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” Like I said Emma, it is very important that you find a way to make these payments, otherwise you won’t be able to keep your dad at the hospital, I spoke to the board again and they refused to keep founding your dad’s treatment, specially in his condition. Youknow there’s no much hope, so they ratherspend

that money in other cases with higher percentage in terms of success in the recovery”. I heard Dr. Collins in a stage of numbness, tears about to pop out making My green eyes look crystallized.

“How can they give up on my dad so easily ? I know he’ll recover, one day he’ll open up his eyes, Dr. Collins I can’t give up on the only good thing I have left inmylife Please.”

“I’m very sorry Emma, I promise I did everything in my power to help you guys, I even waved my fees to lower the costs and persuade them, but they had their minds set, the equipment and medication your dad needs are very expensive, is a huge cost to the hospital, please understand his situation is very difficult”. Dr Collins said holding myshoulders in a unsuccessful attempt to comfort me. I left the hospital feeling defeated and lonelier than ever, having to leave my dad at a place where I knew his recovery wasn’t a priority was killing me, I had to do something, I had to find a way to get themoney.

The next morning I woke up and got ready for work as usual. As I walked out of the apartment I saw with the corner of my eye a paper stamped in my door making me goback to see what was this about, my eyes grew wide and my heart dropped the second I read the title of the letter written in big bold letters. “EVICTIONNOTICE”

Didn’t bother to read the content of the letter I knew what this was about, I was two months late on my rent, my salary as a waitress wasn’t enough to get me throughout the month, my situation was like a constant fight which I never won. I cried my way to work feeling miserable, I failed in life, soon I was going to be living on thestreets.

Arriving to work with red puffy eyes I went straight to the bathroom to wash my face. I


got busy with my day and that helped me keep my mind away from my problems.

Around 7 pm I noticed a customer in one of the tables staring at me while drinking from a glass of scotch, he was in one of the other waitress tables so I decided to ignore the situation and continue with my very busy evening, it is very common in this kind of job to cross paths with one or two creeps.

My shift came to an end and I was craving for a shower and my feet for some rest, I got my bag and my coat and headed out of the restaurant hopping to get the last bus towards my house, otherwise my very tired feet will have to endure another 45 minute walk to reach home.

I was nearly walking for 5 minutes when I felt a presence behind me, immediately a shiver ran down my spine, it was dark and very late, I could get killed in this empty street and no body will notice, I said a small prayer in my head “God please send an angel to save me” . Right after I finished my prayer I felt someone grabbing my arm and pulling me in the opposite direction I was walking, I felt my body crashing into a hard chest, immediately a musky earthy fragrance filled my nostrils andI looked up.











Finally after two years I was so close to put my hands on her, good I hate her so much. Ever since the day I realized Thomas Rosshad a daughter I knew I had to take my revenge on her. I needed to heal from all this pain burning inside ofme.

For now, is better to hide my real intentions and once I have her eating from the palm of my hand I’ll make her pay for every single tear and every single sleepless night I had over the last two years.

I grabbed her arm and, have to admit, I had to control myself from grabbing her too hard, my anger was taking the best of me, I could see a hint of fear in her eyes and that gave me so much pleasure, after all that’s what I’m here for. We looked into each other’s eyes for about then seconds and I heard my inner voice saying “she’s innocent, let her go, don’t make her pay for other people’s mistakes” .

Immediately I wiped off the stupid thought, I don’t care if she didn’t kill Amy directly because the person who did is now dead and it was her father, someone has to pay and since Thomas is not here to do so she will have to take his place.

“Who are you and why you’re following me?” She demanded walking me out of my thoughts.

“I’m Adam McRoberts”

“Your name sounds familiar but I don’t think I know you, please let me go”

” I saw you working really hard this afternoon, and thought that maybe you wanted a change in your life.”

“I don’t know what your trying to say and I


don’t care”.

She said pulling her arm from my hold in a sudden rough move, I saw how she walked away and knew I had to make something up very quick otherwise will loose myopportunity. “250 thousand dollars if you marry me” I said to her back as she walked away from me. She stopped and stud there thinking , her back still facing me. I couldn’t hide the smirk plastered on my face, just what I thought, a gold digger ready to sell herself, this is going to be easier than I thought. She turned to me her eyes in mine, God dammit there’s something in her eyes that makes me think this is bad idea f**** witch.

“Why are you offering me this?”

I just happen to need a beautiful wife to accompany me to events, someone to get home to and it also gives my image some credibility and respect being a husband, and I’m willing to pay really good to anyone with these characteristics, I’ll take care of your expenses and you’ll only have to be the pretty face next tome”

“How do I know you are not fake and that you have that kind of money?”

“Do I look like tramp to you?”

“I don’t know, this is all very strange, something seems off.”

“Listen I know this is not the conventional way people get married, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a happy life together, you will never have to worry about money and who knows we might end up being friends or something else,

I don’t know time will tell.” I lied making the biggest effort to not throw up.

“I need some time to process this.”


“That’s understandable, here take my card and contact me tomorrow, you only have until tomorrow, If I don’t hear from you by the end of the day I’ll take it as a “no” and find somebody else.”

I gave her some time as away to pressure her, I do this all the time to close my deals, I give them some time making them believe is an opportunity to think things thru, little do they

know it won’t be enough time to think about he cons of sighing the deal, and in top of it I give them a little hint that someone might be interested in the same deal as, just in case

they need an extra encouragement, that’s why I knew she’ll say yes. I saw how her eyes shone at the thought of money, you want money Emma Ross, I’ll give you money. You love money now, but I’ll make sure end hating money as much as I hate you.


I reached my phone to look at the time, it was 7am, I’ve been in bed for the last six hours unable to catch any sleep, the offer from

…what was his name again, I grabbed the card from the night table next to my bed, oh Adam McRoberts kept me awake the entire night, 250 thousand dollars will definitely help my dad so much, that was at least one year of treatment in the best hospital with the best doctor, God only knows how much I need that money.

Adam McRoberts, how couldn’t I figure it out earlier, his name was always in the news. He owns a huge construction company, this entire city was pretty much built by McRoberts Industrial Inc, maybe this wasn’t a bad idea after all , I’m share he has the money to pay


me what he offered. However something about this Adam seemed off. Thinking about the evil smirk on his face still sends shivers down my spine, and at the same time I can’t deny how handsome he is, oh… and his masculine

scent, is weird how something pulls me to him and away from him at the same time.

“Emma what’s wrong with you? You always said you’ll only share your life with someone you loved very deeply, why has your mind suddenly changed” . My inner voice asked, as a little girl

I pictured a fairy tale wedding with my Prince Charming whom I shared a beautiful love story and deep feelings of love and affection, guess that’s not the case, at least not for me, my life was far from being a fairy tale.

Leaving the apartment to go to work I opened the front door and what I saw was the worst of my nightmares.

“Hey sis, missed me?”





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