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Chapter 5



Candy’s POV





We walked into our new classroom.


Grade 12!



I smiled when I saw my name tagged on a seat.


Lina’s was beside mine.



“Awwn, i think I love this seat already!”, She cooed.



“Hun? Jason’s seat is behind yours!”, She exclaimed and I looked at the seat tag.



It’s really Jason’s seat!



His name was tagged on it.



I blushed.



“Ah! Bon’s seat is behind mine. Awwn, my sweetheart!”, Lina said and I rolled my eyes.



“Why should it be behind us?”, I muttered and scoffed.


“Look! Chan Soo’s is behind Jason’s. And…”, She said and paused.



“Lisa?!”, She shouted.



“Pardon? Min Lisa?”, I asked and she nodded.



I moved closer to the seat, it’s beside ChanSoo’s.



My anger boiled up.



“That cunning fox!”, I said angrily.



Lina hissed and went back to her seat, she sat down looking angry.



I scoffed and sat on my seat too, beside her.



Jason, ChanSoo, J.G and Bon walked into the classroom.



Almost everyone gasped and some girls screamed happily.



They walked toward us and I smiled, not after I rolled my eyes at Bon.



He winked at me and I scoffed.



Annoying twin bro!



“Awwn, look at them!”, Lina said dreamily.



“Hey Lina! Hey Candy!”, Jason waved at us and I smiled.



Sexy voice!


“Ah! Jason!”, Lina said loudly and waved back.



“Candy! Lina! What’s up?”, ChanSoo also asked.



“Nothing much!”, Lina replied happily.



“Same!”, I also replied and he winked at me.



“Candy_buddy!”, Bon ruffled my hair and I glared at him.



“Don’t give me that look babe!”, He whispered into my ear and I smacked his shoulder.



“Oucch…”, He groaned and I stucked my tongue out at him.



“Ah! You cat and rat are back at it!”, Jason muttered loudly.



Bon chuckled and walked away.



J.G just waved at us.



He is the most quiet one among them. He believes that ‘action speaks louder than word’.



“How are you doing Candy?”, I heard Jason’s voice behind me.



I turned back and looked at him as he sat down on his seat.



Bon and ChanSoo also sat down.



“I’m doing fine! I heard you went to Ireland”, I replied and he smirked.





“Yeah”, he said and smiled at me.



“And you?”, He asked.



“We went to Hawaii for camping, just 2 weeks!”, Lina chirped in.



“Ohh! That’s nice!”.



He placed his blue earphone around his neck, looking more s£xy.



“I know am really s£xy!”, Jason’s voice jolted me back to reality.



I realized that I’ve been drooling as I stared at him.






“Ohh”, that was all I could utter.



This guy is a big flirt!



He smirked and looked up, a smile curved on his pink lips.



I turned back and my gaze fell on the commoner, Jennie or whatever her name is.



I scoffed and she quickly shifted her gaze away from me.



She placed her bag on the seat in my front before she sat down.






I looked at the seat tag, it was tagged Kim Jennie.



I looked at Lina, she was busy operating on her phone.



Just then, the real bitch walked into the class.



Who else will it be if not Min Lisa!



“Well, I guess I’ll be sitting beside you ChanSoo!”, She said seductively and sat down.



“Awwn, Jason!”, She exclaimed.



“Hey Lisa!”, He replied without even lifting his head up to look at her.



He was also operating on his phone.



My eyes met with Lisa’s and I smirked.



She rolled her eyes and placed her earphone on her ears.



“Not bad! I’m surrounded by handsome guys!”, She muttered loudly but no one reply.



“Candy, can we please exchange our seats! You sit here while I sit on yours!”, I heard Jason say and I turned back to him.



After few seconds, I understood why he want us to exchange our seats.



He wanna sit closer to that Jennie girl.


I smiled and replied:






I turned my head back.



“I can’t sit beside that crazy brother of mine!”, I lied.



“Hey beauty!”, He stood up, referring to the girl sitted beside Jennie.



The girl looked up, smiling sheepishly.



“Me?”, She asked surprisingly happy.



“Yes you! I wanna sit on your seat, you can come here to sit on mine!”, He said and she girl’s eyes beamed with happiness.






I rolled my eyes at the girl.



Her smile faded immediately, looking confused.



Just then, the commerce teacher walked into the class.



“Ugh!”, Lina groaned.



“Good morning kids!”, The teacher greeted but no one responded.



We’re not kids! Durr…



Some of my classmates mumbled.



I turned my head and saw ChanSoo staring at me.



Immediately, I looked away and I heard Lisa scoffed.



Then…the class continued…



So boring!







After what seems like decades, the commerce class came to an end and students trooped out of the class little by little.



Immediately Jeanne left the class, Jason also rushed out.



I rolled my eyes in annoyance.



When did he began to care about commoners?!!






“Did you saw that?”,



I heard ChanSoo said.



“What?”, Bon replied.



“Seriously? Jason just chased after that girl!”, He replied, sounding surprised.



“What girl?”, Bon stupidly asked and I heard ChanSoo hissed.



“J.G! And you? You saw it right?”.


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After a short silence;



“Well…I guess you didn’t”,


ChanSoo replied again, sighing hopelessly.



I smirked and turned to him.



“But I saw it too!”, I said and he smiled widely.



“You did?”, He asked and I nodded sheepishly.



He snapped his fingers, closed his eyes, smiling and shaking his head like he is smelling something that pleases him.



I chuckled at his cute reaction.



He opened his eyes and replied:



“I knew it! See Bon, J.G, someone also saw it!”.



I signalled him to move closer, so he stood up and sat on Jason’s seat, bending his head towards me and I also bent my head, leaving few inches between us.



“Who is she to Jason?”, I whispered to him cutely.



He was staring at my lips, lost in thought.



What the heck?!



“ChanSoo!”, I slammed my hand on the desk and shouted.



He jolted back to reality, looking startled.



“Hahahaha…”, I heard that imbecile’s laughter beside us.



Choi Bon!



I turned and glared at him but he continued laughing.



“What’s so funny?”, I snarled.



“Well…I don’t remember telling you that I was laughing to whatever you’re doing!”, He replied and scoffed.



“You imbecile!”, I pointed my finger at him angrily and he chuckled, ignoring me.



I turned back to ChanSoo, glaring at him.



This is all his fault!



I took my backpack and scoffed angrily before I stormed out of the class.



“Oops… what happened to her?”, I heard Lina said, faintly as I slammed the classroom door shut behind me.



That annoying twin of mine!





Author’s POV






After the second class, the bell rang for recessement.



Lina and Candy were sitted at a corner of the school cafeteria.



“Ugh! Why do we have to sit here like nerds!”, Lina mumbled.



Lina was busy gazing around the cafeteria impatiently.



“Who are you searching for?”, Lina asked again for the hundredth time, still no reply.



*Where could they have gone?*___


Candy thought.



*Jason, where are you?*



*Could it be that…*



*No! No!*



*Jason will never stoop so low! She is a commoner for Christ sake!*



*Ugh! That Jennie!


I’ll make sure I pull out all her hair if she mess with my Jason!*






*I can’t believe Jason and that Jennie were not in the second class.*



*Where could they have gone?*









“Candy, are you listening to me?!”, Lina shouted, jolting her back to reality.



“What the hell?! You can never understand! Just leave me!”, Candy spat and walked away.



“Seriously? Is this girl insane or something? What’s wrong with her?”, Lina mumbled to herself.



“Are you gonna leave me here?!”, She yelled but Candy was far away, walking out of the cafeteria.



“Weird!”, She muttered and grabbed her backpack.



“Is she really gonna leave me here?”, She muttered again, running to catch up with her.












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab




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