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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





Chapter 2



Jennie’s POV





“Mom, I got a scholarship into Emperor Tan High School!”, I screamed out happily, jumping up and down.



“Congratulations my dear”, mom said and I giggled.



“I can’t believe this!”, My 12 years old kid sister, Mia, said unbelievably.



I checked the admission form again and tears of joy ran out of my eyes.



Emperor Tan High School?



“I hope you can cope with those spoilt kids in that school, I heard they’re are all mean and always competing”, Mia said and I sighed.



“That’s right. But I won’t let that weigh me down. Am not attending the school because of them anyway”, I said sadly.



“Aigoo, cheer up!”, Mom caressed my cheeks and I smiled.



“Cheer up sis! You can do it!”, Mia said loudly.



Yes! I can do it!



Suddenly I heard the door bell ranged.



“Lemme go and see!”, Mia stood up and went to the front door.



I followed her and she opened the door.



A handsome well built guy, corporately dressed with sunglasses on was standing at the door post.



“Kim residence?”, He asked in his husky voice.



“Yeah!”, I nodded.



“Delivery from Emperor Tan High School to Kim Jennie”, he said and signalled to something.



Another guy came in with a big parcel.



He placed it on the ground.



“Then I’ll take my leave now!”, the guys said and they left immediately.



I was dumbfounded.



Mia also widened her mouth open.



“What just happened?”, She asked and I shook my head.



“Did you see that guy?! He is huge, handsome and you heard his voice, ‘kim residence?’ “, she mimicked his voice.



I scoffed and looked at the parcel.



“Let’s carry it together!”, I said and we carried the big parcel in.



“What’s that?”, Mom asked.



“A parcel from Emperor Tan High School. It was delivered by a handsome huge guy!”, Mia said dreamily.



We dropped the parcel and I took the scissor which was on the table.



I cut the area that was tapped and opened the box.



I gasped when I saw the things that were inside the box.



“Oh my God!”, Mia shouted.



I brought out the neatly folded school Uniform from the box.



Emperor Tan High school uniform?



“I can’t believe this!”, I muttered.



I can’t believe I can ever touch their school uniform in my life!



As in me?


Kim Jennie?


Ordinary commoner?



Mia collected the uniform and smelled it.



“It smells riches!”, She exclaimed and I smiled.



I brought out other things one after the other which include; school jerseys, fashion shoes, customised socks, new notebooks, pen and pencil case, customised school bag and a neatly wrapped package.




Mia was busy checking them out, screaming and dancing happily.



I unwrapped the package and widened my eyes in shock.



Emp-Tan iphone?



“Ahh!”, A gasp escaped my mouth.



“What’s that?”, Mia asked and snatched the package from me.



“Emp-Tan iPhone!”, She screamed.



“Mom, it’s Emp-Tan phone product!”, She shouted happily.



I can’t believe this!



Miracle over night?

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First, I got a scholarship into the most prestigious school in Asia.


Second, everything has been planned out for my resumption.



I won’t even spend a dime!



This is real miracle!



“I’m so proud of you my baby!”, Mom hugged me and Mia also joined.



“I’m proud of my daughters”, she sniffed.



“Mom!”, I giggled.



I can hardly wait for tomorrow!




~The next day, Monday morning~





Candy’s POV








The stupid alarm clock kept ringing.



I stretched my hand out and slammed it on the clock.



I sighed and drifted to a deep slumber.



“Candy! Wake up! It’s 6 O’clock!”, I heard a familiar voice, shouting close to me.



I groaned and pulled my duvet up to cover my head.



I felt a hand grabbed the duvet and pulled it down, exposing my whole body.



Who else would it be if not crazy Lina!



“Lina!”, I yelled and opened my eyes.



She climbed up my queen-size bed and jumped up and down.


“Lina!!!”, I screamed, sitting up.



She knows I hate when people mess with my things.



“Fine! Am awake! Can you now get your stinky legs from my bed?”.



She winked at me and got down.



“So what now? Am awake!”, I asked and she frowned.



“Are you kidding me? It’s our resumption day!”, She screamed out happily.



“You wanna damage my eye buds?”.



“Wait! Did you just say our resumption day?”, I asked and she nodded lightly.



I got down from the bed and screamed excitedly.



“Am gonna see my Jason! Am gonna see my Jason!”, I sang happily.



“Yah! Are you only happy because of Jason? What about school funs? Gists? And so on!”, She yelled.



“I only think about Jason!”, I said and smiled.



“Whatever!”, She scoffed.



“Okay! I’ve really missed school funs! Gists! Crazy Lisa! And everything!”, I shouted and she smiled.



“Lisa? Humph! Am gonna teach that bi**h a big lesson this session!”, She mumbled angrily.



“One! Two! Ready? Tada-aa!!!…”, She shouted and the door opened widely.



Two maids walked in, holding my school Uniform.



“Ahhh!”, I shouted overwhelmingly.



“Mom bought us new school uniforms”, Lina squealed.



“Really? Awwn!”.



“Take it to the dressing room!”, I ordered the maids.



“Yes my lady!”.



I smiled but it faded immediately.



Lina looked up at me and asked:



“What is it?”.



“My phones, laptops…”, I said sadly.



“Hey don’t give me that look. I’ll borrow you my second phone till mom return yours, okay?”.



“Thanks Lina!”, I hugged her tightly.



“You…are…choking…me!”, She said breaking the words.


I pulled away.






“So, let’s rock it baby!”, She shouted.



“Yeah baby!”, I replied and we did a high-five.



“It’s almost 7, keep screaming and get late to school!”, We heard Bon’s voice.



His head was popped into my room with the door slightly opened.



I frowned and he left.



“Imbecile!”, I mumbled and hissed.



“Ugh! I wonder how I got stucked between you guys!”, Lina muttered and I rolled my eyes.



She giggled and rushed out of my room.



I also ran into my bathroom to freshen up.














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