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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 61 The END


It was summer again. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky and the warm summer breeze spread the scent of flowers in the air. But despite the beautiful weather and view, all Lucian could do was stare at his now Five-month-old daughter in his arms. Nothing was more beautiful to him in this world.


The last five months of his life had been a blessing. He was surrounded by people he cared for. His wife, his daughter, his mother even his father. They were slowly getting along. What more could he wish for?


Hazel was well and healthy, and an amazing mother. She was also a wise queen. Lucian was proud of her. Now being half-demon she became even stronger and radiated beauty and confidence. Now he wasn’t afraid to hurt her as before.




His mother was always there to support Hazel and help her understand her demon side and his father was often there offering his help to run the kingdom. But Lucian was managing well so far without any help.




“Are you going to stare at her the whole day?” Roshan suddenly appeared disturbing his peaceful moment as always.


“Sometimes I believe you exist to annoy me,” Lucian said giving Roshan a stern look.



“That’s what brothers are for.” He smirked. “Didn’t you call me brother last week?”


Lucian sighed. He did call him brother last week. Why? He wasn’t sure, but he was definitely regretting it now.


Roshan leaned over Heaven. “Hello there. Remember me? Uncle Roshan.” He smiled.


Heaven waved her arms in the air. “Oh, I miss you too.” He replied.


Lucian had been surprised by how comfortable Roshan was with children. Now with his own child on the way he was very excited.


Klara visited often as well now that she and Hazel were very close. Sometimes they could chat for hours and other times Klara would teach Hazel how to fight. At first, Lucian was worried since Hazel had just given birth but she recovered so quickly and was so eager to learn. Maybe it was her demon that was giving her strength.




“Your Majesty, My Lord.” Lydia came to the garden and before she could speak Lucian knew that Hazel had sent for Heaven. “Her Majesty wants to feed the princess.”




“I’ll bring her myself,” Lucian said not wanting to let go of his daughter.


Lydia bowed and left without a word.


“I’ll take my leave as well. I just wanted to say hello to Heaven.” Roshan spoke.


“Will you come by for dinner?” Lucian asked.


“If you ask nicely.” Roshan teased.



Lucian chuckled. “I wasn’t asking you to come. I just wanted to know so that I could poison your food.”


“I guess you will have to wait and see if I want to die or not.” He said before vanishing.


“Your uncle is not in his right mind,” Lucian told Heaven before carrying her to Hazel.


Once he arrived at their chamber he found Hazel in bed reading a letter. She had been exchanging letters with her mother lately and he noticed it made her both happy and sad at the same time. He could tell she missed her mother.


When she heard his footstep she looked up and put the letter away quickly. There were tears in her eyes that she tried to hide.


“Is your mother alright?” Lucian asked as he walked closer.


Hazel nodded. “She is fine.” She smiled giving him a reassuring look.


Lucian sat next to her on the bed. “You will meet your mother someday soon. I promise.” He said hating to see her sad.


Hazel nodded again, then carefully she reached for Heaven. Once Heaven was in her arms a smile lit up her face.


“I can’t believe she grew so fast. It feels like I gave birth to her yesterday.”


“I know.” Lucian agreed.

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Time was running by fast and there were too many people Lucian wanted to spend time with all while taking care of the kingdom. He wanted to be with his daughter and wife but also with his parents. The last few months he discovered the fun side of his mother and the caring side of his father. He enjoyed spending time with both, but he had to say that he enjoyed spending more time with his mother than his father. Lucifer was still a bit difficult to figure out.


Hazel began to feed Heaven. Lucian kissed her hair before standing up to leave.


“I’ll see you at dinner.” He said and left to proceed with his royal affairs.


A king always had a lot to do.


The sun went down with Lucian still being busy with state affairs and then it was already time for dinner.


As he made his way to the dining room he was surprised by the many voices he heard inside the room. Who else was here? He used to dine with his wife and parents, sometimes even with Roshan and Klara but this time he heard other voices as well.


Curious he continued until he walked into the room and to his surprise found Julian and his family sitting at one side of the table and his parents, Hazel, Roshan, and Klara sitting on the other side. Witches on one side and mostly demons on the other and…. they weren’t fighting. They were actually chatting happily.


Lucian never thought he would ever see this happen. His real family together with the family that took him and helped him when he was lost.


Suddenly someone screamed. “Lucian!” A girl came running toward him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “I missed you.”


“Elle!” Julian suddenly stood up from his seat with a look of shock on his face. “It’s His Majesty.” He warned.


Julian’s family stood up quickly after him wearing an apologetic look on their face as they bowed to greet him.


Upon the word, Majesty Elle stiffened with a gasp and was about to let go of him when Lucian wrapped his arms around her.


“I miss you too, Elle.” He chuckled and then slowly she relaxed.


Irene stood up from her seat and walked up to him. “I invited Julian and his family.


I hope it’s alright?” She asked.



“You did well.” He replied.


Elle looked up at him and smiled while still having her arms around him. Lucian patted her head with a smile. “Shall we eat?”


She nodded and then followed him to the table. Lucian greeted each one of Julian’s family and welcomed them. They seemed happy to see him as he was to see them and congratulated him on becoming a father.


Lucian sat at the end of the table. To his right side, his family was sitting and to his left side the family who had saved him. They were dining and chatting happily. Lucian looked at each one of them and warmth filled his chest.


Once Lucian had been utterly alone. He had no mother at all and no father who cared for him. His siblings were his main enemies and he had no friends. No one knew what he was and no one had cared to know. Even he didn’t know. He had been confused, sad and lost. He had given up on life. Until he met her.


His wife. The one who changed his life. The one who took his sadness away. The one who made his life worth living every day.




His eyes searched for her across the table. She looked up from her plate hearing his silent call and looked at him with concerned eyes.


I love you.


A smile lit up her face at his words and even though he couldn’t hear her he knew she was saying the same words back.




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  1. Uh-huh.. This story is such a master piece with lot of good morals I can read it over and over and over again. Thanks for taking your time to write this am grateful.

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