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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 34


Klaras mind had been unable to rest since she came back home. All she could think about was what she had said to Roshan. Why would she do something so stupid She couldn’t comprehend.


“Idiot.” She called herself and slapped her forehead then fell back on the bed. She stared at the ceiling wondering what to do to avoid an awkward encounter with Roshan. Maybe she should pretend like she didn’t remember anything.



Yes, she would pretend like everything was normal and act like nothing has ever happened. Staying locked in her room out of fear of meeting Roshan made her feel muffled so she decided to go out. Opening the door she slowly peeked her outside checking both sides before stepping out.


This is stupid Klara. You can’t avoid someone in their own home.




As she walked down the stairs she came across Lothaire. His usually serious face now seemed upset. She usually greeted him when they crossed paths but as they locked eyes this time the words died in her throat. His angry eyes were frightening. Klara wondered what angered him so much.




Continuing further she decided to check on Irene. Maybe they had a fight she thought. Making her way to Irene’s room she knocked on the door carefully but no one answered. She knocked again but it was still quite.


“She is not here.”


Klaras heart skipped a beat. Oh no, he was here. She turned around slowly and tried to keep a straight face but as soon as she saw those sensual lips curved into a smile she knew she was in trouble.


“Then where is she?” She asked trying to keep her cool.


“If you hadn’t been locked in your room the whole day you would know.” He pointed.


God, he was so annoying yet so…


She stopped herself before getting any bad ideas. “I wasn’t locked in my room. I was just resting.”


“Or maybe avoiding me…” He added.


“Why would I?”



“Why would you not? If I were you I would avoid me.” Klara felt as though there was another meaning to his words.


“I am not scared of you.” She said.


He took a step toward her while holding her in place with his gaze.


He leaned closer, “You should be. You don’t know the things I want to do to you.” He spoke in a low husky tone that made her insides quiver.




Klara couldn’t bring herself to say anything this time.


“Not as bold as last night I see.” Roshan drawled.


Last night. Klara felt heat creep to her face as she remembered begging him to kiss her. She was supposed to pretend like she didn’t remember but her expression probably exposed her already.


She took a step back. “Don’t you know how to keep a distance?”


“Says the person who was throwing herself in my arms last night.”


This time she got angry. “I wasn’t… I mean in my right mind. I have no desire to be in your arms or even near you.” She clenched her fists.


He tilted his head to one side, “That’s sad. I would have shown you the pleasures of this world.”


“I doubt that.”


“If you let me, I’ll get rid of your doubts.”


The way he looked at her in that moment made her feel weak in the knees. For a short moment she wondered what he would show her but she quickly dismissed the thought. If she stayed a bit longer her she might think of even worse things.



Without saying a word she walked past him and went outside. The cold air made her cool down a bit. This man, what was he doing to her?


Looking behind she was thankful that he didn’t follow her. Carefully she sat down on a bench. How was she supposed to live like this? In the same house as a man that made her imagine things that is forbidden for a maiden like her. She had to find some other place to stay but she wouldn’t be able to find anything if she only stayed in this place.


Her gaze fell on the iron gate. Yes, she needed to leave for a while and see the life outside.


The irongate was heavy and hard to push open but at last she succeeded. Now if she only had a horse it would be much easier to get acquainted with the area but unfortunately she had to walk.


Despite having been walking for a good while Klara still didn’t come across a house, a market or anywhere she could find people. She had been walking alone among trees and bushes and looking ahead it seemed like she wouldn’t meet anyone soon. Why did they live so far from the city and the people Klara wondered, and would she be able to find her way back?




She touched her chest to see if she was still wearing the necklace Irene gave her and she was. Now she didn’t have to worry about not finding her way back.




Klara walked through the woods but she seemed to get nowhere and soon she was becoming tired. Just as she was about to give up and sit down somewhere she heard some footsteps. Finally someone. Maybe she was nearing the city or a village and she could ask for direction.


Klara looked to where the sound came from and saw a man walking from a distance. “Excuse me,” She called approaching the man but froze in place when he turned and looked at her.



What on earth? This man looked frightening.His skin was too pale, almost turning blue or maybe purple and his lips were black. Klara thought that maybe he was just sick and tried to not be intimidated despite the crazed look in his eyes.


“What is a young beautiful lady like you doing here alone in the woods?” He asked looking her up and down.


“I am…” She abruptly stopped when she felt someone behind her. Turning around she realized that she was surrounded by strange looking men. They all had those black lips. One of them even had a black tongue as he licked his lips while scanning her body.


“Zul, what a nice meal you have found us.” One of them spoke.


Klara’s legs trembled when she realized that they had pointed teeth while speaking of her as a meal.


“Not nice brother. Delicious.” The one behind her corrected him.


Oh god, were they going to eat her?


They encircled her, closing in on her slowly.


Their eyes turned red and Klara had to blink several times to make sure she wasn’t losing her mind. Adrenaline flooded through her veins making her heart beat harder and faster as if it wanted to jump out of her chest. Her eyes widened with fear and she wanted to run but her legs refused. She knew she couldn’t just stand there if she wanted to live. She had to do something.


The necklace. Klara reached for it but it wasn’t around her neck. Her heart pumped even faster realizing the danger she was in, adrenaline kicked in harder and she turned around hastily punching the one behind her in the face then kneeing him in the stomach. When he doubled over in pain she pushed past him and ran as fast as she could without looking back.



She ran so fast she stumbled and fell but picked herself up quickly and continued running. Suddenly out of nowhere someone appeared in front of her but it was too late to stop herself from running into him and falling back.


She groaned in pain and looked up.



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It was the scary man from earlier. Soon all of them surrounded her again. Klara couldn’t understand what was happening but she was in big trouble.


“You cannot run from us, darling and you don’t need to. We are going to take good care of you.” He said with an unsettling smile that showed his ugly teeth.


Whatever these things were they seemed dangerous. She reached for her neck again hoping to find the necklace but she truly lost it. Why did she have to lose it now?


The man or whatever he was crouched to her level and Klara crawled back instinctively. Up close he looked even scarier. His skin looked thicker than normal and his ears were slightly pointed. His neck was covered with marks that looked like chains strangling him. He grabbed her leg with his clawed hand and pulled her toward him.




Klara screamed and kicked. “Let go of me!” but he was too strong. Suddenly another one came from behind and grabbing her wrists he pinned her hands down. She screamed louder and fought harder but they only laughed.




“I said let go of me now. You won’t be happy when my friends finds out what you have done.”


They laughed again. “And who are you friends?” One of them asked.


“My brother is the King of Gatrish.”



They paused for a moment then one of them spoke. “A princess as well. What a treat.”


“My friend is a witch.” Klara hurried to say.


They wrinkled their face with what looked like disgust. “We ain’t afraid of witches darling. I hope your friend comes to find you then we will take care of her as well.” He smirked. “Now we will take care of you first.” He reached for her dress.


“You touch me and I will make sure that you can never use your hand again.” She threatened even though she was scared to death. Inside she begging for someone to come and save her and the first person she thought of was Roshan. But without the necklace he wasn’t going to be able to know she was in trouble.


Suddenly all of them let go of her and were swiftly on their feet. Klara got confused.


“Lord Ramiel. What brings you here?” One of them asked in a respectful tone yet there was fear in his eyes as he looked behind her.


Klara turned to look at the person that made them look down in fear.


“Roshan!” She could hear the relief in her own voice. She wanted to cry, or run to him and hug him for coming to save her.


The man looked surprised. “I am sorry my Lord. I didn’t know she was yours or I wouldn’t hurt her.” He said looking regretful and terrified.


Roshan turned his gaze to Klara. “Who said she is mine?”


The man looked confused and so was Klara. Of course she wasn’t his but it seemed like he was telling them that they could do whatever they wanted with her.


She gave him a questioning look and he gave her an amused one. What was he doing?


“I am sorry my Lord I didn’t ask. Is she yours?” He corrected himself.



“Only if she says she is mine.” Roshan replied.


Now they all turned to her waiting for an answer. Klara got a feeling that if she said she wasn’t his then she could be in trouble.


Standing up she faced Roshan. “What happens if I say I am not?”


“Then Zul seems to like you very much.” He said speaking of the man who just tried to eat her or **** her, she wasn’t sure.


She shook in fear. Why did these beings call him their lord? They had red eyes and fangs and claws and…a shiver went down her spine. Was Roshan one of them?


Suddenly she became much more afraid. She looked between the man and Roshan and even though the man looked scarier, Roshan seemed more dangerous. She knew he was because all of them seemed to fear him. Was she more safe with him?


“I wouldn’t dare if she is yours My Lord.” Zul spoke.


“But she isn’t.” He said sounding somehow disappointed.


Klara panicked. Was he going to leave her here with these things?


“I am.” She hurried to say. “I am his.”


The scary men looked at each other in fear then they went down on their knees. “I am sorry My Lady. Please forgive us.”


Klara knew from the way they acted that Roshan was a powerful man, if he was one to begin with and powerful men were scary. They did as they pleased and maybe Roshan had worse plans for her. He did warn her after all.


Suddenly she felt as if she did a great mistake by saying that she was his. That meant something but she wasn’t sure what.



She turned to Roshan and the look in his eyes told her there was no going back. He was going to make her his whether she liked it or not.





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