Tue. May 28th, 2024

❌ Jeanne ❌


“Xavier !” I called in fear as I stare at his bleeding arm . Oh my goodness.


You know how to drive right ?” He asked hissing in pain .


Yes yes !” I replied. The men were coming nearer and my heart beat increase rapidly.



” Okay come take over and drive back as fast as you can please. It’s not safe ” We switched position and I drove like a mad woman as they shot at us but it was hitting the back of the car already.


I drove so fast ignoring the road signs going nowhere in particular.


Sorry Xavier ” I continue saying as I turned back, I guess they aren’t following us so I took the hospital road


It’s okay , I will be fine ” he said and smiled at me which I know didn’t reach his heart .


Who is after my life or rather his?


He brought out his phone and texted someone I don’t know.


I’m sorry Jeanne for putting you through this ” he said pleadingly


It’s nothing, I just pray you should be fine” I said and touched his arm why he winced in pain.








Chris POV


” Are you sure he’s dead ?hope you didn’t hurt Jeanne ” I said


“Yes boss ” he replied while I smiled in satisfactory


I’m happy that idiot is out of the way , I will get my Jeanne now that because she has always been mine .


Yeah she might not know but like I said, she’s mine .


I don’t have time anymore than to make myself known to her which I’m gonna do soon.


” You can go and keep an eye on her ”


” Yes boss ” he left almost instantly



❌ Xavier ❌


I stared at the sleeping figure beside me and smiled, she must have slept off in the process of taking care of me . She looks beautiful and at peace when she sleeps . It’s just few weeks ago I became her friend but I don’t think this feeling is just a friendly one. I feel myself getting attached to her and I think something in me is connected to her which I can’t explain. It’s getting stronger day by day that one day I won’t be able to control it .


I used my other hand to stroke her long curly hair .


I’m sorry Jeanne, I can’t stay beyond my limit as a friend. I think falling for you” I said to her sleeping self and kissed her forehead.


Sounds crazy right?


In the process of getting her on my bed , I end up loving her


The bullet didn’t penetrate into me that much and luckily for me it was my arm. I don’t know who could have sent those men but I must know who by the end of today.


That idiot who is not afraid of death and chosed a death wish should be ready for me.


I’m not gonna kill him/her but he will see what hell looks like in jail forever. The person must pay !


And that’s a promise , I must make him/her pay .


Nonsense, I fumed in anger clenching and unclenching my hand . I wish the fool is right here beside me


Xavier are you alright?” Jeanne asked checking my arm


Y..yeah I’m fine ” I replied


How’s your hand now, is it still hurting? Should I get the doc…”


Like I said Barbie doll I’m fine now okay and I’m sorry to put you through this stress” I said and cupped her cheeks


It wasn’t your fault Xavier, I’m glad you are fine now ” she smiled and hugged me .



I wanted to scream her name and shout the three letter words but my mouth remained sealed, raise her chin and kiss her deeply which can’t happen, wrap my arms around her tiny waist and whispered to her how beautiful she looks but heck!


All this will only end in my imaginations how painful.










Weeks on..


Jeanne’s POV


Xavier is getting better or have actually got healed which is really a miracle. I can’t tell how happy I am to see him coming back to himself and doing the office works


. It’s really been tough for me as I have been the one doing all his work in the past few weeks plus my own, wasn’t easy thou I managed to scale through. He just resumed work today and I’m super excited about that. I don’t know why but I’m happy.


You scared the shit out of me Xavier ” I said holding my chest. I don’t know when he entered into my office


Scary cat! What were you thinking of?” He asked smirking while I shot him a playful glare


You mustn’t know ” I replied and focussed on the papers in my front, he came behind me and held me up .


I’m busy as you can see , now do me a favour and get out of my office” I said disengaging my self from his hold , if he knows what that does to me, he won’t try it ever again .


I can tell you to stop working at anytime you know” he said holding me by the


waist this is unlike him


” As per who?”


Your boss right ” he replied and giggled


Get your hands off me silly ”



” Not now Jay, I love you babe” he said . Is this for real or it was just a slip of tongue ? Or he didn’t mean it!

Buy I heard him clearly saying he loves me.


Maybe I’m overreacting! He actually meant a friendly love


I mean it’s not bad to say I love you to a Friend right?


Disappointed and heartbroken.


I don’t just get why .


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