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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )


By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





Setting: South Korea



Chapter 1



Candy’s POV



The guards opened the door and I got down from my car.


“Yah! Candy, do we really need to come here every week? Mom will ground us again!”, Lina shouted as she also got down from the car, struggling with her heels.


“Whatever!”, I waved my hand and removed my sunglasses.


I let out a heavy sigh and pouted my s£xy lips.


The staffs rushed out and bowed a little.


“Miss, welcome!”, The manager said and I smiled.


“Aww, you’re extraordinarily beautiful today!”, One of the staffs cooed and I winked at her.


“Thanks!”, I muttered and they paved way as I walked into the building.



Some where even taking my pictures.


Well, am not a celebrity but to some people, am a model.


People just love my fashion sense.


As in, it’s dope!


I am just a seventeen years old high school girl.


My name is Choi Candy, in grade 11 going to grade 12 next school session which is tomorrow.


Yeah! Tommorow is the school resumption day!


I can hardly wait to go back to school.


Emperor Tan High School, one of the most prestigious school in Asia.


I’ve been attending this school since kindergarten.


And my sweet crush…awwn, heir of Emperor Tan High School, Jason Tan.


The chairman’s only son.


I can’t even describe him!


He is damn beautifully handsome!


But he can chase after anything wearing skirt, even if it was a tree!





That’s Jason Tan for you, he is a playboy.


Handsome, famous, rich and everything!


Just name it…



He is every girl’s dream!


South Korea heart!


Asia face!


Well, he won the award for Asia face last year and this year.


He is the most beautiful young guy in Asia, currently!


Just one snap of his fingers and everything will bow down to his wish and command.


He inherited his wealth from his ancestors.


Descendant of Emperor Tan of Joseon Dynasty.


They have numerous schools in different countries, financial companies, estates, mansions, Phone production company (Emp-Tan), shareholding companies among others.


Emperor Tan High School is only for rich kids.


Most of our parents are business partners.


Well, Jason’s other gangs are Kang JeoGi known as J.G, Han ChanSoo and Choi Bon.


They are all handsome rich playboys and childhood friends.


But Jason is extraordinary!


But how embarrassing!


Choi Bon, Jason’s close friend, is my twin brother.


Just like Jason, he chases after anything wearing skirt.



Annoying twin bro I gat!



And me?


Emperor Tan High School queen bee!


Every boy’s dream!


Beautiful and s£xy! Glowing fair skin with long ebony silk hair.



Crazy fashion sense, spoilt fella , cheerful and crazily rich!



And my childhood friend, Fang Lina!


Partner in crime, beautiful and cute, gossip freak, insanely rich!




Min Lisa!


Emperor Tan High School saucy girl!


She is rude, arrogant and beautiful, I must admit.


I hate her guts like sh**!


I don’t even know why I hate her. Ever since childhood, we always have one problem or the other.


I am crazier and she is the craziest.


I can’t wait to resume school tomorrow!


“Miss, we have the lastest fashion dresses, bags and shoes. And the body lotion you ordered for, it was imported yesterday from Paris”, the manager stated, trailing behind me and Lina beside me as we walked in.


“Really?”, I asked.


“Yes Miss!”.


We entered the clothes section.


“Wow! These dresses are super fab!”, I exclaimed, checking them out.


“Candy! Mom will skin you alive!”, Lina whispered into my ears.


“Ah! Manager!”, I called.


“Yes Miss!”, She replied.


“I’ll buy all the dresses! And don’t forget the body lotion!”, I said and they gasped.


“Candy!”, Lina exclaimed.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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Yeah! That’s me!


I can even buy this whole shopping complex.


“Yes Miss!”.


“Why do you need to buy all these dresses? Mom will…”, I interrupted her.


“Lina, tommorow is our resumption day!”, I said.


“So? It’s not like you will wear them to school. We’ve our school uniforms!”, She shouted.


“Well, I can wear them to school if I want! After all, Jason and his friends seldomly wear their uniforms!”.


“His dad is the owner”.


“And Bon? J.G? and ChanSoo?”, I asked.


“They’re his friends!”.


“And I’m his friend’s twin sister and his girlfriend-to-be!”.


“Whatever!”, I shrugged and walked out.


After I bought some bags and shoes, I slipped my credit card out of my hand bag and gave the manager.


They deducted the payment from it and gave it back to me.


“We’ll deliver them right away miss!”, The manager said and I nodded.


“Lina, let’s go!”, I dragged her out of the building.


She sighed heavily.


“I need to make my last wish!”, She said and I raised my eyebrows.


“Why?”, I asked.


“Because today might be my last day on Earth”.




“Mom will skin us alive and cook our dead bodies to feed the security dogs”.


“Why would she do that?”, I asked again.


“Stop asking stupid questions! The credit card! The dresses! The shoes! And bags!”, She lamented.


“Stop panicking over minor troubles!”, I scoffed.


“Minor troubles? That’s what you always say! You always drag me into big troubles instead!”, She shouted.


“That’s why you are my partner in crime!”, I winked at her and entered the car.


“Can…dyyyy…”, She pouted.


“I wonder how I became your friend!”, She huffed and also entered the car.


“Since first day of our life!”, I said and smiled.


Yeah, that is right!


Lina and the twins (me and Bon), were born on the same day and same hospital.


My mom and hers are really close childhood friends.


They are like sisters which also makes her my sister.


“If only time could be reversed!”, She muttered and I blinked my eyes.


That’s my bestie for you!





After we left the shopping complex, we drove around the city, had fun before we went back home.


Lina and I walked into the mansion.


We entered the sitting room on the first floor and found shopping bags arranged on the marble floor.


“You bought all these!”, Lina whispered to me.


This is the first sign that there is trouble, big one to be precise.


Lina warned me.


I looked up and saw my mom climbing down the stairs, beautifully dressed with her dazzling heels making loud noises on the marble floor.


I swallowed hard.



“We’re dead meat!”, Lina whispered again, hiding behind me.


Mom smiled and moved closer to me.


“Shopping ladies!”, She said and looked at the shopping bags.


She laughed briefly and it faded to a frown.


This is doom!


“Candy! You’re grounded!”, She said loudly and it took some seconds before I could digest that sentence.


As in, am grounded!


“No more internet devices for one month, even your earphone! And you credit card…!”, She said and paused.




“Mom!”, I groaned.


“Am going to New York for a business trip, I’ll be back after 3 days. Lina, please take good care of her and yourself”, she said and turned to leave.


“Sure mom!”, Lina replied and I scoffed.


“Am not a baby!”, I muttered.


“Yes you’re”, she whispered to me and I glared at her.


“Mom please! Just give me the credit card!”, I pleaded but she walked away.


“Humph! Annoying!”, I mumbled and I heard Lina chuckled.


I glared at her again.



“Serves you right! But thank goodness, am safe!”, She stuck her tongue out at me.


“You crazy girl!”, I yelled and she laughed.


“Ah! Can I really survive this?! Heaven Lord, help me!”.


“Huh! I can feel the nice vibe in here!”, I heard that annoying imbecile’s voice.


“How dare you mock me CHOI BON!”, I shouted and turned to him.


He smirked and gasped.


“Wow! All these! Who bought all these?”, He asked, checking my shopping bags.


As if he doesn’t know, he just wanna mock me.


“Hey sis! I didn’t saw you when I entered”, he said, feigning innocence.


“You immature imbecile!”, I cursed.


“Language!”, He snapped his fingers and smirked again.


That annoying smirk girls drool for.




I slumped on the floor and faked crocodile tears.


“Today should be perfect so that tommorow can be fab!”, I mumbled to myself.


My phones!


My laptops!


My earphones!




“Mom! Just kill me already!”, I yelled and Bon laughed.



“You jerk!”.


I just dislike this twin brother of mine, he is so frustrating!


“Hey Lina!”, He said and winked at her.


I’m sure she is already drooling.


“Awwn, Bon cutie”, she cooed.




I turned to them and watched as they flirt, as usual.


I scoffed and stormed away, leaving for my room.






Jason’s POV



Well, I spent my holiday at Ireland and came back to South Korea last week since the school resumption day is this week.


That was how I met an Angel after I arrived.


Actually, the day I arrived, I decided to take a walk around the city.


I saw some guys harassing a young beautiful lady.


I saved her from them, not after I taught them a big lesson.


I don’t even know, I just felt attracted to her.



Don’t judge me yet, no string attached, she is not my type.


What I mean is that she is a commoner.


I just wanna get under her skirt and pay her off.


No string attached!


And I, Jason Tan, can do anything to get any lady I want.


I ordered my investigator to carry out her background info and that was how I got to know her name.


Kim Jennie!


That’s her name.


She lives with her little sister and mother.


Her father died 5 years ago after a minor disease.


I know her home address and everything.


That’s me!


She is my new target.


I just want her on my bed coz she is damn s£xy.


I ordered for her scholarship to Emperor Tan High School so that I can get what I want from her.


Though Emperor Tan High School doesn’t give out scholarship, it’s a prestigious school, but that’s my decision and it’s final!


She will gladly accept the scholarship since she needed it, not knowing my aim.


I guess I’ll meet her at school tomorrow.



I hope she won’t be hard to get.


No lady has ever reject me, rather they plead to me to have them!










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