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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 53


Klara and Hazel sat at the garden, watching while Roshan trained Lucian on how to fight. Klara already knew that Lucian was a very skilled swordsman, but she was very surprised at how quick Roshan was. She could barely detect his movement and he avoided every strike coming from Lucian without effort.


While fighting he was instructing Lucian on how to hold his sword, how to stand and how to strike. For someone as skilled as Lucian to receive instruction just seemed unimaginable for Klara but at the same time, Roshan’s movement was unimaginable as well. No human could move that way but again, he wasn’t human.




“Thank you for coming. I know it might feel uncomfortable.” Hazel spoke.




“No, I am fine, as long as it’s not uncomfortable for you.” She said.


Hazel shook her head. “I am glad you are here.”


Klara wondered what Hazel liked about her. She was not very friendly. She didn’t know anything about being a friend.


“So you and Roshan? Tell me about it. I am curious.” She said leaning into the table with prying eyes.


“Well, I…I don’t know where to start.” Klara looked down at her hands. She never spoke about personal things with other people than her siblings. This felt strange.


“Do you like him?” Hazel asked.


Klara nodded.


“What do you like about him?”


She turned and watched him while he spoke to Lucian.


“He is relaxed and funny and spontaneous. The opposite of what I am.” She shrugged realizing how different they were from each other.


“But he is also straightforward, and charming and a great fighter from what I see. Just like you.” Hazel smiled. “I can see you like him very much.”


“How?” Klara asked curiously.


“The way you blush and smile while you talk of him,” Hazel explained.


Klara looked down at her hands again. She had been unable to stop the bubbly feeling in her stomach since last night and her cheeks flushed every time she remembered. Which was almost every time she looked at him or spoke about him.


“So, how does it feel to be pregnant?” Klara asked changing the topic.


“It feels great so far.”


“Are you scared? I mean it’s not a human child.”


Hazel paused her eyes widening. “Roshan told you what he is?” She said with realization.


Klara nodded.


“How…I mean what do you feel about it?” She asked.


“To be honest, I was very confused and scared at first. I didn’t know what all that would mean and how it would affect my life. I just didn’t know what to do.”



“It’s normal to feel that way. I mean I had a long time to figure out and despite all the time that I had I was still shocked when I found out. It’s something you would never expect. I had all the signs in front of me but my brain refused to believe in them.” Hazel rambled.


“Yes right. That’s how I feel. It still feels unreal to me. I am just imagining him to be human.”


“Yes me too.”


They both giggled looking at their respective partners.


“I think they are laughing at you,” Roshan spoke.


“Why would they do that?” Lucian asked aiming at him again and missing again. He wanted to throw his sword away in frustration and give up. He could barely see when Roshan moved. How would he strike him then?


“Because you are a terrible fighter.”


“Then aren’t you supposed to teach me instead of laughing with them?” Lucian retorted.


“Come on! Son of the devil and a powerful witch. You are supposed to teach me and not the other way round. You are not channeling your inner strength. Power without strategy is useless.”


Lucian paused. “Do you always talk this much?”


Roshan ignored his question and continued. “When you want to do something, you think about it while channeling your inner strength. When I avoid your attacks I am not moving, I am shifting position. That’s why you can’t detect my movement. Like this.” He said and then suddenly he disappeared from his sight.


Lucian looked around wondering where Roshan disappeared when he felt someone behind him. Turning around he found Roshan standing there.





“How did you do that?” He asked. It happened so fast. Usually, when Lucian teleported himself it took time.




“Now try it,” Roshan told Lucian. “Just think of standing behind me while taking a step to do that.”


Lucian cleared his mind and then followed Roshan’s instructions. He took a step and imagined himself standing behind Roshan and just like that, he found himself shifting to where he imagined himself to be.


“See, it’s not difficult,” Roshan said impressed. “But…when you fight you have to think faster. Much faster. This is still slow.”


Roshan taught him how to move fast, how to make his movements unpredictable and a few tricks on how to easily kill demons.


“I suggest you use daggers when fighting demons. In fast movements, swords are difficult to use since they are bigger and heavier.” Roshan explained and then gave him two small silver daggers. “You can have these. They are completely new.”


“I don’t know how to use daggers,” Lucian said looking at them.


“You are the devil’s son. You will figure it out. I need to leave now and take her home.” He glanced at Klara who was chatting happily with Hazel.


“Will you come back and teach me more?” Lucian asked.


Roshan couldn’t understand how Lucian could be so sharp yet gentle at the same time. A perfect combination of his parents, he thought. Maybe that’s why he liked him.


“Only if you call me brother.” He teased knowing that it annoyed him the last time he called him that.


“I’ve had enough brothers,” Lucian said coldly.




“I don’t want a brother.” He said.


“Do you want a mother then? Have you reconciled with your mother?” Roshan asked.


“That’s none of your business,” Lucian spoke calmly but Roshan could see that he didn’t like the topic.


“I have not seen my mother in three hundred years. She left us and never came back. I looked for her everywhere thinking that maybe she got hurt or maybe she is unhappy but found that she was perfectly fine and living with her new family. She didn’t come and look for me even once. I don’t know what you have been through but I know your mother. I have been with her long enough to know that she missed you every single day.” Roshan sighed not knowing why he was telling him this. Why did he even care?


“I’ll take my leave now.” He said and left Lucian standing there alone.


“Klara, it’s late.” He said as he neared the table where she and Hazel sat.


“Are you leaving?” Hazel asked disappointment clear in her tone. They probably had an interesting conversation.


“Yes, My Lady.”


They both stood up and Hazel took the initiative to hug Klara first. Klara hugged her back, less awkward this time. “Come and visit some other time.” She told her.


“I will,” Klara replied.


Once they arrived back in her room Klara still had her arms wrapped around him and didn’t let go. Roshan looked at her but did his best to not read her thoughts.



Because Only God knew what he was going to do to her if she was thinking something naughty.


“Thank you for taking me out today.” She smiled at him. “I had fun.”


“I am glad.”


“Will you stay tonight? I want you to stay.” She said without blushing this time.


She was getting bold. Let’s see how bold she can get, he thought to himself amused.


“What are you willing to offer in order for me to stay?” He asked.


Her expression turned serious. Something he didn’t expect. “Roshan. I am willing to give myself to you entirely. Just… don’t break my heart.”


Roshan tightened his hold around her. He wanted to go back and fight Lucian for real this time for breaking this woman’s heart. He didn’t know what to say to convince her that he had no plans of breaking her heart or leaving her. Ever!


“Klara,” He grabbed her face gently and like every time he said her name her heart skipped. He loved the effect he had on her. “Then give yourself to me, entirely and eternally.”


His hand slid to the back of her head. Grabbing her hair he tilted her head back slightly. Leaning down he grazed his fangs against her neck, just to warn her of what he was about to do.


Claim her! Make her his. Forever!


Klara didn’t flinch back, nor did she push him away. She simply leaned into him as if approving and without hesitation, Roshan sank his fangs into her flesh.


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