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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 57


“You handled the witches very well,” Roshan told Lucian.


“I know,” Lucian said.


“Arrogant bastard,” Roshan muttered which caused Lucian to smile.


“I learned that from you.” He said.


“I am not arrogant.” Roshan denied.


Lucian raised a brow. “You are. But in a tasteful way.”


“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”




Roshan chuckled. “You are becoming more fun to be around.”


Lucian came to a halt. “Roshan. I need to know everything about demons.”


“You are going to meet them?”



Lucian nodded. Before it was too late he wanted to solve all his problems and then just enjoy his time with his wife and child.


Roshan took his time and told him everything. From the creation of demons, how they came to rule different parts of the world, the war between themselves and how they became enemies with the witched. He also told him about different powers that demons could shield, how the rank system of demons worked and weaknesses he could use against them.




“Look demons are simple. They are not speakers so don’t try to convince them with words. Use actions to communicate.” Roshan suggested. “And don’t be afraid. I am here.”




Lucian felt a strange feeling in his chest at Roshan’s words.


“Why are you helping me?” He asked.


Roshan tilted his head slightly and narrowed his gaze. “I am glad things are going well between you and your mother. I don’t even remember what my mother looks like anymore. It has been a very long time since I saw her last. Irene is like a mother figure to me. She is the one to always ask if I ate well or slept well and when I come late or get myself into trouble like I always do, she is the one to scold me. Of course, there is my father and we are very close but he is a troublemaker himself. ” He chuckled.


“That was a long answer to my question,” Lucian said.


Roshan chuckled again. “I am saying you matter to me because you matter to Irene.”


Lucian already knew what he meant. Maybe he just hoped to hear something else.


“Now, are you ready to leave?”


Lucian nodded.

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Roshan was a bit concerned. He didn’t know what Lucian had in mind but he knew what he had to do. If anyone tried to hurt Lucian he would get rid of them. Without hesitation. Once Lucian was ready Roshan took him to the underworld as they called it. It was a place where demons liked to spend most of their time, but it was also were the lords of the demons ruled their subjects. And it was those lords that Lucian was going to meet. If he had the lords fearing him then he would have the subordinates fear him as well.


“Where are we going?” Lucian asked confused as they walked through a dark tunnel. They could hear laughter and instruments playing in the distance and the stench of liquor filled the air.




“We are going to a brothel. There is nothing demons enjoy more than women and liquor.”




When they came to the end of the tunnel there was a large door blocking the way. The door opened by itself as if it knew that they were there. Roshan walked in and Lucian followed.


Half-n.a.k.e.d women walked all around the place, some of them swinging to the music, others carrying alcohol around and serving some guests.


“Lord Ramiel. Long-time no see. Are my woman not enticing enough anymore?” A woman in less revealing clothes came forward and greeted them. Lucian could tell she was a demon from her elegant movements and extremely good looks.


“Lady Tania. Your women are enticing but you know I am insatiable.” Roshan replied.


Tania chuckled. “That I know.” Then she shifted her gaze to Lucian and tilted her head. “And who is this lovely man?”


“I am Lucian,” Lucian said as if that was enough for her to know who he was.



Tania pretended to shiver and wrapped her arms around herself. “Ohh…even your voice is delicious, young man.” She said in a seductive tone.


Now the other women had gathered as well and were eying him with fascination.


“I’ll give you a ride for free.” One of them called and winked at him.


“I’ll give you a ride you and pay you for it.” Another one called and they all giggled like little excited girls.


“Alright now. Everyone, go back to work!” Tania called giving them a stern look. “Oh, you make everyone excited.”


“I am not here for women,” Lucian said.


“I know. You are already taken. I can smell her scent on you.” She smirked. “So what brings you here?”


“We are here to meet some of your most precious guests,” Roshan said.


Tania frowned. “I hope there will be no fight.”


“I hope the same.” Was Roshan’s short reply.


Tania led them further in, through several rooms and halls as if she was taking them to a secret place. Then when they arrived in front of a door she motioned for them to wait as she walked inside alone. After a short while, she was back and gestured for them to go in. Roshan walked in first and Lucian followed. He was surprised to find that the room they walked into looked just like one of the rooms in a castle and didn’t give a feeling of being in a brothel. It was clearly made for special guests and those guests sat in antique furnishings, wearing the most luxurious clothes and drinking the most expensive liquor, all while being surrounded by n.a.k.e.d women.


Women who forgot all about them as soon as they laid eyes on him. Before he could ignore their l.u.s.tful gazes Roshan gave them a nod to leave and just like that, obediently they left.



“Ramiel! Why are you ruining all the fun?” One of the four men spoke. Clearly, they knew each other. “And who is that?”


They all turned to Lucian, studying him carefully as if he was some unknown creature. Oh yes, he was. Probably the first of his kind.


“This is Lucian. I am sure you heard of him.”


The man was about to take a sip from his drink when he suddenly paused. His gaze turned slowly into one of anger and disgust. Roshan ignored their reactions and continued with his introduction.


“And this is Antoine…” He said gesturing toward the man who had spoken. “Valentine, Erez, and Davor.”


“You brought a witch here?” Antoine asked with a venomous tone while tightening his hold around the wine glass in his hand. Lucian could tell he would break it soon.


“Yes, a witch and the devil’s son,” Roshan said as a reminder.


That somehow made Antoine calm down a bit, or more correctly force himself to calm down.


He turned his gaze to Lucian, still disgust clear in his eyes. “If you came here to ask us to stand by your side against the witches then don’t waste your time.” Pretending to ignore him he took a sip of his wine.


Lucian didn’t let Antione’s actions affect him. “Who said I came here to ask?”


Everyone looked at him confused. Even Roshan. “I came here to command.”


Oh no, was the first thing Roshan thought but at the same time, he couldn’t help but think oh yes. He liked fights after all and now Lucian had provoked some demon lord.



Antione was quiet for a moment as if trying to digest what Lucian said then he burst out into laughter. The others joined him.


Eventually, Antione stopped laughing when Lucian didn’t react. Putting his glass down he stood up from his seat and walked up to Lucian. When they stood face to face he grabbed Lucian’s jaw harshly.


Roshan didn’t interfere. He wanted to see how Lucian would handle the situation.


“Listen to me kid. How old are you? Twenty-four? Twenty-five? Do you know how old I am? I am three hundred years. Three hundred! And you, a kid, dare to command me. Did you think I would fear you because of your father? He doesn’t care about you.” He spat.


Lucian didn’t flinch all the time Antoine spoke in his face. Instead, he let him finish talking and then grabbed Antoine’s arm in a firm grip. The evil gaze Roshan had seen before returned in Lucian’s eyes as he slowly removed Antione’s hand away from his jaw.


“You shouldn’t fear me because of my father. You should fear me because I am his son.”








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