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“Good morning.” Adam said as he walked into the kitchen and hugged Emma form the back as she was flipping apancake.

“Good morning. Take a seat at the table, breakfast will be done in a minute.” She said as she left a kiss on hischeek.

Emma placed the tray with pancakes on the long table.


“Guys eat fast, is already getting late for school.”

“Dad, can you take us today?” Alex asked Adam.

“Only if you two eat all that breakfast.” “Okayyy!”

Alex and Mason said at the same time, excitement evident in their tone.

Emma and Adam had two boys only one year apart, they were two peas in a pod, the best of friends, always together. Adam had so much fun with them, usually he will take them to a near by park to play any sport and Emma will go shopping with Demi and get some ice cream after.

“Good morning everyone.” Demi steps in the kitchen, she’s no longer a little girl, at 15 years old she’s starting to become a very beautiful young woman.

“Good morning.” The boys say at the same time.

Demi walks over to take a seat at the table. “Orange juice?” Emma asks Demi giving her an encouraging glare, it was evident they had something on the works. Demi looks nervous and anxious but finds the courage to speak. “Dad.”

“Yes princess.” Adam replies, while spreading some butter on his toast.

I….Iwantedto. ask you if

…icangoonadatetothemovies.” Demi intentionally spoke faster on the last phrase. “I’m sorry baby I did not understand, what was that again?” Adam now left his toast aside and gave full attention to his teenager daughter. “There is this guy from my school that I really like and he invited me to the movies this


Friday, and I wanted to ask you for permission.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Dad are you serious?!” Demi became upset. “Dead serious.”

“Adam you’re over reacting.” Emma had to say something.

“No I’m not, you are the only girl in in this house, your brothers and I will always protect you from those boys I know have all bad intentions, right boys?”

“Ummhum” Both boys replied at the same time.

“This is ridiculous, you keep treating me like a little girl, I know how to take care of myself.” With that Demi stormed out of he kitchen. “Demi you did not touch your food.” Emma said out loud for her to hear as she walked away but is it was to no avail, Demi was too upset to even listen.

“What you’re doing is not fair Adam, let her live her life, if her heart gets broken then that’s part of life too, for god’s sake you can’t lock the

poor girl in a glass ball.”

“You always taking her side, don’t you?” “I’m not taking anybody’s side, I am only telling you you’re not being fair, is only up to you if you want to continue behaving this way.”

Adam waled over to Emma, his hands framed her face and kissed her forehead.

“What would we do without you ? Do you realize you’re the light of this house, of my life, the best thing that ever happened to me and Demi. I still think I don’t deserve you and I still don’t know how you fell in love with me.”

“I always knew that deep inside you were a


great man, hurt was making you blind my love, never doubt how amazing and special you are.” “My heart was broken and you put the pieces back together, you believed in me even when I had lost faith in myself.”

They kissed, a kiss that even after elevenyears hasn’t change the effect in them, they where meant to be. They needed each other back then and they still need each other now. Life has its strange ways of working things out and we all are a work in progress. Adam has come a long way ever since he realized he had fallen in love with Emma the monster in him vanished and has been nothing but the best husband and father.

The build and designed their new home heir home enjoying every step of the posses,Adam allowing Emma to make most of the decisions, he wanted to please her in every way possible and he really succeeded atit.

The past eleven years have been the happiest of her life.

It took a year for their new home to be ready, just before Mason’s arrival.

“Ewwww” Alex and Mason shouted at the same time making them break the kiss. The both laughed at their kids reaction. They always did that and it was so cute.

“You’re right, as always my love. I will go and talk to her, our little girl is growing up, isn’t she.” Adam said still holding Emma’s face in his hands, admiring her features.

“She is, and we need to support her, we can still be protective of her and allow her to life her life, is all about balance.”

“I’ll be back.” Adam walked away from the kitchen heading to Demi’s room. “Boys we


leave in ten be ready.” “Okay dad”


That night

Emma was walking out of the bathroom wearing her white silk robe.

“I have a surprise for you.” Adam said from the seating area in the room, his eyes still on the documents he was signing.

“And what could that be?” Emma asked with curiosity.

“We are going to Italy, in two days.” Adam finally said removing his gaze from the papers he was working on.

“To Italy? What about the kids?” “The kids will stay here.”


Adam interrupted.

“No but Mrs. McRoberts, I have everything sorted, your dad and Martha will take care of them.”

“Like my stubborn husband will allow me to say no.” Emma had a smile on her face as she approached Adam and sat on his lap.

“You make me so happy, you know that right?” Emma asked caressing Adam’s hair, her hand then going down to his face.

“No, I don’t think I do it enough.” Adam replied.



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