smiled.

“You are the drug I could never rehab from my sweet Emma.”


“I didn’t know s£x was so amazing.” I said laying on the bed still naked hugging Adam. “What we just did wasn’t s£x, s£x is not that amazing, making love is”





Next morning I woke up in Adam’s arms, he


was already awake and caressing my hair. “Good morning.” He said kissing my head. “Good morning, why did’t you wake me up?” “I don’t know, you looked too beautiful, Icould stare at you all day long.”

“You’re such a flirt, that’s why you have them all at your feet.”

“I don’t want them all, I just want you.” “I just wish we could stay here for ever.” “We can extend our stay if you wish.”

“What about Demi? is been a week already.” “She’ll be fine, Martha takes good care of her.” “No, I think we should go.”

“I don’t deserve you Emma, you’re too kind, you care for my daughter like if she was your own, you have no idea how much that means to me.”

“My mom left us when I was little, I knowfirst hand how much a mom is needed, that’s why I can relate to her so much. I will never try to take her mom’s place, I know what my place is, I just want to comfort her as much asI


And with that he kissed me. Looking back to the beginning I never thought that cold and bitter man could be so sweet and caring.

Somehow he managed to crumble all my walls and get to my heart. It looks like life is finally smiling to me.

I broke the kiss and whispered in his mouth. “I’ll go and take a shower, we still have two rooms to pack.”

“May I join you?”

My cheeks blushed only to think of standing naked in front of him. I lowered my gaze trying to hide my embarrassment.

Adam pulled my chin up with one finger to


make our eyes meet.

“Don’t be ashamed. You have no idea how gorgeous you are, don’t you?.”

I wrapped myself in a bed sheet and ran to the bathroom. The white fabric reached the floor and I stepped in the shower, warm water started to run down my body, it felt very nice in my sore muscles. I startled when strong arms wrapped around my body from the back. Adam buried his face in one side of my neck. “You must know my sweet Emma that I’ll take

every given opportunity to have you in my arms like this, this time will be no exception.” He whispered in my ear in a husky tone that he very well knew can make me lose my mind.” “Aren’t you tired from lastnight?”

“No, and too bad if you are, because I’m not leaving this room before taking you one more time, unless you want to do it in the airplane.” We made love in the shower that morning before heading back home. It amazed me every time Adam touched and kissed me the right places, my body was a map and he had it recorded in his mind, he had some power over me and it was magical.

A feeling that things were going too good to be true got to me. I brushed off the feeling, I’ve been through so much that every time something good happens to me I freak out.

Can’t forget I have Adam now, nothing badcan happen if he’s next to me, he’ll protect me with whatever ittakes.

We finished packing and had breakfast in the room, ready to go back home we walked in the lobby of the hotel to the awaiting car that will take us to the airport. We held hands and shared small talk as we walked.


“Hi Adam, can we havea word. In private?”

Vivienne came out of nowhere. I felt how Adam’s hold in my hand tightened and his jaw clenched.

“As a matter of fact I have nothing to talk to you Vivienne, but if you insist, you very well can do so right now in front of my wife, we don’t have any private matters to discuss .” “Are you seriously in a relationship with her, I mean look at her, he’s not your type Adam, she’s too pale and too simple, you are used to more refined voluptuous women.”

She was right tho, every woman I’ve seen that had a past with Adam were nothing like me, what is Adam seeing in me?

“Like you.” Adam questioned, trying not to laugh.

“Uhum.” Vivienne replied.

He couldn’t take it, his laughter filled the entire lobby.

“Don’t be a fool, you have already done that enough by telling my wife that you and I have a relationship when you very well know that’s not true, not to mention certain paternity claims, are you even in your right mind, lying about something that you know can be proven with a simple DNA test, you are crazy.” “Adam you’re hurting me, please stop.”

“And you are hurting my marriage, stay away from me, I thought we could be friends but just realized not even that is possible.”

Adam was fuming with rage, I was afraid I’ve had those murderous glares directed to me in multiple occasions and is not fun.

“Do you believe him.” Vivienne talked to me, I was speechless and no reply left from my mouth, she continued her rant now towards



“I’ve been where you are and trust me it all ends at some point, look at me know, he used me and left me and the same will happen to you, you are just his new toy, I pity you.” Tears started to form in my eyes, a part of my believed her and anther was trying to walk me away from it.

“You get near my wife again and I’ll sue you for defamation of character, I’m not playing Vivienne, don’t be stupid enough to get

yourself on my bad side, you’re going to regret it and you know it.”

Adam walked me out of the hotel almost holding me, I had given my heart to a man that I didn’t know could give me his on the same terms, I was terrified. He helped me sit, closed my door and went around to take the seat behind the wheel. We headed to the airport in total silence, Adam’s hold of the stirring wheel was very thigh, as I noticed his turned white, his eyes looked intensely at the road ahead.

Once inside the airplane he tried to establish some conversation.

“I’m so sorry about that, Emma .”

I was too lost in my own thoughts to say something.

“Emma please talk to me.”

“I don’t know what to tell you.”

“Emma please, don’t believe her, I do have a past with her, but like I said it was a year ago and we remained friends after that, I really don’t know where this is coming from, you have to trust me.”

“Why are you with me anyways?”

“First of all because you have the biggest


heart, you’re the kindest person I know. You are beautiful in every way and you don’t try, they’re just in you and they come out naturally. I don’t picture a day of my life without you,she wants you to look in her mirror but you can’t because she’s not even close to a fraction of what you are, I’ll be never get bored of you.” “How can I be certain ofthat?”

“I don’t have a secret formula to make you believe me but I do have this.” Adam grabbed my hand in his and placed it in his chest on top of his heart. “You feel that?” Every single one of my heart bits are for you and because of you, Emma listen to my heart and look me in eyes, tell me… Am I lying to you.”

I felt how his heart started raising faster at my touch, I looked deep in his eyes and all I saw was a good and honest man.

“I believe you, just give me some time to digest everything that happened.”

I kissed him after.


We were now pulling the driveway of the house, I realized I missed been here, I could see Demi and Martha waiting for us the door. With wide smiles Adam and I exited the car and ran to Demi who waited for us with open arms.

We spent some time at the living room with Demi getting updated on how her week went and how much fun her and Martha had. After a while Adam got up from the couch and said. “If you excuse me ladies, I have a lot of work to catch on to, is been a week. I’ll be in my studio if you need me.”

He kissed both Demi’s and my forehead and went upstairs. I just stared at him as walked


up, Adam handsome and s£xy but sweet and caring at the same time, I love him, so much that it’s scary.

“Emma are you going to take me to bed tonight??..Please. Please.”

“Demi Emma must be very tired from her trip, let her rest she’ll take you to bed tomorrow.” Martha said with a sweet smile.

“It’s fine Martha, I’ll do it.” I said looking at Demi and giving her a smile.

“Yaaayyy!!! Emma you are the best mom ever.”

My heart skipped a beat, I’m a mother figure for her and she thinks I’m good at it, tears of happiness gathered in my eyes. I love this little girl so much.

“I’ll go and change into comfortable clothes, and will meet you at your room, ok?” I said to Demi breaking the hug.”

I went upstairs to my room but none of my stuff was there, the closet and the bathroom were completely empty. I walked out and headed to Demi’s room, Martha was there’s dressing Demi on her pajamas.

“HiMartha,umm Do you know wheremy

things are, I couldn’t change because my closet was empty.”

“I’m sorry Mrs Emma, it was Mr.McRoberts orders.”

“Orders? What orders?”

“He called this morning to give me orders about your belongings, they have been moved over to Mr McRoberts room.”

The nerve of this man to change my stuff from one room to the other without telling me, I sighted, Adam will always be Adam.

“Don’t apologize Martha, is not your fault,you must knowthat ”


“No need to explain Mrs Emma, I’m so happy you’re finally together, you both came back with brightness coming out of your pores, you two deserve to be happy.”

I smiled at Martha’s confession. “Thank you.”

I was now reading the book to Demi, she almost dozed off when I felt a warm breathing in my ear.

“You are so beautiful right now. I love watching you with her.” I was Adam

“I need to talk to you.”

“I’ll be in my study, find me when you’re done here.”

I knocked twice and Adam’s big study door. “Come in.”

I walked in very slowly, flashbacks of the first time I came into this room appeared in my head, I was so scared . Adam was signing a document but stopped as his eyes landed in me, his eyes softened.

“How dare you move my things without telling me.”

He chuckled, got up from his desk and walked over to me with that glare I very well knew will soon start sending shivers up and down my spine. He ran his hand up slowing caressing my arm and then my hair.

“You see, remember the day I kissed you here in this office, on that desk, that day took all I have to stop myself from making love to you right here.” He touched the desk with his index finger. My core started to feel warm and wet but I tried to hide my desperation.

“Now …” He continued. “Today I feel like can finally do that.”

“And what are you waiting for?” I said with a


smirk on my face.

We made love in his office that night, every time better than the other. Every kiss was like the first, every touch making us discover something different. When we finished I was about to touch the door handle to leave the office when his voice made me stop. “Emma.”

“Yes” I turned back to him.

“I just gave you the answer to the question you came here for.”

Right the room change, I had totally forgotten. “I don’t understand.”

“I changed your things because I want this with you every night and every morning and I’m pretty confident you want the same.”

“What if I say I don’t want to go in thatroom?” He was right but I just needed to defy his never ending arrogance.

“In that case, I’ll have to be the one to change rooms.”

I smiled and walked out. Two months later……..

The bed was empty, sun rays came through Adam’sroom windows well my newroom

windows. The bed was empty, Adam was probably already gone for work.

I went to the bathroom to get ready for my day when my phone started ringing. ‘I’ll see it later, now to the shower it is.’ I said to myself.

After showering and brushing my teeth I walked out of the bathroom and my phone started to ring again. ‘Maybe is something important.’ I again said to myself.

“Hello, this is Emma.” I answered the insisting call.

“Emma,finally. I’ve been calling younon


stop, are you ok?”

It was Dr. Collins voice, by heart started to race, dad, nI had totally forgotten about him, Oh my god.

“Dr. Collins, how’s my dad, everything good with him? I’m sorry I was in the shower.” “Your dad is perfect, in fact I’m callingbecause he has stared to improve in his condition, this is almost a miracle Emma, I need you to come as soon as possible to discuss the matter in detail.”

“I’ll be there in one hour.”







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