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Xavier’s POV


“what !” she shouted . I must pretend to be all submissive here because this lady sitting in front of me is smarter than I know .


“yeah I meant what I said , just wanted to take you on a date to make up for those years I have been a pain in the ass ” I replied giving her my best smile . She sat there for what seems like forever without uttering a word ..


you want to take me on a date ?” she said unsure “no string attached babe ” I replied nodding..


don’t be scared Barbie I’m not gonna hurt you and trust me on this for the very first time ” I said pleadingly while she thought for a while before standing up ..


okay then give me a minute” she said and walked to her room .


“yes” I succeeded in convincing her . I will make sure my plans work without any trace of faking .


” let’s go ” she said coming into view . This whole beauty here refused me with one mind . What type of lady is she who doesn’t fall to the feets of handsome men like me ? sometimes it amuses me .

I can say she’s more beautiful than the bitches I f**k out their lives everyday . I wonder if she even has a boyfriend because I haven’t seen her with any guy


before. It’s surprisingly surprising .


I led her outside opening the passenger door for her …



you can sit mi lady ” I said in a thick french voice while she stared at me weirdly


. She must be thinking of how I changed all of a sudden









We arrived at my restaurant in particular, it’s the best in the whole town and I have


already called to reserve a VIP sit for two. Yeah I’m Xavier , I mean f**king rich


Xavier so you shouldn’t think twice even if I say I own everything including the


people in it . I can buy half of Everything and everyone in Seattle and I will still be


unshakable .



wow this place is beautiful I must say ” she said as we came down from the car . Actually I wore my hoodie so no one can recognize me as a star , I don’t want clingy people right now …


I’m glad you like here ” I replied and smiled at her . I bet my smiles today are countless and gosh I ain’t enjoying it all .I’m getting tired but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up that easily.


Having Jeanne on my bed is a must for me and it will surely come to past either willingly or by force I mean she can’t be the one to keep rejecting me ! there are thorns of girls out there who are willing to let me f**k them their whole life but her ? I don’t know or didn’t she find me attractive enough?


good day sir , this way please” a waiter said eyeing Jeanne by my side who doesn’t even seem to notice.


I glared at him and he looked away immediatetly . Who wants to kiss his job


good bye?



I pulled out a chair for her before I sat down also.


” thank you” she said



” it’s no problem mi lady ” I replied as some waitress came serving us.


Jeannie’s POV


I can’t stop laughing right now the way this girls are glaring at me why ? Maybe because I’m able to seat with the city most handsome bachelor alive and probably thinking I’m one of those whores he can have on his bed .. well no ! I’m not and will never be.


Just wondering what Xavier is up to before asking me on a date I mean I don’t actually believe he changed. He must I have a reason behind this and I’m never gonna fall for it . I won’t .


I picked the cutleries and chose only one food out of the numerous ditches on the table I picked beef and broccoli salad. I will be very okay with that .


The food is really tasty and I will love to eat it some other times but for now I’m filled up ..


are you okay ” he asked smilling at me .


yeah thanks for the meal ”


anything for you mi lady” he replied. what’s up with him and mi lady? I’m never


his .


What’s next now because I’m tired and what I wish to do now is to sleep and sleep ..


I don’t even know what they do when people go on a date . Don’t blame me , I have never been to one except for now .


can I ask you for a favour please” he asked with the most cuttest puppy eyes I won’t be able to resit . Did he actually bring me here to seduce me with those eyes? I can’t let myself fall for it.


why? ” I asked trying hard not to look at him


I don’t know why either but I just wanna be your friend please pretty just a friend nothing more ”



uhhm I’m sorry but you can’t be my friend, I’m only but your employee and your assistant nothing more and it’s one of the rules in your company that there will be no kind of relationship with the boss which I read years ago” I replied and drank some juice I know he has motives , my boss I know won’t ask for such thou I Know the rule is so very fake because it’s still this him that I have break the law by


sleeping with all the workers in the company, no lady left well except me .



c’mon Jeanne you know that’s just a rule there for show off I don’t work with it and you know” he said. I can’t be friends with him because it will only lead to my doom . I don’t trust him enough , not yet ..


can we go home now please” I said putting an end to the discussion while he nodded hesitantly.








Monday morning


it’s another day of the week and I’m already at the office . I wish to resign but I gave it a second thought, how do I survive after then? and it’s not easy to get another job ..


I checked through the emails and saw that Mr Xavier will be having a meeting in less than an hour which I have to inform him about and he also has to sign the documents of the Coal industry before being given to them ..


I took his personal elevator so I could quickly reach the floor . I know I’m looking for trouble because he has strictly instructed everyone not to use the elevator..


I knocked severally on the door but wasn’t hearing a come in so I decided to go in ..


Holly God of Madagascar!


Mr Xavier was f**king the receptionist on his desk . jeeez! it’s really a mistake I opened the door because what my eyes are seeing is not worth seeing.. I mean they were stark naked ..


” oops! I’m sorry , really sorry sir ” I said rushing out as their eyes met mine .


I don’t know why I am feeling a pain in my chest .


Does it hurt me to see him with another woman?


but it shouldn’t be any of my business, that’s how he have been ..


early morning sΒ£x .


Extraordinary everyday from




Jeanne ” he called but I was already into the elevator to my office . This is embarrassing to see my boss all naked …


I shook my head to remove the thought out of my head .


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