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“Your dad started to move Emma, at first we thought it was a reflex, most patients in his condition manifest those, when the movements continued we decided to monitor him closer and it looks like his brain has started to recover.”

“Is he awake, can I see him?” “He’s not awake, but he might gain consciousnesssoon.”


Tears of joy formed in my eyes, I missed my dad so much, his soothing voice, his wise advise. Couldn’t believe I was finally going to have him back. We have so much to talk about.

“These are such good news, I knew it, I knew he’ll come back. Thank you Dr. Collins.” “This recovery process might take a while, even after he wakes up we will need to keep him in the hospital for some time to help him regain his body strength, he will basicallyhave to learn how to walk again among other things.”

“I’ll be patient, its been two years I don’t mind waiting a little longer.”

“Alright Emma, let me congratulate you, two years and you never stopped believing in him, your dad will be so proud of you.”

“I just can’t wait to hug him.”

Dr. Collins left me at my dad’s room, I spent all morning with him in the hospital, I toldhim how beautiful life is and that there’s a life awaiting he needs to open his eyessoon.

In the afternoon I went home leaving a kiss on his forehead and promising him that I’ll visit more often.

I have to tell Adam about my dad, he has never asked about my family, that’s so strange but now that dad is recovering he needs to know.


Adam was coming late from work today so I decided to take a bath, I’ve been feeling too tired lately, a bubble bath will make me feel like new, I need to be awake when Adam comes home so we can talk about my dad.

I closed my eyes giving into the warm water


sentenced with lavender oil. My head rested on the border of the bathtub. I heard the sound of the door opening but my eyes were too tired to open up, I’ve been more tired now than when I used to work at therestaurant.

I felt two feet coming inside the tub so I had to open my eyes.

“What are you doing.” I was surprised to see Adam inside the tub fully dressed. “Are you out of your mind?” He now started to take off is blazer and tie.

“Yes.” He replied coming hear me kissing me. “I missed you so much today, and to come home tired and stressed and find you here like this, I literally lost my mind.”

“Take off your clothes, I’m going to give you a massage.”

I gave him a massage, he was so tensed and I enjoyed relaxing his stiff back very slow with my hands. Adam moaned as relaxation reached him, his moan caused a pressure in my core and I felt how my warm wetness was asking me for more, more than just touch.

I came around to face him, he looked me in the eyes and he knew exactly what I was thinking, in fact I saw he was thinking the same. I sat on top of him wrapping my legs around his waist and started kissing, I reached for his neck and continued kissing it. His aroma was in me now and it was so appetizing.

I felt his manhood slide inside me and pleasure overtook. I started moving, I was in charged and we both loved it, water from the bathtub started to flood at my moves but we didn’t care, our main focus was our bodies.

Adam took one br**st in his hands and the


other in his mouth and I felt at heaven, his own moan escaped his mouth fanning my hard nipple with his warm breath. I was too close

to the end, I couldn’t hold this any longer for the life of me. We both released at the same time and didn’t move for a while I hugged his neck and Adam held my waist embracing each other and enjoying skin to skin.

Now in the room I got dressed in a pair of comfortable pajamas and headed to the bed were Adam was, resting his head against the headboard looking at me as I walked closer to him.

“Your coming for more my sweetEmma?” Adam asked with a smirk on his face. “You wish, don’t you?”

“Always ”

“Well I have two things I need to tell you.” “Let’s talk tomorrow, we should sleep now.” “No Adam this can’t wait another minute.” “Ok what is it.” He rolled his eyes

“Well,the first ”

“Ok. ”

“Two years ago my dad hadin incident ”

“Ok. ”

His face flipped, his jaw was now clenching and I saw something in his eyes that couldn’t quite recognize, I ignored his change of mood and continued.

“He almost died, but luckily he ended up been in a coma for two years.”

“What?!! Your dad is alive?!”

“Yes” why is he over reacting ? “I actually used the money you paid me to pay his medical treatment. The doctors didn’t give me much hope but I held into his life, after all he was all I had. This morning his doctor informedmy


that miraculously he is recovering and will soon wake up, after two years and I’m so excited and happy and grateful that so many good things are happening to me.”

“You used my money to pay for his treatment.” That Adam was not the Adam I loved, that was the Adam from the beginning, a shiver ran down my spine I was starting to get scared. “Y… YesI…Did Why ? Why didyou

suddenly got upset?”

“I just can’t believe this!!! How stupid I am” “Adam what are you talking about?”

“Your dad was the other car involved in Amy’s accident, he was drunk and he killed her.” By now Adam was yelling at me.

“No that’snotposs ” hi didn’t let mefinish

the sentence.

“Don’t try to hide it Emma I know very well what happened, the police report stated it.” “Adam please listen to me.”


“This relationship will never work, I could never be even near than man.”

“You don’t know anything.”

“I know enough Emma. I’ll sleep in the other room, I can’t look at you right now.”

Tears started to form in my eyes. I was so helpless.

Before exiting the room Adam turned back to me and asked.

“Before Igo. what was the other thingyou

wanted to tell me?”

“Is not important, don’t worry go on.”





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