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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 35


“Where are we?” Klara asked when Roshan teleported them to somewhere she didn’t recognize.


It looked like it was inside a castle or a big mansion. Klara panicked. Did he bring her here to finally do whatever he had planned to do with her from the beginning. She was sure it was something she wouldn’t like, not after what she had seen and what she believed he was.


A demon.


He had been speaking the truth this whole time and she had thought that he was only frightening her. He had said that she wouldn’t want to see what he looked like. Did he look like those men?


“Well, you said you were mine so I brought you home.” He said simply.


“I only said that to save myself. I am no ones.”


“Now you are!” He said with an authoritative tone that sent chills down her spine.


Klara began to feel afraid of him.


“My Lord.” A man dressed in servant clothes suddenly stood beside them. “Your father wants to see you.”


“I’ll be there.” Roshan said while never looking away from Klara.



The man disappeared just, like that, into thin air. Klara felt her head spin. The things she had seen today were too much and she felt as thought she was falling which maybe she was Because she felt Roshans arm around her waist.


“Are you alright?” He shook her slightly.


Klara looked into his worried eyes. Was he really worried for her? Or did he just want her alive so that he could possess her? What did demons do with human by the way?


“Klara.” He whispered her name. She realized that he never called her by her name. He usually called her princess. “I want you to trust me. Just do as I say and you will be safe.”


Trust him? How? She just found out that he was a demon. Actually not. He had told her, she just didn’t believe him. Maybe now she should, it’s not like she had a choice. He could kill her easily if she disobeyed or maybe posses her.


Once she could stand steadily on her own he let go of her but grabbed her hand instead. He led the way through some large halls until they walked into what looked like a huge diningroom. At the end of the large dining table sat a man she couldn’t see clearly because it was too far, but she could see that he wore luxurios clothes and had long silky black hair. The man stood up and started walking toward them. Once he was near enough Klara could see how much he resembled Roshan. The same bonestructure, skintone, eyecolor and even the same facial expression she noticed when he raised a brow quistioningly.




“A blonde? I see your taste have changed son.” He said looking at Klara.




“Father. I need to explain.” Roshan began but his father held up a hand to stop him from speaking any futher.


The man was strikingly beautiful just like Roshan but what caught Klara of guard was that he didn’t seem old enough to be Roshans father. In fact they seemed to be



just the same age. That had to do something with them being demons she thought and felt her head spin again.


Roshan put his hand lightly on her back.


“I know the human is not yours but you stopped another one from claiming her.” His father pointed.


“It was against her will. He wasn’t planning on manipulating her and then erasing her memory. He was enjoy the torture. If I remember correctly that is not how we do things.” Roshan said.


Manipulate? Erase memory? Klaras hans turned cold and her throat felt dry.


“Very protective I see.” His fathers lips curved into a slight smile, then he turned his gaze to Klara and she felt her heart skip a beat.


“And who are you young lady?” he asked.


Even though he had that frightening aura she decided to not be intimidated. “I am Klara Alriksson, daughter of Alrik the first and sister of King Rasmus.” She said and was glad her voice didn’t shake.


“You are the warrior princess.” He said thoughtful. “Fascinating. Beautiful and brave.”


“Thank you.” Klara forced herself to smile.


“But what is a princess doing here? If I may ask.”


Klara froze. She hadn’t thought about it before splurting out that she was a princess. She looked at Roshan for some help.


“Father, she is tired and in shock right now. I’ll show her to a room.”


“Yes of course.” Roshans father nodded then turned to Klara. “Feel at home.”



Roshan led Klara out with one hand on her back, still. She followed him obediently not wanting to stay a minute longer with his father. If she thought Roshan was dangerous than his father was deadly dangerous.




Roshan took her up a few stairs then led her inside a room before closing the door. Klara was still in shock, her mind still trying to process everything that just happened.


She felt Roshans hand caressing her back gently. “You don’t have to be scared. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He spoke gently and she felt his hot breath in her hair.


Klara turned to him, his face was close to hers, his eyes staring deep into her own. Why did she believe this man? She shouldn’t. Was it because he had been honest with her from the beginning? Still.


“You said I should be scared of you.” She reminded.


Roshan put his hand on the nape of her neck, tracing her jawline with his thumb.


“I am not a good person. I would never hurt you physically but I might manipulate you, take advantage of you or use you. That’s hurting you in some way I believe.”


“Why are you telling me this?” She asked.


“Because I don’t want to do those things, I just might not be able to stop myself everytime.”


Klara wondered what would happen if he couldn’t stop himself. How would he take advantage of her? What would he manipulate her to do? A shiver went down her spine. The thought that he could easily do whatever he wanted with her scared her, but only slightly. Strange.




“You are scared of me now.” He frowned sensing her fear.


“I should be more scared than I am.” She said honestly.



He let go of her and took a step back. “Take some rest.” He said.


“I want to go home.” She suddenly blurted. Maybe she was more scared and shocked than she thought. Demons existing and walking among them was not an easy thing to digest.


Roshans frown deepend and he seemed somehow hurt.


“Is that really what you want?” He asked.


Klara nodded.


Roshan felt a sting of pain in his heart. He didn’t like to see her so shaken up but it was somehow his fault. He should have known that she wouldn’t take it well, no humans did. Knowing that dangerous creatures existing among them made them never feel safe again. He knew she needed time to process things, she had seen to much in one day and to his surprise she hadn’t fainted. Now he wondered if he would be selfish and force her to stay here with him or let her go. The right thing would be to let her go but he didn’t want to. No he wouldn’t let her go, he would make her stay whether she liked it or not.


To his surprise he took her hand and drew her into his embrace. Maybe he wasn’t as selfish as he thought and he cursed himself for that. He knew he would regret it later but he hated to see her so frightened.


Klara was surprised when they arrived at the top of her brothers castle. He knew she had expected him to deny her and maybe that’s why he didn’t. He wanted to prove her wrong. Even though they arrived she didn’t let go of him and held him tightly and so did he. He didn’t want to let go, how could he when it felt as though she was made to be in his arms.


She looked up at him her eyes swirling with many unaswered questions and unwanted feelings. He knew she felt something for him but she didn’t want to.


“Will you be alright here? With your brother.”


“I am not sure.” She said worriedly. “But I can’t be running forever.”


She felt Roshans arm loosen around her waist and panicked. Why she wasn’t sure. A part of her felt empty when he let her go and she began to doubt her decision of wanting to come back home. But she knew she had to.


“I see you have lost you necklace.” He said reaching around his neck. He was wearing one himself but he took it off and placed it around her neck. “This works the same way. If you need me I’ll be here.”


Why? Why was he doing all this for her? She had been trying so hard to not feel anything for him but he wasn’t helping. She wasn’t ready to fall inlove again. Not after all the pain she went through. And what would it mean to fall inlove with a demon?


“I won’t be needing you. I am with my family now.” She said.


He gave her a faint smile but she had a feeling that he got deeply hurt by her words.


Why do you always have to be so harsh with your words Klara, she scolded herself.


“I am really thankful for everything.” She hurried to say. “I never thanked you before. I guess I am not a good person either.”


He put one hand lightly on her cheek. “You are wonderful, Klara.” This was the second time he said her name and it made her heart flutter.


She had just a moment ago been scared and confused but now all was forgotten as she looked into his eyes. She didn’t want him to go. She wanted him to stay, to hold her and kiss her. Yes, it wouldn’t hurt with a kiss.


Slowly Roshans hand slid to the back of her neck and the other went around her waist. He drew her into his arms, his eyes looking at her intensly, taking her breath away. Did he know what she wanted or was this him manipulating her?



All her thoughts escaped to the back of her mind when she felt his hot breath tickle her face. Her heart fluttered again and then ever so lightly he brushed his lips against hers. Klara felt heady with desire. Her mind was not in its right place anymore but her body seemed to be just right were it was. In Roshans arms.


Roshan leaned closer and their noses collided before thier lips locked in a fiery passionate kiss. Klara tiptoed and wrapped her arms around him as heat flooded her being. She had never felt anything like this before. His lips were soft and warm and his kiss slow and sensual. It made her feel as though she was walking on air but soon she was back on the ground.


Their lips parted and Klara felt a strange longing. She almost wanted to scold him for stopping. It wasn’t enought, she couldn’t ger enough. She looked at Roshan and felt her cheeks burn at the way he looked back at her, as thought he wanted to devour her. God, she wanted him as bad but he was leaving now and she should let him leave.


“Take care, princess.” He said.


Klara nodded. “You too.” She smiled and just like that he was gone.


Klara remained standing there for awhile before walking inside to meet her family.






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