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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 40


Everything was going smoothly. Lucian got his revenge on his brother and today, he was getting crowned. Very soon he would be the king of Decresh, the king of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world. But Lucian didn’t seem happy. Something was bothering him and he wasn’t talking to me about it.


“Is something wrong?” I asked while the maids helped him get dressed for the cronoration ceremony.


Lucian smiled. “No, nothing is wrong.”



I motioned for the maid to stop doing whatever she was doing. “Leave us alone.” I ordered and the maid left queitly.


I went to Lucian and placed my hands lighlty on his shoulders. “You are going to be a good King.” I assured him.


He grabbed my face with both his hands and placed a kiss on my forehead. “Only with you by my side.” He smiled.




“I’ll always be by your side.” I said adjusting his hair and then I took a step back to see if everything was in place. “I think you are ready to go.”




Lucian entered the throne hall walking with grace and confidence. Not many people were envited, only high rank generals, politions and some priests. General Black wanted Lucian to be crowned as soon as possible therefore not many could attend the ceremony.


The priest who was supposed to crown Lucian didn’t look very pleased, probably because of the rumors that happened to be more than just rumors. I wondered how the priest would react if he found out that he was indeed placing the crown on the head of the devil’s son. He would probably die of shock.


After announcing Lucian as the king of Decresh the priest placed the crown on his head. That was it. They made a great deal out of nothing.


Everyone kneeled to their King and swore their loyalty then Lucian motioned for me to come forward. I looked around confused. Why was he telling me to come forward?


With hesitant steps I walked up to him and then gave him a questioning look.


Lucian gave the priest a nod and then turned to me. He took my hands in his.


“Will you be my queen, Hazel?” He asked.


“Of course.” I replied still confused.



He turned to his left where the priest now stood with another crown. The crown was made of gold and adorned with stones and diamonds. Lucian was crowning me as his queen. Now!


A king never crowned his queen at his own cronoration ceremony. Usually they chose their queen later on and it wasn’t necesserly the first wife, rather the most powerful one. The rest were only reffered to as the kings wives and not as queens. There could only be one queen and Lucian was crowning me as his queen, right now.




Lucian took the crown carefully from the priest and then ever so slowly placed it on my head without hesitating. I wanted to say something but everything was happening so fast that I didn’t have time to think.




“I hereby name you queen of Decresh.” He said loudly so that everyone could hear.


“Kneel to your queen.” He then ordered.


Everyone in the room kneeled and bowed their heads. This was not how it was supposed to be but Lucian didn’t seem to care about any rules. No, he wasn’t because he suddenly took my hand and began to lead me out of the hall.


“Where are we going?” I whispered.


“You will know soon.” He replied.


And soon we arrived at our chamber. Lucian shut the door behind him, removed the crown from his head and then mine before grabbing my head and capturing my lips in a heated kiss. I was surprised by his sudden l.u.s.t but I kissed him back while he opened the straps on my dress and then let it slide down my shoulders. I opened the buttons on his shirt and he took it off swiftly all while still kissing me.


Suddenly we were in bed, our bodies pressed againts each other, his hands roaming the sides of my body and my fingers entangled in his hair. Soon more clothes came off and our bare skins moved against each other. I should take a moment and ask



why things were happening so fast but I was lost in the heat and too aroused to think. We were not speaking, only touching, kissing, feeling and making love, just like last night and even thought we just made love last night we still craved each other as much.


After crying out for the third time Lucian rolled over and I lay there breathless next to him. For a while we just stared at the ceiling and tried to catch our breaths. What on earth just happened? We never did it like this before, fast and quiet but still very intense. I guess lovemaking was not always slow and sensual.


“Are you alright?”

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I nodded. I could still not speak, probably not walk as well. Three orgasms in such short amount of time was too intense. I could still feel my legs quiver.


Lucian turned to his side and rested his head on his hand. “Was it too fast for your liking?” He asked while looking at me.


I shook my head. “No. I liked it.”


He caressed my cheek with his thumb. “Hazel, I will be really busy from now on but anytime you need me, you just call me. Alright?”




He leaned in and kissed me quickly. “I need to leave now.” He said apolegitically.


“I know.” I smiled.


As a new king there was a lot of pressure on him and a lot of things to do. I just hoped that he wouldn’t overwork himself. I watched him while he got dressed and this time he seemed much more calm. Could lovemaking relieve stress? Then I would let him love me all day, everyday.


I swung my legs down the bed and stood up but my legs felt weak and wobbly.


Maybe all day everyday would be too much then. I needed to walk after all.



Once Lucian left and I got dressed I went to the library, with Oliver and Callum trailing behind me. Now that I was queen I needed to educate myself a bit more. I refused to be useless like I used to be.




“Yes, My queen.”


My queen? That sounded strange but I liked it somehow.


“I need good simple books about politics and war.”


Without asking questions, Oliver looked throught the bookshelf and then found some books for me to read. He then helped me carry them books back to the room. The room was already cleaned and Lydia was polishing the mirror while Oliver placed the books on the table.


“Anything else, My queen?”


“Yes. Lydia!”


“Yes, My Lady.”


“Serve this young man something delicious to eat. A lot of it.” I ordered.


“Yes, My lady.”


“There is no need, My Queen.” Oliver protested.


“It’s an order.” I said.


He had regained some weight but he still looked weak.


I turned to Callum. He had regained his strenght completly and looked just fine.


Still, I wondered if he wanted to eat something as well.


“I am alright, My queen.” He hurried to say.


I nodded. “You may leave.”


Once I was left alone I took my books and went to the garden where I began to read while sitting on the swing. After two hours of reading and only understanding a half hours read I gave up. Where was Klara when I needed her? She had even promised to teach me some fighting skills. Could be useful in a world full of witches and demons even if one of them slept right next to me everynight.


I thought of Lucian. Of everything he must be going through right now. After dying, getting tortured, coming back to life and losing his memory he met his real parents. One of them he thought was dead for many years. I wondered how he was doing mentally. How confused and maybe angry he must feel. He didn’t deserve to go through all that, not after growing up lonely and mocked by everyone.




I wanted to help him heal and get back everything that he had lost or never had.


I needed to meet Irene. I hoped she would come and visit me soon as she had promised.


The rest of the day went by with my writing notes on the things that I understood and memories them.


“What makes you so occupied, My Lady?” Lydia asked while serving me dinner.


“Complicated politics.” I sighed putting the notes aside and looking at the food.


I knew Lucian would be to busy to eat with me so I ate alone, not aware of what I was putting in my mouth because my thoughs were elsewhere. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days bored so I knew I had to find something to do during the day. But what?


Right! I needed to learn how to ride. Tomorrow I would ask Oliver or Callum to teach me. I could not wait.



Excited I stood up to prepare for sleep when Lucian suddenly appeared out of thin air. He had learned how to teleport himself.


“Lucian. I didn’t think you would come tonight.” I said suprised.


“Here I am.” He said opening his arms.


I went to hug him.


“Will you stay?” I asked.


He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my hair. “Yes.”


“How was your day?”


“It was…” He stopped and I felt him stiffen.


I looked up and found him staring behind me with surprise. I turned to see what he was looking at and found Irene standing infornt of the door. Her face seemed pale and her sad eyes were red, as if she had been crying.


“Lucian.” Her eyes rolled back into her head before she fell down on the floor.


“Irene!” I was next to her in a minute and shook her slightly. “Irene!”


I looked at Lucian who stood there with a frown. “She is not responding.” I told him.


Without a word Lucian bent over and then carried her up and to the bed. He lay her down carefully and then palpated her puls. “She is alive.” He said calmly.


What happened to her? Lothaire?


Just as I thought of him I felt icy air just behind my back and I knew immideatly that he was there.


I turned to him. “Lothaire? What happened to her?”



“She is just a bit unwell. I’ll take her with me.”


He walked passed me and to the bed were she lay unconsious. Just when he was about to lift her up Lucian grabbed his wrist to prevent him from touching her. “You are not taking her anywhere.” Lucian said sternly looking his father in the eyes.


“And why is that?” Lothaire asked.


“She is a witch and you are the devil. How do I know you are not keeping her against her will?”


For the first time I saw Lothaire looking confused. “You think I am manipulating her?”


“Why would a mother not visit her son?”


My eyes widened when I realized what Lucian was thinking. He thought that Lothaire was the one who kept his mother away from him.


“Is it because she is a witch? Is it because I am half witch that you wanted me dead?” Lucian stared Lothaire in the eyes demanding an answer while still holding his wrist in a steel grip.


“I would never stop your mother from visiting you.” Lothaire spoke.


“I’ll ask her myself once she wakes up, until then she will stay here.”





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