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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 37


“Is something wrong?”


Lucian forced back his anger and tears. He didn’t want to make her worry anymore.


He shook his head. “No, nothing is wrong. I just remembered that I have to be somewhere.”


She nodded. “I understand.”


No she didn’t. Even he couldn’t understand.


“I’ll be back, wife.” He forced himself to smile.


“I’ll be waiting.” She smiled back.


Leaving Hazel behind Lucian took his horse and rode far away. He didn’t know where he was going but he just needed some air. Or maybe a lot of air. The pain and the tears were choking him and he felt like screaming out loud.



Once he neared a cliff he stopped and looked down. Beneath the cliff was a river. Lucian stared at it emptly for a while wonderign what it would feel like if he jumped. Would the water wash away his pain?




He climbed down the horse and sat at the edge of the cliff. He felt empty as he listened to the flowing water but soon tears began to fall down his cheeks. He couldn’t hold it in anymore so he let it all out.




Irene stood behind a tree and watched her son cry alone. When she found out that he had regained his memory, she had followed him afraid he would do something stupid. But here he was, alone and in tears. She could feel his pain and wanted to take it all away. Unable to just watch she went to him and ever so lightly she put one hand on his shoulder.


Lucian didn’t react. He probably knew she was there all the time and that he didn’t bother to look told her how much pain he was in. She crouched to his level and wrapped her arms around him and began to stroke his back. Oh, how long she had waited to hold him and now he was finally in her arms. She had expected him to pull away but he didn’t. He just kept crying.


Irene wanted to tell him that it wasn’t his fault but she knew he wouldn’t listen so she just held him until he calmed down.


“Lucian. I can take away your pain if you let me.” She said once he calmed down.


He shook his head. “I don’t deserve it.”


She grabbed his face gently in her hands and made him look at her. “You do. You deserve all the happiness in this world.”


He just looked at her for awhile. His eyes swollen and red from the crying.


“Why did you leave me?” He suddenly asked.



Irene could see the desperation in his eyes but she could also see that he was losing hope. The flames in them seemed to die away slowly and that made her heart ache. She would not let him give up.


“I never did. I would never leave you. You were taken away from me.” She explained.




He looked at her as if trying to figure out if she was telling the truth. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t believe her.




Slowly he grabbed her wrists and removed her hands from his face then he stood up. “What is your name?” He asked.


Irene was glad that he atleast asked her questions and didn’t ignore her entirely.


“My name is Nyx.” She said standing up.


Lucian stared at the woman infront of him. He couldn’t ignore his resemblance to her. She was indeed his mother and when she had hugged him earlier he never felt anything like it before. But even if she was his mother he didn’t know her and it felt strange somehow to let her hug him.


Confused about the whole situation he turned away from her and climbed his horse, then without looking back he rode away.


Nyx. He repeated her name in his mind. His mothers name was Nyx. Lucian had heard the name once even though his father or to be more correct the King had forbidden anyone to speak about her.


Riding fast through the woods Lucian pushed away his thoughts about his mother to the back of his mind. Now he had more important things to focus on, like punishing his brother.


Pierre will wish that he was dead.


Once Lucian arrived at the camp Julian met him halfways.


“Your highness. I have been looking for you.”


Lucian jumped down from the horse.


“What happened?” He asked.


“I have brought your men and…your wife has been looking for you.”


Lucian walked past Julian and made his way to the guest room. As soon as he walked inside Hazel jumped up from her seat with a fearful look on her face.


“Lucian.” She ran to him and envoloped him in a tight hug.


“What happened?” He aksed putting his arms around her.




“Where did you go? You made me so worried. I thought…” She drew back and looked at him with teary eyes. “I thought you left me.”




He grabbed her face. “Why would you think so?” and then it hit him. She knew that he regained his memory.


“Why didn’t you tell me that you remembered?”


“How did you know?” He asked.


“You called me wife. You used to call me that all the time.” She explained as tears fell down her cheeks.


“I’ll never leave you unless you tell me.” He ensured her.


No he wouldn’t. Even though he didn’t deserve her he would stay by her side if that’s what she wanted. He would do anything for her even if it caused him pain.



“You know I would never tell you that. So don’t you dare leave me, even if I tell you don’t ever leave me. Promise me Lucian.”


“I promise.” He said wiping away her tears.


Just when she was about to say something a knock on the door interrupted them.


Hazel wiped away her tears. “Your men are here.” She informed.


“Come in.” Lucian called.


Julian was the first to enter the room and he motioned for the rest to come inside. Lucians men came in one by one and Lucian took a closer look at them. They looked much healthier and stronger than last time.


“Your highness.” They all bowed at once.


“I am glad you are safe.” Lucian began. “But we are going to war soon and those of you who are still injured or recovering don’t have to participate.”


“We are all participating Your highness.” Lincoln spoke.


Lucian skimmed through everyones faces to see if anyone was objecting to what Lincoln said.


“Alright then. You will be provided with weapons and we are leaving tonight.”


They all nodded.


“Anum, I want you to make sure that no maids or servants gets hurt. Lincoln, I want you to escort princess Elsa and Levi to somewhere safe. Anywhere for now, we will discuss the details later. Declan and Ky you can escort all the females out of the castle, the rest can guide the royal army since you are familiar with the passages inside the castle.” Lucian explained.


Hazel grabbed his arm as if wanting to say something. “Lydia and Ylva” She said concerned.



Lucian knew how much Hazel cared for them. “Oliver, I want you to make sure that Hazel’s handmaids are safe.”


“I will.” He said with a nod.


“You may all leave except for Callum.”


Everyone bowed one last time and left except for Callum. Lucian turned to Hazel.


“I want you to stay by his side.” He said speaking of Callum.


He looked like the strongest one of them at the moment and he wanted Hazel to be in good hands.


Hazel nodded and then he turned to Callum. “You know what you have to do.” He said and Callum nodded.


“Good, you maye leave now.”


Lucian couldn’t wait until he got his hands on his brother.


The rest of the day passed by with preparing for battle. Lucian went around and gave instructions together with General black. Once all their plan came together they prepared for departure.


Lucian went to his room and was slipping into his armor when he sensed that he had company.


“Your highness.” Someone spoke in a mocking tone.


Lucian turned and found Roshan standing only a few feet away. He was wearing a long black coat with black shirt and trousers underneath. His hair was tied back in a half ponytail revealing his sculpted face. As usual he had that mishiouvious smirk on his face while his hands rested in his pockets.


“What are you doing here?” Lucian asked while fastening his belt.


“I came here to hunt some demons and you are a good bait.”


“Are they still after me?”


Roshan had told him that the demons wanted him dead.


“Not only them but some witched are after you as well. They witches are just more careful and they don’t like fights.” Roshan explained.


Demons and witches were after him. Lucian sighed, he could never get rest.

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“Why are you hunting demons? You are one of them.” Lucian asked.


“Let’s just say that I am indepted to someone and I like to pay my debts.”


“Have my…Nyx sent you?” Lucian asked.


“No, your mother didn’t send me but you father did.”


His father?


“I don’t need your help.” Lucian hurried to say.


“In fact you do. You can’t fight an army of humans, demons and witched by yourself. Maybe in the future when you learn your powers.”


“And you can fight them all?” Lucian raised a brow.


Roshan made his way to the handchair in the room and sat down. He swung one leg over the other.


“I am a demon slayer. I have been assassinating demons for centruies, I can do it in my sleep now. Humans are like bugs to me. I don’t even need to fight them but the witches,” He shook his head, “those creatures are complicated. Maybe you can take care of them.”



Lucian didn’t want his fathers help. His father had showed him clearly that he didn’t care.


“Or maybe your witch friend can take care of them.” Roshan said nodding toward the door and just then Julian barged inside.


“Your Highness…” He stopped halfways when his gaze landed on Roshan.


Roshan waved his hand nochalantly. “Hello.”


“He is a demon.” Julian warned putting his hand on his sword.


“I know.” Lucian said calmly.


“You didn’t tell me you were on the demons side.” Julian said accusingly.


“I am not. But I am not on the witches side either. I am guessing they want me dead.”


“I’ll take care of my people.” Julian said harshly while glaring at Roshan.




“Very good.” Roshan added then turned to Lucian. “He knows you are the devils son.” He said surprised.


When Lucian found out that witches and demons didn’t mix well he had told Julian that he was indeed the devil’s son just like the rumors. Julian hadn’t been very surprised and wanted to still help him get the throne.


“How do you know he won’t try to kille you?” Roshan asked.


“How do I know you won’t try to kill him?” Julian replied instead of Lucian.


“Because…” Roshan paused as if hesitating. “His father, the devil and my uncle would kill me.”


Wait! Now it was Lucians time to pause whatever he was doing.


This man was his cousin? But they looked nothing like each other.


“And you excpect me to believe you?” Julian asked.


Roshan stood up from his seat. “I expect nothing. But you can expect to die by my hands if you try anything stupid.” He warned flickign a dagger between his fingers. “I’ll see you.” He then told Lucian before dissapearing.


Julian turned to Lucian. “That man is dangerous. He is a very high rank demon.”


“Don’t worry. He is not here to hurt me.” Lucian assured still dazed. “Is everything ready?”




“Good.” Now it was time to give Pierre what he deserved.


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