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“I don’t understand you”.

“How can I be friends with someone who disgraced me and took the position of being head of bullies in less than a minute?”. She asked and my heart skipped a beat.

“Amazon, you would never hurt me right, you said so”. I said and she laughed. “Yes, I’ll never hurt you in the prison but we’re outside far from the cell, I can hurt you”. She said and took a big stone.



Amazon’s POV

I held the big stone on my hand and threw it up, I caught it immediately and she gasped.

“I’m really sorry Jeanne that it had to end this way, I guess you really believed that I would help you after your huge betrayal”. I said and directed the men to start beating her.

She was beaten to coma with blood over her face and I went in front of her and dropped the big stone on her head. I didn’t care if she died by my hands but she won’t anyway. If she managed to escape she will die and there’s no way of escaping.

“Let’s go guys”. I said and the boys followed me.


Davis’s POV

I looked at Nuella as she watched the plates, she wasn’t even tired.

“Mom, you’re not supposed to be undergoing any hard work, you’re pregnant”. I said and she chuckled.

“Your dad would get a maid soon and I’ll be free from all this”. She said and I smiled.

“Well, let me help you keep the plates you’ve washed in the cupboard”. I said and took a tray from the store. As I wanted to place one of the plates on the tray, it slipped off my hand and fell the floor shattering in pieces. My heart raced immediately.

This wasn’t an ordinary sign!

I hoped nothing bad happened to Mom.

“Hope you didn’t hurt yourself?”. Nuella asked coming to my aid and she checked my hand properly.

“I didn’t hurt myself”. I replied without a smile.

“Are you sure?”. She asked and began to pick the pieces of plates on the floor. “I would have asked you not to bother”. She added with a sad tone.

“Mom, I’m fine, I just feel something bad has happened to someone close to me, mind if I call Dad with your phone”.I said with a frown as i took my phonefrom herpocket.

I dialed my dad’s number and he picked the call. “Sweetheart”. He said as soon as he picked the call.

“Dad, it’s me Davis, I just called to know if you’re alright”. I said and I could feel the sad tone in his voice. He didn’t reply for some seconds.


“Dad, what’s wrong?”. I asked.

“The cops found jeanne’s dead body brutally murdered, they found a giant stone near her. They believed it was murder but they’ve not started investigating, I’m really sorry Davis”. He said and I couldn’t control the tears that came.. I dropped the phone and ran past Nuella into my room.

“Davis, Davis”. She called out but I didn’t stop, I wanted to be alone…


Nuella’s POV

What’s wrong with him?

“Hello Raymond”. I said as I picked the phone. “Darling”. He said.

“What happened? Davis is crying in his room”. I said hearing muffled tears from Davis room.

“Jeanne is dead, she was murdered, her body was found beyond recognition in a tunnel”. He said and my heart beat.

“Raymond, I think you need to come back, Davis needs you right now, come and talk to him”. I said.

“I think he needs to be alone”. He said.

“If you say so, you know our son better”. I replied and cut the line.


Two hours later Raymond’s POV

The house was silent when I came in. I didn’t hear any sound, I was damn scared. “Nuella”. I called out but there was no reply. “Davis”. I called out and then my phone rang and the caller identity was unknown.

“Hello, please who is this?”. I asked

“I have your wife and son in my care, how much do you love them”. He asked. “Please don’t kill them”. I begged.

“Don’t Kill them? I’m about to kill them”. He said and my heart raced. “What do you want?”. I asked.

“I want you, I want to kill you and I’ll spare them or better still choose between Nuella and Davis”. He said.

“I can’t choose any of them, I love both of them, kill me instead”. I said and the kitchen door opened and Davis came out with Nuella laughing.


I sighed

“You guys nearly gave me an heart attack”. I said as i sat on the chair.


“Just like you nearly killed Davis with false news”. Nuella said and I blinked.


“What do you mean?”. I asked.

“Jeanne didn’t die, she’s still alive, she’s just unconscious, I heard her brain was damaged so she would be going for a plastic surgery”. She said and I was shocked. “And most importantly, when she wakes up, she won’t remember anything, that means she won’t be wicked anymore”. Davis screamed happily.


“That’s great news, I just assumed she died, I thought she died, that Officer Namos, he over exaggerated”. I said and we all laughed.


“So how’s my baby doing?”. I asked and Nuella smiled. “Perfectly Okay”. She replied.

“Almet called earlier, he said dad was anxious to see me, it’s been a long time and I think we should go visit them”. I suggested and she nodded…


I moved closer to Nuella and kissed her soft pink lips.


The End

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