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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 60


Lucian had been both excited and worried for the last few days. Excited because his child was coming into this world soon and worried because he was afraid to



lose his wife to childbirth. Hazel was the only thing that kept him happy and sane. He could not live without her. But last week she had been in so much pain and many times he thought she was about to give birth.


Not being able to do anything for her Lucian felt helpless.


“Don’t worry. She won’t die. She has demon blood in her veins now.” His mother assured him when she noticed his concern.




Still, he didn’t like to see Hazel suffer and many times she looked like she was going to die. Especially when he heard her screams on the day she was giving birth.




“Your Majesty. It’s better if you stay outside.” The midwife advised him but he didn’t listen.


He wanted to be beside Hazel. How could he leave her when she was in so much pain? But after witnessing the whole situation of giving birth his head began to spin. He tried to keep his calm and be there to support his wife but soon, he was losing it.


“You have to push, Your Majesty.” The midwife told her.


“I don’t want to anymore. Just take it out!” Hazel yelled.


The situation became more stressful and Lucian was tense the whole time while he held Hazel’s hand.


“There is not much left. Just one more push.”


The veins in Hazel’s neck and forehead popped out as she pushed one last time before her head fell back with a sigh and the baby’s cry filled the room. At first, Lucian didn’t pay attention to the child. He just looked at Hazel to ensure that she was alright. He was not going to let her leave him.



After a few deep breaths, Hazel reached her arms out eagerly to hold their child. It was like she didn’t care about her own condition and just wanted to see the baby.


When the midwife placed the child in her arms a smile lit up her face.




Finally, Lucian felt his muscled relax after being tense the whole day. Now he just stared at the beautiful sight in front of him. His wife alive, holding his child. The world went suddenly still and everything around them faded. All that mattered and all he could see was the two most important people in his life. The ones who made living through hell worth it.


It was the happiest moment in his life, or so he thought before Hazel placed their daughter in his arms. His chest felt heavy with joy and his eyes became wet with tears. He didn’t want to let go of her. He never wanted to let go of this feeling. The feeling of holding her. The feeling of being in heaven.


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If he was his mother’s light, then his daughter was his heaven. What more could he ask for?


“Your Majesty. I need to bath her.” The midwife said with a pleading look when he didn’t want to let go of her.


Hazel chuckled. “Yes, and I need to feed her.”


“Yes, yes of course.”


He handed her over to the midwife carefully.


Oh, he never wanted to let go.


But he had a lifetime to spend with these two precious people and he began by spending time with them today. He was still very emotional and all he wanted to do was hold them both. As they lay in their bed Lucian leaned in and placed a kiss on Hazel’s forehead.



“Thank you for this beautiful gift.” He said and then looked at their daughter who was sleeping between them.


“Hmm…” Was all Hazel said as she was falling asleep as well. He could see the exhaustion on her face.


Lucian kissed her on the cheek one more time before slowly getting out of bed. His mother had kept her distance, probably letting them have their time together but Lucian knew she was very eager to see her grandchild.


Slowly he lifted Heaven form the bed and carried her to his mother’s room. On his way, he got even more emotional. After seeing Hazel go through childbirth he understood the pain his mother went through. He understood the love of a parent and the strong desire to protect their child. He even understood why his father wanted to kill him. Not because he hated him, but because he wanted to save him.


And many times during his childhood Lucian had actually preferred death over living in utter loneliness. If he hadn’t met Hazel he would still have that wish.


Lucian knocked on the door to his mother’s room and before the second knock his mother opened the door already with a big smile on her face. Her gaze fell on Heaven in his arms and without a word, she leaned closer to take a closer look. She couldn’t even wait until he came in.


“Do you want to hold her?” Lucian asked.


Irene nodded and then slowly he placed Heaven in her arms. What happened after he couldn’t quite explain but it was a magical moment. His mother holding his daughter was a picture he never thought he would see and this picture was breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time. Knowing that his mother never got the chance to hold him long when he was born was the heartbreaking part. He couldn’t imagine living without Heaven so he understood his mother’s pain.


Irene broke down in tears but Lucian knew they were tears of joy. “She is so beautiful.” She sobbed. “She looks just like you but she has my eyes.”



Heaven had woken up but she wasn’t crying. She seemed to look at Irene curiously with eyes green as emerald. Yes, she had the exact same eyes as his mother.


Lucian just sat and watched as Irene adored her granddaughter, singing her songs, kissing her and talking to her. He never thought that a child could bring so much happiness to a whole family.


Suddenly Heaven began to cry. “She is hungry now,” Irene said.


“Yes, I should take her Hazel,” Lucian said standing up.


Irene placed Heaven in his arms still unable to look away from her. “Grandma will see you later.” She whispered the turned to Lucian. Grabbing his face she kissed both his cheeks.


“I am lucky to have you both.” She smiled.


Lucian leaned down and placed a kiss on his mother’s forehead. He had wanted to do that since he saw what a mother went through to bring a child into this world. His respect grew for both his mother and his wife and he was lucky to have them both.


But his father, where was he? Lucian had expected him to be here to see his grandchild but he wasn’t. Once again he was disappointed. Maybe he should just stop expecting things from his father.


Feeling somehow disappointed he went back to his room. Putting the thoughts of his father aside he decided to enjoy this time with his family. He just lay in bed with them while Hazel fed Heaven. his very moment felt more intimate than anything he ever experienced and Lucian wished for it to last forever. But he knew that even more beautiful moments would come in his life now that Heaven was part of it.


Eventually, all three fell asleep. Heaven slept in her crib and Hazel slept in Lucian’s arms.



In the middle of the night, Lucian woke up feeling strange. Someone was in their room but before he could draw his weapons from under the bed his father spoke.


“It’s just me.” He said.


Lucian turned to find his father standing next to the crib where Heaven was sleeping.


“I couldn’t help myself.” His father said sounding apologetic.


Lucian removed the sheets and climbed out of bed. He went up to his father who kept standing still in the darkness.


“Why didn’t you come earlier?” Lucian whispered as to not wake Hazel and Heaven.


“I shouldn’t be here.” He said more to himself than to Lucian. Then he looked at Heaven. “Your daughter, she is beautiful.”


“Your granddaughter.” Lucian pointed out.


Lucifer kept staring at Heaven and Lucian couldn’t tell if he was getting emotional.


“Do you want to hold her?” He asked.


Lucifer’s eyes widened. “I shouldn’t.” He shook his head. Β¨


“I didn’t ask what you should. I asked what you want?”


Lucifer looked up at him. “May I?” He then asked.


Lucian could hear the excitement in his father’s voice and his hands shook slightly as he picked up Heaven carefully. From the way, he picked her up and held her Lucian could tell it wasn’t the first time his father held a child.


“I have not been a good father.” He said as he studied Heaven lovingly and held her as if she was the most precious thing in the world.



“Then be a good grandfather,” Lucian said. It was his way of saying that he forgave his father.


Lucifer looked up and met Lucian’s gaze. In those eyes, Lucian could see gratitude but also a possible beginning of a relationship between them.





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