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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 54



Lucian couldn’t stop thinking of what Roshan had said to him. He couldn’t stop recalling his mother’s sad eyes. He couldn’t stop recalling what it had felt like when she had hugged him. The way she had made him feel warm and safe. Lucian couldn’t understand why she had abandoned him but he thought that she probably had a good reason. He hoped so at least.


The sweet scent of Hazel suddenly filled the air. It made Lucian turn in bed so that he could see her. She had just changed into her nightgown and was letting her hair down as she walked toward the bed. These days she seemed to glow even more and he fell in love with her all over again.


She came and sat on her side of the bed with legs crossed. She seemed happy. “Roshan and Klara, Isn’t that amazing. They look perfect together.”




Lucian agreed. He was glad she found someone. He could still remember the pain in her eyes when he had turned down her proposal.




“Are you uncomfortable with her being here?” Hazel asked.


“No. You seem to enjoy her company.”


“I do.” She smiled. “She is stiff but she is genuine.”


That’s what he thought about Roshan. He was annoying but he was genuine. The genuine couple.


Hazel turned to him and studied him with eyes glowing with desire.


“Don’t look at me like that.” He warned.


These days she had been more craving, whether it was food or s.e.x. She had never come at him like that before, without shying away. He wondered what changed.


“Are you tired?” She asked playing innocent.



“Yes.” He said just to see her reaction.


She nodded but he could see the disappointment in her eyes. He couldn’t understand why he enjoyed this version of her so much.


“Goodnight then.” She forced herself to smile and then tucked herself under the sheets turning away from him.

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“Sleep if you are tired. Hearing your voice in the dim light makes it more difficult for me.” She admitted.


Lucian couldn’t stop smiling to himself. He was glad that he wasn’t the only one struggling to control himself sometimes. He thought of letting her experience it for a while. But Hazel was restless. She kept turning back and forth in bed unable to sleep.




Once she even called his name to see if he was awake but he pretended to be asleep.


How could he be so cruel? He thought to himself.


With a sigh, she turned the other way again.


Lucian opened his eyes. He watched her back for a while than ever so slowly he reached his hand out and trailed his fingers down her back.


“Hazel,” He shifted closer to her. She turned on her back and looked at him surprised.


“Did I wake you?” She asked.


Lucian nodded.


“I am sorry. I just…” She tried to come up with an excuse.


“You just what?”


“Nothing. It’s…too hot in here. I’ll just open the window.” She said trying to get out of bed he stopped her placing one arm over her waist.


“Hazel, it’s autumn and it’s cold outside.”


“Oh yes, I…”


He knew he was being petty, wanting her to admit what she wanted.


“I won’t bother you anymore.” She said apologetically.


“But I want you to bother me.”


It took her a while to understand what he meant and then slowly her eyes gleamed again. Lucian leaned down to kiss her unable to stop himself but to his surprise, she pushed him away and down on his back before placing herself on top of him.


Lucian was stunned by her sudden strength but didn’t comment on it. He was too caught up in the moment and didn’t want to ruin it. The way she looked at him, it was as if she had never seen him before or as if she just fell in love with him again.




Hazel leaned down, capturing his lips in a soft kiss while her hands trailed down his bare chest. The simple touch of her fingertips inflamed him but he stayed still. Tonight he would let her be in control. He was curious to know what she would do to him.




Hazel kissed a path down his jaw and neck. “You smell so good.” She murmured.


“And how do I taste?” He asked breathless.


“I’ll have to taste again,” She said before capturing his mouth again.



Lucian smiled against her lips.


“Mhmm…you taste like spices.” She said.


Spices? Not what he expected but she seemed to like it.


Hazel’s hand’s trailer down his body restlessly as if she was in a rush, then she took off the remaining of his clothes. Her eagerness was infectious so he pushed himself up and grabbed the hem of her nightgown. Hazel stretched her arms above her head making it easier for him to take it off. Despite having seen her bare body many times he felt his mouth fall open again and this time she didn’t shy away or try to cover herself up. Instead, she grabbed his shoulder and straddled him.


The warmth and softness of her made his body instantly react which caused her to smile. She grasped his hair and kissed him hungrily. He could feel her need in the kiss and in the way her hands eagerly touched him. She had no patience and he was losing his.


Grasping her hair he pulled her head back and then kissed and licked a path down her throat. His fingers trailed down her chest before cupping her right b.r.e.a.s.t. A soft m.o.a.n escaped her lips as his mouth found her other b.r.e.a.s.t. He flicked his tongue teasingly over the tip before taking it into his mouth. Hazel shuddered in his arms as her hands clutched his back.


He could feel her sensitivity. The way her body shivered with every flick of his tongue. He loved the way he could easily affect her and the way she surrendered to him completely.


Her body was flushed. He could feel her heat under his palm and the fullness of her curves and b.r.e.a.s.ts. Lucian wanted to savor the moment but his body was aching and he could no longer wait. With a swift movement, he was inside of her while she still straddled him.


A gasp escaped her lips and Lucian held onto her tightly as her warmth enveloped him, enslaved him. He was in sweet torture while trying to hold on to the last string of his control.



Hazel was still for a while letting her body adjust to his but then slowly she began to move. Lucian cupped her bottom urging her on while his mouth found her full b.r.e.a.s.ts again.


“Oh, Lucian!” Her voice was strained.


She dugs her fingers in his shoulder and began to move faster. Lucian groaned against her neck feeling his heart accelerate in rhythm with her. Her body flushed even more and her heat consumed him. He felt her body strain, her muscles clench around him before she cried out in pleasure.


Lucian was amazed. She had never climaxed this fast before. Not even when he teased her till she begged.


Hazel rested her head on his shoulder breathing heavily. Lucian stroke her back and tried to be patient despite his still hungry demon. He was not done yet.


“Are you alright?”


She nodded unable to speak. Lucian rolled her over so that she was laying on her back with him on top. He studied her for a while. She was still shaking slightly. He caressed her slowly. “Tell me when you are ready to go again.” He said grazing his fingers down her thighs. She usually needed a moment to recover. But not this time it seemed.


Reaching up she grabbed the back of his head and brought his lips down on hers. If she was so hungry he was going to give it to her without holding back. Placing himself between her legs without breaking the kiss he buried himself deep inside of her. Hazel gasped against his lips.


Lucian pinned her down and drove in and out of her until the sound of her m.o.a.ns filled the room until they both cried out in satisfaction and then fell asleep with bodies entwined under the sheets.


Lucian didn’t know how long he had been asleep when he woke up but Hazel was still in bed and awake.



“Good morning.” She smiled while tugged under the sheets.


“Good morning.” He said turning so that he lay fully facing her.


“Aren’t you late? It almost lunchtime.” She said.


Lucian groaned not wanting to think of anything else but laying in bed with his wife. “I don’t want to leave.” He admitted reaching for her under the sheets. She was still n.a.k.e.d.


Good lord. He wanted to touch her all over again as he remembers her bare body. He always thought she looked beautiful but now she was exquisite. She was fuller, more radiant and alive. She was ravishing.


“Not again, Lucian.” She beamed at him.


He was touching her under the sheets, enjoy the feel of her again.


“Why not?”


“Because I need to be able to walk.”


“Oh, but I would rather have you in bed all day.” He joked although it was partly true.


“You never get enough, do you?” She shook her head at him.


If she only knew, he thought.


Hazel sat up on the bed and then swung her legs down. “Oh god!” She groaned startled.




“Nothing.” She giggled and then stretched her limbs.



While stretching he noticed a few marks on her body. His fingers were faintly imprinted into her skin but with his preternatural sight, he could see it clearly.


He pushed himself up on one arm. “Are you in pain?” He asked worried that he might have been a little rough last night.


She turned back to him. “Just sore but starved.” She said her eyes becoming distant as if imagining something. “Oh, I am craving strawberries … or I could have meat. Yes. A lot of it.” Her eyes lit up.


Usually, she would hurry to put some clothes on but now she kept dreaming of food.


Lucian just smiled, amused by this new version of his wife.

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