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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 51


Klara woke up looking forward to her day after such a long time. Her body ached sweetly from last night’s activity and her cheeks grew hot as she remembered the details. Oh lord, how could she have behaved that way?


Slowly she turned in bed expecting to find Roshan sleeping next to her but to her surprise and disappointment, he wasn’t there.


Sitting up she looked around. He was nowhere to be seen. For some reason, her heart raced and her stomach turned.


“Roshan.” She called.


But no one answered.




Nothing again. Her heart tightened making it hard for her to breathe. Her eyes stung, tears threatening to run down her cheeks like rivers. She wrapped her arms around herself as if that would take away the pain.


“Roshan.” She croaked as tears began to fall down her cheeks.




How did this happen? He had used her and left her. How could he do this to her?


Why did she trust him so easily?


She was stupid, a fool and a moron.


“Oh, God!” She cried burying her face in her hands.


“Klara.” She heard Roshan’s voice through her cry.


Shocked, she looked up. Roshan stood in her room with a concerned look on his face.


Klara got hastily out of bed, holding the sheets around her body with one arm.


“Where have you been?” She asked angrily.


“I was…” He looked down a bit embarrassed. She had never seen him like that before. “I brought flowers.” He said raising his hand in which he held a bucked of pink roses. “I wanted to surprise…”


Before he could finish his sentence she threw an apple at him that she grabbed from the basket on the table next to her.


“You idiot!” She screamed as she threw it on him.


Roshan catched it before it hit his face. He stared at her appalled.



Quickly Klara grabbed another fruit from the basket and threw it on him. “Arse!”




He dodged it swiftly, but another one already flew his way. “You fool!” She screamed.


He dodged it again.


Now a pineapple came his way. She was really angry. “Stupid demon!”


Roshan sliced the pineapple with his dagger in the air. Klara stared at him furiously.


Roshan looked around at the wasted fruits on the ground. “Princess, no need to waste food if you don’t like roses.”


She threw on more fruit at him before turning her back to him as more tears fell down her face. How could he not understand how she felt? He had scared her!


Roshan wrapped his arms around her from behind. She tried to push him away but he held her tightly.


“I am sorry.” He spoke against her hair. “I shouldn’t have left but I needed some air to not bite you in your sleep. But I am disappointed in you. Do you think so low of me, that I would leave after our first night?”




Klara didn’t know what she had been thinking. Why did she imagine the worst?


Why did she believe that everyone would leave her?


“I am sorry.” She apologized suddenly embarrassed of her behavior.


Roshan turned her around, grabbing her face he made her look at him. “Klara. If you are going to trust me then trust me all the way.” He wiped her tears away with his thumb.


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“Good. Now I have another surprise for you. ” He said.


“What is it?” She asked.


“A surprise.” He grinned. God, he knew how to annoy her. “You can look forward to it during the day but I need to leave to prepare it.” He explained.




“Yes.” He nodded.


“Alright.” She agreed slightly disappointed.


Leaning down he kissed her in a way that made her go weak in the knees. “I’ll see you later.” And before she could catch her breath he was gone.


Roshan arrived at his father’s home. He should have called it his own home but he had been staying with Irene and Lucifer for so long that this place didn’t feel like his home anymore.


“Ramiel!” His father cheered upon his arrival. As usual, his father was surrounded by women and liquor. “Come and join us.”


The women observed him and then nodded in appreciation. Roshan was used to it so he just ignored them.


“Father, I need to speak to you.”


“Oh,” His father took a sip of his whine. “What makes my son concerned?” He asked.


Roshan manipulated the women to leave.


“Ah, it’s a woman.” His father grinned. “I knew you liked that blonde.”


“I don’t just like her. She is my mate.”


His father put his glass down as his expression turned serious.


“A human? I was expecting….” He waved his hand in which he held his glass of


wine. “Nevermind. Congratulations son!”


“Thank you, but I need your help!”


“Finally you ask for my help. What is it?”


“Her brother won’t let her marry anyone so….” Roshan began.


“Anyone?!” His father cut off. “Who said you are anyone? You are my son. That is not just anyone.”




Roshan wasn’t sure if his father was complimenting himself or him.




“You are rich, handsome, powerful, the highest class of demons. What more can he ask for?”


Roshan shook his head. His father was clearly intoxicated.


“Well, telling him that I am the highest class of demons will not help me in any way.” Roshan reminded.


“Yes right. Then…what’s the problem? Just get inside his head.” His father suggested.


“That’s why I am here. I don’t want to do that.”


“Then I’ll do it.”





His father chuckled. “You care too much son. Just don’t get your heart broken…like me. Maybe it’s good that she is human.”


His father’s mood suddenly went down the hill. Both of them always avoided speaking of his mother.


“Father, will you help me or not?”


“Of course, of course.” His father waved.


“Good. I have a plan.”




Klara tried to think of what kind of surprise Roshan was preparing. What kind of surprise would need this much preparation? It was already past lunchtime and he still hadn’t come back.


Wait! Was she was being too much? She had been doing nothing but thinking about him and waiting for him. What was wrong with her? She had a lot to do. She had a war to plan.


“Ugh,” she groaned.


“What is wrong?” Her brother stood at the door with a smile. He seemed to be in a good mood.


“What is wrong or right with you?” She asked.


“I am just glad I have a sister like you.” He smiled.


Klara frowned not sure where her brother was going with this. What had she done to make him happy?


Rasmus walked into the room and sat at the table in front of her. “Now tell me…” He said leaning in. “Just how did you find us such a powerful ally? How did you even get hold of him?”



“What ally? What are you talking about?” Klara was confused.


“Oh come on. I know everything already. He is already on his way.”


“Who is on his way?” Astrid interrupted their conversation.


“The richest man of the five kingdoms. Dariush Golchin. He helped the king of Shinai to unite the five kingdoms and that’s how the Persian empire came into existence. He is the right man to help us.” Rasmus explained.


Shinai? Persian empire?


Oh lord! It was Roshan!


“I am impressed, Klara.” Her brother said with pride.


“But why would he want to help us?” Astrid asked skeptically. “I am sure he will ask for something in return. Something we probably don’t want or can’t give, since he is so rich and would probably have everything else.”




Astrid was always the one to think ten steps ahead. Suddenly Rasmus became thoughtful.


“What did you tell him, Klara?” He asked sternly.


“Nothing!” She hurried to say. “I mean… I am…I am not sure why he wants to help.”


It was true. She wasn’t sure if this was Roshans doing. It was only a feeling she had and she could be wrong.


“Anyway, both of you be prepared for his arrival. He will be here very soon.” Rasmus told them before leaving.


Klara panicked. If this was Roshan than what was he planning?



“You look like you have seen a ghost,” Astrid noted.


How about a demon? Klara thought.


“Do you think he wants you?” Astrid asked. “I think he does. He must have seen you somewhere. Have you seen him?”


“Astrid, I need to prepare myself so if you will excuse me.” Klara motioned toward the door telling her sister to leave.


“Rude,” Astrid said flipping her hair and then leaving.


Klara paced back and forth in her room, not sure what to prepare for and before she could even get her thoughts together she was informed that Dariush Golchin had arrived.


Slowly she made her way to the parlor and found her brother sitting with two other men. She knew both of them.


It was Roshan and his father!


Her brother laughed at something Roshan’s father said when he took notice of her.


“Oh, here is my sister. Come.”


Klara walked inside gracefully and tried her best to keep a straight face. Once she was close enough she curtsied, while her brother introduced them.


“This is the famous lord Golchin and his… son Roshan. And this is my sister Klara.”


From the way, Rasmus said son she knew he had a hard time understanding how they could be father and son. They looked more like brothers.


“Thank you for honoring us with your presence,” Klara spoke and then got seated in one of the armchairs.



“As you know we don’t discriminate between men and women. ” Rasmus began. “My sister is also a war minister, therefore, she is here. I hope that won’t be a problem.”


“Not at all. I admire the fact that Her Highness is active in politics.” Dariush admitted.


Rasmus nodded “I’ll be straightforward. What is it you want in return for your help?”


Speaking of being straightforward, “Your sister.”


Rasmus tilted his head slightly and narrowed his gaze. He usually did that when he didn’t like what he was hearing. “Both of my sisters are unfortunately betrothed.” He lied.


Klara panicked. She was not betrothed to anyone.


Dariush lips curved into a cryptic smile. “Since you said you don’t discriminate between men and women I am sure you would let your sister decide whether she wants to break the engagement or not. I am sure your sister is smart enough to know which engagement will bring more benefits to her and the kingdom.” He spoke while looking at Klara.


“You are willing to accept my sister despite her having been betrothed to another man?” Rasmus asked a bit appalled.


“It’s not me who is willing to accept. It’s my son.”


Rasmus nodded thoughtfully as he shifted his gaze to Roshan. “Why would I give my sister to you?”


“Because you care for her. You raised her to be a strong woman who can make a difference.


I won’t let everything you taught her go to waste.” Roshan promised.



Rasmus seemed a bit impressed. He turned to Klara and looked at her for approval.


She looked down shyly.


“Since you said she is wise enough to make a decision I’ll let her decide,” Rasmus said surprising her.


Klara was so happy she wanted to rush and hug her brother but all she could do was smile at him.


“Fair enough.”




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