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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 33



Lucian and Roshan arrived in front of a white mansion that loomed behind a big iron gate. The gate opened by itself and Roshan stepped inside. Lucian followed him silently until they arrived at the front door.


“Are you sure you want to meet Lucifer?” Roshan asked turning to him.


“Anything I should know before walking inside?” Lucian asked in turn.


Roshan paused for a moment as if contemplating what to say. “Nothing I can summarize.” He said then opened the door and led the way.


They walked through long empty halls with some strange paintings on the wall. Even the ceiling was painted with some dark, strange yet mysterious figures that sometimes seemed to be looking at him. They walked past several doors till Roshan stopped in front of one. This door was different from the others that were only a plain white. This one was made of old wooden with some shapes and symbols carved into it. Just like the gate the door opened by itself and Roshan gestured for him to go inside first this time.


Lucian took a moment before stepping inside, feeling a bit nervous as he looked around the big empty room. No one was there so he turned to Roshan but he was already gone and the door suddenly shut by itself.


“You came to see me?” Suddenly a cold voice spoke.


Lucian recognized this voice and as he turned back around he recognized the man standing in front of him as well. It was the silver haired man in his dreams. This time he could see him clearly. He had the coldest blue eyes Lucian had ever seen and the palest skin. It complemented his hair in a strange way, but what caught his attention the most was the man’s facial features. They were a mixture of feminine and masculine, angelic and devilish that it made you gawk in fascination yet keep a distance in fear.


Could he be the devil?


Yes. Lucian could feel his dark powerful energy.


“Yes,” Lucian began nervously. “We have met before I believe.”


“We have.” The man spoke taking a few steps forward.




This man or the devil had come to meet him before. Why?


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“I am Lucian. The seventh prince of decresh… who is believed to be dead now and before that people believed me to be the devils son.”


The devil just looked at him with no expression on his face. Lucian didn’t know what to say next so he just decided to get to the point. What he was about to ask made no sense but after everything he went through he truly believed that everything could be possible.


“Are you my father?” He said the words quickly as if he didn’t want to hear what he was saying himself.


Lucian had at least expected the devil to be a bit surprised but he wasn’t. Instead he was quite for what felt like hours before he replied.




Yes. The word echoed in Lucians mind. He had decided on his way here to not be surprised by whatever happened but he felt as though someone punched him in the gut. He felt sick, angry and confused but most of all betrayed.


The man who was claiming to be his father stood there indifferent to the whole situation. There wasn’t even a tiny bit of emotion on his face.


“Why…why would I believe you?” Lucian asked.


“You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t believe it already.” The man stated.


It was true. If the devil was his father it would explain everything that had happened to him so far. It would explain his powers, it would explain why his



father, the king hated him so much and it would explain the dark side of him, that he usually called his demon without knowing why. Everything would make sense, yet nothing made sense right now.




Why did he grow up with someone other than his father? Why did he have to endure all these years of confusion and loneliness?




Somehow Lucian knew the answer. His father didn’t want him, and here he was, looking for him like an idiot and spoiling his peace.


No one wanted him. Nor his real father nor his fake father.


“It’s true I didn’t want you but your mother did. She wants you very much.”


Lucian got even more confused. “My mother?”


Why didn’t he think about it. If his father turned out to be the devil than his mother could very much be alive.


“Yes, your mother. Her name is Nyx and she would very much like to meet you.”


“My mother…wants…” Lucian mind became a fog and his head began to throb in pain.


A part of him wanted to meet his mother, but the other part of him, the angry part didn’t want to. All those years he had spent alone and none of his parents bothered to see him so why would he want to see them now?


“I asked what I wanted to ask. Now if you will excuse me I have somewhere to be.” Lucian said before turning to leave.


The devil didn’t try to stop him and Lucian expected nothing less. He couldn’t say that he didn’t feel hurt or disappointed though.



As he walked through the halls a part of him hoped his father would come after him and at least explain why he abandoned him but he knew that wouldn’t happen. No one wanted him.


No one.




Unexpectedly a woman stood in the hall, a few feet away from him. Lucian thought he recognized her. Those green eyes, just like last time looked at him with such pain and sadness, it pained him for some odd reason.


“Lucian.” She called again carefully taking a few steps forward.


Her gaze fell on his hands and her face twisted. Lucian looked down at his hands. He hadn’t realized that his nails had grown and because he fisted his hands they had cut through his palms and blood dripped down creating a pool beneath them. It didn’t pain him at all but it seemed to pain her.


“Who are you?” he asked.


Somehow he knew who she was. Her long raven black hair that looked just like his,


her pale unblemished skin, her sharp nose and those prominent cheekbones and jawline. She looked a lot like him or more correctly he looked her.




He hoped not. He didn’t have the strength to meet his mother yet.


“You are hurting yourself.” The woman spoke looking pained.




Lucian ignored her and since she didn’t answer his question he didn’t bother to ask her again. Why would he? If she was his mother she didn’t bother to raise him so he shouldn’t care.



Lucian ignored the blood that dripped down his hands as he walked past the woman in the hall. There was a look of anguish on her face as he passed by her but it didn’t stop him from continuing further.




This time he stopped in his tracks. This voice, this scent…it was Hazel. He heard quick steps behind him and then she grabbed his hand.


“What have you done?” She said looking at his hands worriedly.


Lucian stared at her confused. What was she doing here?


“Hazel…what are you…”


“Come.” She cut him of and began to drag him.


Lucian followed trying to understand what was happening. Hazel, the woman who claimed to be his wife was staying with those who claimed to be his parents.


How did she know them when even he didn’t know them?


“Hazel, what’s happening?” He asked as she sat him down on a chair in some room. He knew she was about to bring something for his wounds but he grabbed her wrist to stop her from leaving.


“I need to treat your wounds.” She said with a deep frown.


“They are already heeling, no need. What are you doing here?” He repeated holding her carefully as to not cut her as well.


Pulling her arms away she crouched in front of him placing her hands on his knees. “Lucian…” She began looking into his eyes. “That woman…she is your…”


“Don’t.” He cut her off. He didn’t want to know who she was, he didn’t care. “I don’t want you staying here with them. Come with me.”



Lucian didn’t trust them. Yes, maybe they were his parents but what kind of parents he didn’t know.


Hazel just looked at him and this time he really wished he could read her mind.


“Alright.” She finally replied with a faint smile.




As he left his parents behind Lucian wondered why Hazel followed him so obediently. She was quite and very thoughtful on their way to somewhere. Lucian wasn’t quite sure where to take her, but taking her back to the castle was not an option.




He looked at the sky. The sun was going to rise again soon and he would meet Julian who would take him to the royal army. He could just bring Hazel with him.


“Do you want to rest for awhile?” He asked her.


She nodded and they sat down near a tree. He could actually use his powers to take them whatever he wanted, the problem was he didn’t know where so keeping her by his side wherever he was would be safest, or maybe not.


Hazel was still silent as they sat down and it made him uncomfortable since he was sure she wanted to say something.


“Alright, what is it?” He asked.


She looked at him surprised. “Nothing.”


“Hazel.” He said sternly to make her speak up.


“You don’t want to hear it, so I won’t say it until you want to.” She explained.


It was about his parents, he knew and he really didn’t want to hear it but it was getting very uncomfortable.


“I want to hear it.” He lied.


Hazel looked at him hesitantly for a while. “Your parents…they…they didn’t abandon you. They have their reasons, maybe you should hear them out.” She said flinching as if expecting him to explode on her.


“Reasons? My father looked me in the eye and told me he didn’t want me and my mother…I…I thought she was dead all this time. You don’t know how that feels.”


No, she could possible not know. As a child when his brothers were loved and cared for he had no one.


No one ever sung him lullabies or read him stories, no one ever hugged him when he had a bad dream, or run to him when he got hurt while playing. All those years of confusion about who he was or what he was, all those years of self hate and loneliness, all those years of crying alone with no one to soothe his pain, would it be erased by some explanation? No, he didn’t think so.


Why an explanation now? When he was an a.d.u.l.t and could take care of himself. They weren’t there when he truly needed them, now there was nothing they could do. The damage was already done and everytime he looked back at his childhood there was nothing pleasant that he could see.


Hazel moved so that she was sitting in front of him and between his legs. She grabbed his face in her hands gently and made him look at her. “I can’t imagine how it feels, but you never have to feel alone again. I will always be here for you. I will always want you. ”


“You don’t know that.” He said.


“That is the only thing I know.” She smiled.


Lucian reached for her face letting his fingers glide of her cheek and lips. This woman affected him in someway he couldn’t explain and in this moment he would believe and do anything she said. She had truly hypnotized him.



“What have you done to me?” His voice became suddenly low and he could feel his heart accelerating, or was it hers? He wasn’t sure.


“Nothing yet.” She breathed as her gaze fell on his lips and before he knew their lips melted together.


This kiss was nothing like the one before, it wasn’t driven by l.u.s.t. This kiss was an expression of love, a deep connection, a mutual yearning of each other. It was heavenly, sweet and tender, fading away all his pain and worries.


As he kissed her ever so softly and deeply never wanting to let go of her, he got a salty taste in his mouth. Pulling away slightly he realized that she was crying.


“Is something wrong?” He asked grabbing her face gently.


Hazel shook her head while looking down.


“Hazel.” He made her look at him. “What is wrong? Tell me.” He spoke softly.


“I can see it. Sometimes when I touch you I can see your pain and what you have been through.” She cried. “I could see when you were in that well and…”


“Shh…” He put a finger on her lips. “Don’t think about it.”


Lucian was surprised and confused. How could she see that? He didn’t want her to see anything of it. All the pain he went through in that dark well he could only imagine how horrifying it must look.


“I am in no pain. Not when I am with you, except when you cry. That pains me.” He wiped away the tears from her face and she wiped away some herself.


“I am sorry. I should have killed him. I wanted to avenge you but I failed.”


Lucians heart froze for a moment. Hazel had tried to kill his brother?


He grabbed her chin and made her look at him. “Hazel, don’t ever do that again. Ever.”



Hazel nodded. “I am sorry. I know he is your brother but he is so cruel.”


Lucian sighed and drew her into his arms hugging her tightly. She misunderstood him. “It’s not about that. I just don’t want you to get blood on your hands. I don’t want you to experience what it feels like to kill someone. Let me do all the dirty work.”


She pulled back slightly. “But I want to help.”


Lucian thought for a moment. “Well, you can.” He said.


“How?” She asked eagerly.


Lucian smiled to himself, she was too adorable at this moment. How? Kiss me he wanted to say but refrained from it.


To his surprise Hazel leaned in and pressed her lips to his.


Did he say that out loud? It didn’t matter, he was already lost in the heat.








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